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Wednesday, March 8, 2017 issue
2004-01-21 for the record
New drivers
Johnson County

Victoria G. Workman of Staffordsville; Wesley R. Rogers of River; Jeremy K. Kahler of Hager Hill; Charles P. Lemaster of Leander; Christopher K. Franklin of River; Justin N. Castle of Paintsville; Roger D. Fairchild of Lowmansville; and Bryan S. Hall of Oil Springs.


Martin County

New drivers

Karen S. Mills; Ashley N. Farrell; David B. Osborne; Thomas G. Stepp; Sabert N. Jude

Instructional permits

Marranda N. Mills; Shaunna M. Dalton; James E. Mollett

Motorcycle permits

Rudolph H. Hammond

Appalachian Regaional
for the record
District court dispositions
Suits filed
Property transfers
Marriage licenses
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