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2004-01-21 for the record
Johnson County 911 report
Monday, Jan. 12

8:32 a.m.: Caller advised of accident, vehicle versus telephone pole, vehicle on its top, Rt. 581.

2:36 p.m.: Subject needs report regarding center line marker burst tire.

4:38: Reference to possible stolen items, Third St.

5:01: Caller requested officer regarding problems out of wife, Highland Plaza.

5:40: Caller requested to speak with officer regarding problems with girlfriend.

6:23: Caller advised male subject trying to break in, Rt. 2035.

9:40: Floyd Co. S.O. request attempt to locate a black 2003 Chevy Trailblazer.

9:57: Caller requested to speak with officer regarding subjects stealing gas.

10:11: Caller advised her ribs were hurting and she needed a ride to Venture Home, she was advised they would have to take her to hospital, female said forget it and hung up, The Dungeon.

11:27: En route to assist EMS in reference to female out of control, cussing her step-dad, talking to the walls, Swamp Branch.

Tuesday, Jan. 13

1:46 a.m.: Caller advised that female subject had been released from P.B.H. E. R. and she is refusing to leave.

5:42: Caller advised male subject tried to break in front door, he left when owner went to door. Left in newer black Jeep going out of Baker Branch.

5:50: Caller advised that he heard a gun shot, woke up and saw a truck sitting beside roadway with its lights on, needs officer to check it out, Rt. 1428.

8:20: Caller advised of vehicle fire next to Hager Hill P.O., fully involved, next to residence.

10:28: Caller requested officer to Hager Hill, reference to he and his dad got into physical domestic, advised his father broke his nose, doesn't want EMS, also no weapons involved, subject left in a red 95-96 Chevy Beretta, unknown direction of travel.

10:52: Out at Cannel Coal Gap, reference to locating subject in physical domestic. At 10:51 unit requested EMS for subject, reference to injuries sustained in domestic.

12:09 p.m.: Female advised daughter was chewing on a bottle of gun cleaner, needs Poison Control number.

12:59: Caller advised of group of girls fighting behind Midtown Restaurant, College St.

1:05: En route to P.H.S. with two females to talk to principal regarding girls fighting. Request to contact CDW. Girls suspended from school, CDW involved.

1:21: Check on some dogs locked up in vehicle for a few days, not been fed, Second St.

5:14: Juvenile shoplifter in custody, Wal-Mart.

6:14: Caller requested to speak with deputy, reference to breaking and entering at Dixon Branch.

7:14: Caller advised a house is on fire, Buzzard Nest Branch.

7:33: WPFD requests RECC be notified, RECC en route, reference to house fire, Buzzard Nest Branch.

9:48: Caller requested to speak to deputy regarding dog complaint, advised she couldn't get ahold of dog warden.

10:20: Caller advised she saw subject trying to run vehicle off road, going toward Lawrence Co.

10:32: Caller requested extra patrol regarding vandalism, Ed's Surplus.

11:47: Caller advised of green Mustang with Colorado tags possibly intoxicated, traveling at high rate of speed, possibly hit a vehicle near Adams Cemetery Road.

Wednesday, Jan. 14

12:42 a.m.: Caller wants unit to contact, reference to subjects being in residence that nobody lives in, Ramey Branch.

12:48: Caller advised a large deer had been hit in middle of curve and was still alive, Morgan Co. area.

8:40: Caller advised his truck was broken into in the past hour, report taken, Sitka.

9:22: Out at residence, reference to attempting to locate stolen items, Rt. 201.

1:45 p.m.: Caller advised she needed an officer because husband was drunk, female hung up, when dispatch contact back, another female advised male subject was outside causing problems, original female caller en route to obtain an EPO.

2:01: Caller requested officer regarding female stating she needs ride to homeless shelter, female is mentally imbalanced, Rt. 825.

2:48: Belhasen Clinic, silver/gray Plymouth Voyager, dead tags, no insurance, Rt. 321.

3:13: Caller advised the road is blocked where they are working on it and there are no signs to warn people, advised it is causing a traffic hazard, Franks Creek.

5:11: Reckless driver, white vehicle, driving from side to side, also passed several cars, Rt. 40.

5:15: Received a couple of calls regarding a vehicle in the creek, Williams Branch.

5:19: Caller advised a truck hooked up to the vehicle in creek and pulled it out and left, Williams Branch.

10:17: Caller requested extra patrol,reference to vandalism to building out back, Ed's Surplus.

11:07: Caller requested officer contact, reference to male subject wearing coveralls and a dark colored hat came around corner of building and both subjects got into a scuffle, perp took off on foot toward Murphy's Wholesale, victim parked in a Toyota Solaris by Ferguson Plumbing beside AMG Dialysis.

Thursday, Jan. 15

12:09 a.m.: Caller advised prowler around residence, advised subject attempting to into metal building outside of residence, also advised they had hit her back door, Buckingham Ave.

2:09: Caller advised her 26-year-old son had possibly gone crazy and she didn't know what the problem was, he had hit her on the nose, wants S.O. to contact.

3:30: Caller requested officer regarding subject who advised he was coming to get his vehicle that had been hauled in about a week ago, Conley's Wrecker Service.

6:18: Breaking and entering in progress, victim has small child hiding in bedroom, Rt. 201.

