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2004-01-14 for the record
Property transfers
Floyd County

To Michael Richards and Esther Richards from Elgin Ward and Emily Ward.

To Timothy Hamilton from Lizzie Hamilton and Jay Lee Hamilton.


Johnson County

To Robin Meek from Jonah Castle Jr.

To Dave's Concrete from Dave's Concrete Products, Inc., Fannin's Plumbing, Inc., and Golf Course Properties, LLC.

To Charles R. Deskins from Connie S. Deskins.

To Joan Evans Piercey from Eugene Joseph and Marcella M. Haunhorst.

To Keith A. Hill from James A. and Wanda L. Hill.

To Bobby W. McCool from David and Judith Gail Holbrook.

To To James C. McKenzie from James O. and Betty McKenzie.

To Dolly Daniel from Frank and Bessie Mills.

To Alton Fairchild from Walter and Jeanette Music.

To Meade Leasing Company from James V. and Tena Kay Reed.

To Lucas Horne from William Thompson.

To Willie Lee Owens from Robert Lee and Lizzie Webb.


Lawrence County

To Chelsea Reality from David and Debra Call.

To David and Debra from Chelsea Reality.

To Eddie Patrick from Ola Patrick.

To Greg and Nina Peck from William and Kathy Thompson.

To James and Doris Sammons from Mildred Adkins.

To Jim Cyrus and R.B. Kirk from Tony Moore.


Martin County

To Patty Blackburn from Donna Marcum, Ralph Maynard and Tiffany Maynard.

To Harvey Hackney from Patty Blackburn.

To Shirley Ann Helton from Edna Harmon.

To Dollie Muncy from Allene Staton.

To James Leon Baldwin and Dorrean Baldwin from John F. Robinson and Barbara J. Robinson.

To Alvin Dalton from James Leon Baldwin and Dorrean Baldwin.

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