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Masonry program now at Hager Hill campus
HAGER HILL — Big Sandy Community and Technical College has relocated its masonry program to the Hager Hill Campus.

Masonry is a new course of study offered at BSCTC. Masonry students learn construction skills using stones, bricks and mortar.

Bricklayers and stonemasons work in closely related trades creating attractive, durable surfaces and structures. The work varies in complexity, from laying a simple masonry walkway to installing an ornate exterior of a high-rise building. Bricklayers, also called brickmasons, build walls, floors, partitions, fireplaces, chimneys, and other structures with brick, precast masonry panels, concrete block, and other masonry materials. Additionally, bricklayers specialize in installing firebrick linings in industrial furnaces. Stonemasons build stone walls, as well as set stone exteriors and floors. They work with two types of stone-natural cut, such as marble, granite, and limestone, and artificial stone made from concrete, marble chips, or other masonry materials. Stonemasons usually work on nonresidential structures, such as houses of worship, hotels, and office buildings.

The vast majority of masons are bricklayers. Workers in these crafts are employed primarily by building, special trade, or general contractors. Bricklayers and stonemasons work throughout the country but, like the general population, are concentrated in metropolitan areas.

Nearly three in 10 of all bricklayers and stonemasons are self-employed. Many of the self-employed specialize in contracting small jobs, such as patios, walkways, and fireplaces.

Job opportunities for skilled bricklayers and stonemasons are expected to be excellent, as the growth in job opportunities outpaces the supply of workers trained in this craft.

For more information on the masonry program, call Randell Haney at 606-789-5690.

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