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Wednesday, March 8, 2017 issue
2004-01-14 for the record
New drivers
Johnson County

Joshua M. Fyffe of Paintsville; Branden S. Thornsbury of Nippa; Dustin W. Holbrook of Paintsville; Denice N. Click of Hager Hill; David E. Harrington of Van Lear; Sidney S. Lemaster of West Van Lear; Dustin R. Woods of Paintsville; Patrick S. Sturgill of Staffordsville; Gregory C. Howard of Van Lear; and Joshua L. McKenzie of Flat Gap.


Martin County

New licenses:

Cheris L. Evans; John S. Copley; Jonathan Moore; William B. Johnson; Jenious Maynard Jr.; Wesley A Horn; William M. Howard; Eric R. Staton; Sheena D. Goble; Paul H. Schmidt Jr.; Tiffany P. Harris; and Jennifer A. Stepp.

Temporary permits issued:

Joseph L. Cline; Patti J. Moore; Kenneth W. Estep; David R. White; and Shawn M. Sweeney.

Appalachian Regaional
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