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2004-01-21 opinion
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So much for those New Year's resolutions
Roberta Blevins
This is about the time of the new year when most of the "New Year's resolutions" start dwindling down to a memory of all the things everyone was so hyped up about changing in the upcoming year.

So I'm not gonna pretend that I've kept up with mine either.

As a matter of fact the more I promise myself I'm gonna quit smoking the more money I spend on cigarettes.

Come to think of it the more my friends promise they're not gonna smoke anymore, the more money it costs me, too.

They won't be so bold as to break their resolution and buy a pack of cigarettes so they smoke mine!

To that I say "admit you failed miserably and leave me alone in my struggle to support my own habit."

Another resolution of mine to be more economical and not waste any money so I can quit living from paycheck to paycheck. What a joke!

Thank God for washers and dryers and those little pockets on your car door. That's where I usually find enough change for those last three or four packs of cigarettes before payday.

OK, here's the one resolution that breaks my heart ya know the one where you're gonna absolutely buckle down and spend more quality time with your kids. That is until they bring home a schedule for cheerleading, basketball and all the other things they want to do, places they need to go and a list of friends to invite over for the night.

So what do you end up doing? Sitting at home because you're broke ... alone because the kids are off doing their thing and down to your last few cigarettes because your newly reformed non-smoking friends smoked almost your whole pack.

I say to heck with this New Year's Resolution garbage.

I feel I must voice my opinion on the latest Michael Jackson scandal. First of all, why do news stations feel they must take a five minute arraignment for Jackson last Friday and play it over and over and over again on television? I know that a lot of people like Jackson and I'll even admit I liked his music and videos before the plastic surgeries made it unbearable for me to look at him.

I could not believe Jackson's tardiness to his own arraignment. Just because he doesn't look human anymore doesn't give him the right to abuse human laws.

Of course Superior Court Judge Rodney S. Melville made that clear to Jackson when he told him he had already gotten off on the wrong foot. Melville told Jackson he would not put up with it, and it was an insult to the court, in which I agree.

But in Jackson's defense I wonder after past allegations of child sexual abuse, what parents in their right mind would've sent their child to the Neverland Ranch? Could this have been a set-up? I don't know and quite honestly any time a child is abused it does have my interest which is why I think the large gathering of people that were there at the court house in Santa Maria, Calif., rallying around Jackson should've spent their time showing their support to better causes.

Well it's getting close to the time again when many are anticipating their big income tax checks.

People I have talked to have already shuffled through their bills deciding which ones they will pay off to make this year's "monthly bills" load a little lighter. Some are dreaming of that new furniture or appliance, while some are planning ahead for that big vacation this year or those little remodeling and repair jobs on their homes.

As for myself, I have changed my mind so many different times about what I'll be doing with my income tax return.

I have two daughters who I feel sure will see to it the biggest part of that money will go for new clothes, make-up and hair stuff.

President Bush announced last week that he plans to have the United States return to the moon. He even has a plan drawn up.

In a speech at NASA's headquarters, Bush laid out a timetable for robotic missions to the moon no later than 2008, the first manned flight of a new spacecraft by 2014 and a manned lunar mission as early as 2015 and no later than 2020.

Bush's election year initiative is being called the "boldest space goals" since John F. Kennedy laid the groundwork for the Apollo program that landed Americans on the moon in 1969.

Hey maybe that's what I'll use my income tax return on purchasing tickets, not for myself, you see I'm not a selfish person, but to send several other people to the moon. Namely the ones who will still be bold enough to smoke all my cigarettes after reading this commentary, or even better when Michael Jackson is found guilty we can hoist him along with his "Neverland Ranch" up there.

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