6:49: Extra patrol request for dark blue car, occupied by two male subjects, high rate of speed, Lindy Branch.

8:37: Caller requested to speak with officer regarding her 19-year-old daughter, who left in her maroon Toyota Camry last date at 4 p.m. and hasn't been seen since, units advised to BOLO maroon Toyota four-door.

9:30: Dark green van on Classic Bank parking lot, running since 7:30, nobody in or around vehicle, Madison/Jefferson.

10:26: Counterfeit $100.00 bill, Speedway, Rt. 40.

11:05: Breaking and entering, Hidden Valley, unknown if anything was taken, caller in the process of moving.

3:19 p.m.: Caller advised someone had broken into his trailer and stole his daughter's TV, Ramey Branch Trailer Court.

4:18: Caller advised domestic in progress, couldn't advise on weapons, Depot Road.

5:00: Caller advised three males walking up road breaking bottles, Hidden Valley.

8:09: Four-wheeler complaint, Rt. 40.

9:33: Caller advised her four-wheeler was stolen, Rt. 1750.

Friday, Jan. 16

12:46 a.m.: Caller requested officer make walk around residence regarding someone knocking on her back door, Main St.

7:20: Dryer on fire, Johnson/Lawrence line, fire was out at 7:26, Fire Dept. to proceed to check things out.

8:01: Deer on roadway, Johnson/Lawrence line, Rt. 201.

8:04: Dryer was wired directly into power to residence, power disconnected.

9:20: Caller advised she was calling for another female subject who advised she has a restraining order for a male subject, and he is in the area of Kmart in a brown 1979 Cordova, yellow hood, and she is afraid he is going to come and start trouble, Fazoli's.

12:39 p.m.: Caller advised male subject has a pistol in his back pocket and was making threats toward him, Rt. 172.

12:41: Caller advised his sister came to his residence and they had a dispute and she broke some of the windows out of the house. She left in a blue Ford Thunderbird, possibly toward Prestonsburg.

4:45: Caller requested officer in reference to EPO violation, Hidden Valley Rd.

5:30: Attempt to locate red Mercury Sable, reference to operator's license suspended due to medical reasons.

8:07: Caller advised fight in progress in front of Sleepy Hollow.

9:20: Reference to criminal mischief that occurred around P.H.S.

9:50: Caller advised three 15-year-old juveniles inside Arby's, possibly intoxicated.

10:44: E.R. at PBH advised male subject not cooperating with them, won't give them any information.

Saturday, Jan. 17

12:00 a..m.: Fight in progress, six or seven subjects, beside Mandarin House.

1:59: Caller advised that two girls were trying to get a ride home, going door to door around Main Camp Branch, also advised they went walking back toward Paintsville on Rt. 581.

3:17: Caller advised that subjects were setting off fireworks, needs officer to contact, Perry Vanhoose Apartments.

8:00: Caller advised vehicle in creek, Rt. 825, didn't think anybody was in it, no license plate on vehicle, Saylor's has vehicle.

10:58: Caller requested officer, reference to some stolen item, Tutor Key.

12:21 p.m.: Reckless driver, green Dodge pickup, traveling from Boyd Branch.

2:13: Unit, by radio advised he received a complaint, dispatch called A-Plus Rent To Own and they advised a female subject still inside the store passed out at the table, and male subject sitting in a dark colored S-10 in the fire lane almost fell out of the vehicle.

2:16: Caller stated female subject driving a 1999 white Malibu on marijuana, transporting crystal meth, Rockhouse area.

5:38: Caller advised that someone tried to get into his vehicle, Fast Change.

10:34: Caller advised two-year-old child had his head stuck in banisters, Frozen Branch.

11:20: Caller advised of vehicle fire next to house. Advised something on vehicle exploded, Boons Camp.

Sunday, Jan. 18

12:37 a.m.: Possible domestic, caller advised his girlfriend called him and advised her ex-husband and her are fighting, unknown if physical or verbal. Perp intoxicated, keeps a gun under the truck seat, Rt. 825.

4:05: Unauthorized use of vehicle, caller advised male subject took her 1979 black Chevy 4x4 pickup. Unit advised he just went up Main Street, unit has vehicle stopped on Rt. 460 by the Detention Center, advised vehicle hit guardrail.

11:10: Caller advised of structure fire, fully involved, Wittensville.

11:20: Unit requests manpower and Rockhouse F.D. tanker to above structure fire.

11:22: Female caller advised of arguing with male subject, advised male is threatening to strip her vehicle, Horse Picture.

1:52 p.m.: Caller requested officer to Little Mud Lick Rd., reference to male subject en route to her residence to pick her younger son up, not his weekend, also EPO in effect, not supposed to be within 500' of female.

4:15: Caller advised of mud slide, road blocked, foot of Two-Mile.

4:38: Domestic in progress, unknown weapons, Paintsville Lake marina.

6:35: Caller advised a male subject in a red S-10, no license or insurance, subject making threats.

6:50: Caller advised a subject is in an older gray Camaro is driving reckless and trying to star trouble.

8:15: Caller advised male juvenile knocking on her windows, also advised one broke her window, Hitchcock Loop.

9:31: Caller advised a tan S-10 truck is driving reckless and passed on a double yellow line, Starfire Hill toward town.

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