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LC retired teachers announce contest winner
LOUISA A Louisa Elementary School Upper student was selected Lawrence County winner in the Kentucky Grandparent of the Year essay contest sponsored by AARP of Kentucky and the Kentucky Retired Teachers Association.

Sam Burton, son of Geneva and Matt Burton of Louisa, wrote the winning essay for Lawrence County. He is among thousands of Kentucky fifth graders who participated in the second year of the essay competition. This year's contest ran from August to December. Students at participating schools submitted essays to their fifth grade teachers who selected each school's winner. Each school winner and school receives special certificates.

As county winner, Burton will receive a framed certificate for his efforts and his essay will be submitted for district competition. He and other district winners then become eligible to participate in the state finals. The event culminates with the naming of a state winner on April 16 at the annual meeting of Kentucky Retired Teachers Association.

"Sam's essay is excellent, and from reading it, we can tell how much he appreciates and loves his grandmother. There were several excellent essays and we would like to thank all the students and teachers who participated." stated Phyllis Waller, president of the Lawrence County Retired Teachers.

Following is Burton's winning essay.

Why my Grandparent should be

'Grandparent of the Year'

by Sam Burton about my Grandma Opal

The reason I think that my Grandma Opal is the best grandparent is because she is a terrific lady. My Grandma Opal loves me very much. Even though she doesn't have much money, she always gives me some for extra things like food that I want or candy. Whenever I need something she tries her best to get it. This makes me feel very special and loved.

My Grandma Opal lives right beside of me. I can walk to her house or ride my bike. When I go to her house in the winter, she gives me hot chocolate. When it is Christmas time she comes to my house and watches me open my presents. She often stops by my house to see me after school. She comes to my basketball and baseball games even when she's tired.

My Grandmother is not only a very loving person, but she is a very strong person as well. She is seventy-seven years old and she still works at the Lawrence County Adult Day Care Center.

She goes to work at nine o'clock and gets home at two o'clock.

She usually gets up at five o'clock in the morning. At her job, Mamaw Opal helps take care of elderly people who need someone to care for them during the day. She plays games with them and helps them learn things and serves their lunch and snack. She makes their life better.

My Grandma Opal also drives to church every Sunday. She will not miss church. God is very important to Mamaw Opal. She shows God's love by loving others.

My Grandma Opal lives all by herself. My Papaw Joe died when I was a baby. I don't remember him. But Grandma Opal tells me about him and I feel like I know him by listening to her stories. Grandma Opal tells me about what it was like growing up in the mountains of West Virginia. It was very hard. Her family was very poor. Mamaw Opal had to care for her eight younger brothers and sisters.

Because she had to care for her brothers and sisters, Mamaw Opal had to quit school after the 8th grade. She always wanted to go to school When she was 56 years old she got her driver's license and when she was about 61 years old, she went back to school and got her high school diploma. That was an important day for her!

One of my favorite stories about my Grandma is one that my Mom tells me about the day that I first came home to Kentucky. I was five days old and my Grandma and Grandpa had been waiting and waiting to see me. My Mom and Dad drove from Columbus, Ohio, with me. My Mom tells me that when they turned in our road, Mamaw Opal was waiting at the top of the hill to see me.

My Mom says that when she saw our car, she didn't walk she ran down the hill and all the way into our driveway because she was eager to meet me. She started loving me that very day and has not stopped yet.

Even though my Grandma Opal is only five feet tall and only comes up to my chin now... Grandma Opal is a giant when it comes to love and she puts the "Grand" in "Grandmother."

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