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2004-01-14 for the record
Suits filed
Floyd County

Shawn Dale Wallen vs. Deborah Wallen; petition for dissolution of marriage.

Ralph Akers and Shella Akers vs. Eugene Hamilton and Julinia Hamilton; property dispute.

Leroy Hamilton et al. vs. Eugene Hamilton and Julinia Hamilton; property dispute.

Ralph Hamilton and Charlotte Hamilton vs. Eugene Hamilton and Julinia Hamilton; property dispute.

Ford Motor Credit Company vs. Candance Stanley; alleged debt of $7,438.74.

Ralph H. Frasure vs. Thomas J. Miller et al.; automobile accident.

Centex Home Equity Company LLC vs. Gregory Lee Akers et al.; alleged debt of $38,263.81.

Countrywide Home Loans vs. John D. Rose and Judy F. Rose; alleged debt of $52,388.98.

Legal Recoveries Inc. vs. Dorothy H. DeRossett; alleged debt of $7,500.69.

James M. Thornsberry vs. Kentucky Power Company; alleged negligence that allegedly caused the death of Barry Thornsberry Sr.

Bombardier Capital Inc. vs. Shawn Conn and Sheila Hackworth Conn; alleged debt of $27,555.96.

Susan R. Musick vs. Larry M. Shepherd; petition for healthcare insurance.

Anna Shepherd vs. Lendon Shepherd; petition for dissolution of marriage.

David Bowens vs. Bill G. Carroll Jr.; automobile accident.


Johnson County

The Bank of New York vs. Tenea R. Haney, et al; alleged debt of $34,291.51.

Paul D. Brown vs. Jones Foods, Inc.; alleged property damage.

DaimlerChrysler Services North America vs. Walter McKenzie; alleged debt of $7,071.83.

Green Tree Servicing LLC vs. Stephen Cornett and Vina Cornett; alleged debt of $9,492.11.

Randy McFaddin and Lonnie Zimmerman vs. James Spradlin; automobile accident.

Greenpoint Credit LLC vs. Shawn Smith and Nicole Smith; alleged debt of $48,418.75.

Kimberly May and Raymond Allen vs. Hester Daniels and Ohio Casualty Group; automobile accident.

Rhonda Robinson vs. Sean Salyer and Grange Insurance; automobile accident.


Lawrence County

Carla Auxier vs. Harold Auxier Jr.-petition for disolution of marriage.

Lola Miller vs. James Miller-petition for disolution of marriage.

Orville Rowe vs. Barbara Rowe-petition for dissolution of marriage.

Robert Chafin vs. Lena Harrison-petition for medical support.

Karen Lowe vs. Christopher Tipton-petition for medical and child support.

Tiffany Heskett vs. Kevin Rice-petition for medical and chld support.

Tammy Cintron vs. Steven Swanson-petition for medical support.

Samantha Bevins vs. Jerry Bevins-petition for medical support.


Magoffin County

Mark Anthony Puckett vs. Kathy Lynn Puckett; petition for dissolution of marriage.

Bayview Franchise MTC Acceptance Company vs. Hensley Trucking Company; alleged debt of $8,994.24.

Wendell Howard et al vs. Robert Howard et al; property dispute.

Mildred G. Sparks and Isom Sparks; joint petition for dissolution of marriage.

Kimberly Lynn Cole and Michael John Cole; joint petition for dissolution of marriage.

Adam Caldwell and Connie Caldwell vs. Ronald D. Stinson; automobile accident.

Salyersville Funeral Home vs. Eugene Salyer Jr.; alleged debt of $8,234.19.

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