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Lawrence drivers 'above average' in organ donation
LOUISA Waiting lists for organ transplants are shorter in Kentucky than many other states because there is a higher percentage of organ donation here than in most states. This heightened awareness of organ and tissue donation is partly due to the efforts of the Kentucky Circuit Clerks Trust For Life and the generosity of many Kentuckians who donate an extra $1 to the trust when they renew their drivers license.

Many Lawrence County drivers again proved their support of organ and tissue donation by donating an extra dollar to the trust when they renewed their Kentucky drivers licenses in 2003.

According to the Trust For Life office in Frankfort, Lawrence Circuit Court Clerk Martha S. Kiser's office received donations from 44.6 percent of those renewing their drivers license last year. The average number of drivers who donated $1 when they renewed their licenses in the state last year was 44.51percent.

"Lawrence Countians should be proud of their above-average participation in this very important effort." said Trust Executive Director Berkeley Scott, "and Martha S. Kiser and her staff should be commended for their support of this program."

The Trust For Life was created by the Kentucky Circuit Court Clerks Association and the state legislature in 1992 to collect donations at license renewal time to fund a year-round information and promotion effort to encourage Kentuckians to donate their organs and tissues at death so that others may live. According to the Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates (KODA), the federally-designated organ procurement organization, the organ donation rate has risen significantly in the state since the establishment of the Trust while elsewhere across the nation it has dropped.

On the back of each Kentucky drivers license is a place where drivers can note their desire to have their tissue and organs donated. Special "donor dot" stickers are also available at circuit clerks' offices that drivers can place on the front of their licenses that designate the same desire. It is very important, according to Scott, that individuals talk to their families about this decision because the final consent for donation rests with the next-of-kin.

For more information about the Trust and its organ donor awareness program, call toll-free (866) 945-LIFE, or connect to the trust's web site at

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