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2004-01-21 for the record
Property transfers
Floyd County

To Willie M. Mitchell from Willie Mitchell and Daisy M. Mitchell.

To Stephen Brent Hatfield from Marrow Hatfield and Loma Hatfield.

To Brian Keith Hatfield from Marrow Hatfield and Loma Hatfield.

To Kenas Akers Jr., Rosa Lee Blankenship, Ruby Conn, and Lesa Hughes from Polly Akers.

To Jeanice Hall from Georgia S. Smith.

To Prestonsburg City Utilities from James D. Wells and Oval B. Hall, heirs of Belle Wells estate; easement.

To Christopher D. McGuire from James Boyd.

To James Boyd from Linda C. Boyd.

To James Boyd from Michael Todd Boyd and Tara Boyd.

To Alicia Marie Slone from Vernon Slone and Alice L. Slone.

To Dwayne Keith Harris and Karen Ann Harris from Gregory D. Stumbo and Mary Karen Stumbo.

To Robert Jaime and Thelma Jaime from Robert Jaime and Thelma K. Jaime.

To Son-Shine Gospel Tabernacle Trustees from Larry D. Blackburn.

To Melissa Stewart Tackett from Lacy Christopher Tackett.

To Commonwealth of Kentucky from Eddie Akers and Christa Akers.

To James Newsome and Elaine Newsome from Lena K. Fleming.

To Basel Moore from Brandy Moore.


Johnson County

To Ernest Jack Arrowood from David and Robin Sheila Bailey; Charles Denver and Diana Baker; Edwin and Deidra Quinones; and Ben and Geneva Ward.

To Lowell T. Blanton from Deloris Blair.

To Lowell T. Blanton from Billy, Devon, Gary, Geraldine and Jack R. Blanton; Lowell T., Kasandra, Margaret, Randy and Roberta Blanton; and Charles and Linda Lou Eshman Halp.

To Lowell T. Blanton from Linda Lou Eshman; and Charles and Linda Lou Eshman Halp.

To David Allen Sagraves from Deloris Blair.

To Ruby F. Short from Michelle Ann Blair.

To Lowell T. Blanton from Jack Randall Blanton.

To Clifford Jay Cantrell from Carolyn Sue Cantrell.

To Charles Vanhoose from Ellis and Carla Beth Castle.

To Dewey Earl Music from Terry, Brenda and Darla Music.

To Martha Mary Smith from Stewart Frederick and Sarah Smith.

To Thomas McKenzie from Charles R. and Debra L. Stevens.

To Beth Lemaster from Gene R. and Ilene Stewart.

To Martha Mary Smith from Betty Dale Dean Walker and Anna Maria Smith Wells.


Martin County

To Louise Branham from Emmons D. Preece and Patricia Preece.

To Todd Dials and Kimberly Ann Dials from R & J Development Company.

To Homer Harless from Hester Howard.

To Alvin Dalton from James Leon Baldwin and Dorreen Baldwin.

To Haskel Marcum from Naomi Graham and John Graham; William Endicott and Ronna Endicott; Franklin Endicott; Betty Boyd and William Boyd; Oretha McReynolds and William McReynolds.

To Haskel Marcum from Sandy Proctor and David Proctor; Neva Jean Hatifield; Barb Bowen and Ted Bowen; Alvin Pinson; Patty Spanial and Vern Spanial and Michael Pinson.

To Haskel Marcum from Agnes Marcum.

To Haskel Marcum from William R. Endicott and Paulette Endicott; Ben Endicott; Lillian Endicott and Gloria Joan Endicott.

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