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Note: All inspections are regular unless otherwise noted.

Floyd County

Restaurant, school and mobile home park inspections are performed by Floyd County Health Department Environmentalists Russell Wallace and Scott Young.

Jan. 6

Hobert’s Pizza, Prestonsburg — 88

Unable to locate all thermometers on most units, some items left uncovered in reach-in freezer, hair restraints not in use, shelves in back room and walk-in in some disrepair, unable to locate chemical test kit, microwave in need of cleaning, baking pans not stored inverted or covered, waste container not covered in food prep area, and mop not stored correctly.

Jan. 7

May Valley Elementary — 95 (school inspection)

Critical violation: various items of toxic material (bleach wipes, hand sanitizer, etc.) in rooms not locked up or placed in area which is not reachable to children.

May Valley Elementary — 95 (food)

Food items stored on floor of walk-in freezer, service bowls not stored correctly, outside dumpster too full.

Save-A-Lot, Martin — 92

Some food items found stored on floor of walk-in, shelves in walk-in area in some disrepair, single service articles not stored inverted or covered, paper towels missing from women’s restroom, floor in meat room has food residue, and various lights not shielded in walk-in and reach-in coolers.

Velocity Market, Betsy Layne — 89

Easily seen thermometers not present in all refrigeration and freezer units, food contact countertop surface in disrepair, non food contact surface in disrepair, single service articles (foam trays) observed stored less than six inches off the floor, restroom doors not self-closing, floors in disrepair, walls and ceilings in disrepair, walk-in refrigerator has no light, light not properly shielded in meat processing area, and cleaning utensils improperly stored (mop head stored on the floor).

Jan. 8

Martin Dairy Queen — 88

Unable to locate all thermometers in all units, walk-in items not maintaining a six inch minimum from floor, items not covered during storage, ice scoop not properly stored in ice machine (if kept in ice, handle must be sticking up), microwave found with heavy residue buildup on inner surfaces, three-compartment sink found with leak in faucet, in-use waste receptacle in food prep area not covered, mop heads not properly stored in utility room.

Opportunities Unlimited, Martin — 97

Shelves in dry storage in some disrepair, service tray not stored properly (covered or inverted), floors in dry storage in disrepair and not easily cleanable.

Opportunities Unlimited — 85 (school inspection)

Critical violation: Bottle of chemical found unlabeled in janitorial closet.

Other violations: Some restroom walls, floors, and stalls in disrepair and in need of cleaning, lighting in white building not adequate, and some windows throughout school with dust residue.

Hometown IGA, Stanville — 90

Critical violation: several over the counter medications had expired and should be taken off the shelf immediately and not offered for sale to the public.

Other violations: Paper towels observed stored on the floor, thermometers not present in all cooling units, women’s employee restroom had no soap, and floors in disrepair.

Huddle House Restaurant, Stanville — 94

Critical violation: Spray nozzle on prewash, pre-scrub sink extends down into bowl of sink creating a possible back flow.

Other violations: Wiping cloth use not restricted.

Family Dollar Store, Martin — 97

Item not stored six inches from floor, floor in back room missing tile and tape strips in disrepair leaving area not easily cleanable.

Rite Aid, Martin — 95

Critical violation: Flea and tick medication displayed on pet food. Given ten days to reorganize shelf.

Jan. 9

Hillbilly Market, Prestonsburg — 94 (food) 98 (retail)

Unable to locate thermometer in reach-in deep freezer, ice buildup on box of bacon in reach-in, bag of pet food on floor, range in need of cleaning, waste container in need of lids in food prep area.

Pizza Place and Fun Center, Rt. 321 — 89

Critical violation: Service unit in need of repair (ice used to keep items cold).

Other violations: Need thermometer to check items, area above freezer has heavy grease buildup, cloth towels used to line shelf, soap missing from men’s restroom, waste container not covered in food prep area, and lighting not adequate in back storage.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, Prestonsburg — 99

Cleaning utensils improperly stored (mop head stored on the floor).

Inspector’s note: Facility appears very clean and well organized.

Lakeview Market, Prestonsburg — 95 (food) 97 (retail)

Thermometers not located in an easily seen area of refrigeration units, dishwashing procedure at the three-compartment sink should be wash, rinse and sanitize in the last compartment, then air dry, restroom has no self-closing door, and floors in minor disrepair in retail section.

Food City, Prestonsburg — 90 (food) 95 (retail)

Critical violation: Ware washing sprayer hanging below rim of waste water drain sink without air gap backflow prevention device attached.

Other violations: Pet food stored on the floor, no soap at handwash sink in food prep area, tile in slight disrepair, coat observed stored on food equipment, mop head stored on the floor, handwash sink meat room water will not shut off, improper storage of ice scoop, and some employees without hair restraints.

Jan. 12

Kelly’s Old Country Home, McDowell — 98

Wiping cloths not stored in a sanitary solution when not in use and single service articles (plastic forks and spoons) not properly stored.

Mama’s Kitchen, Wheelwright — 95

Not all refrigeration units have easily seen thermometers, facility has no chemical test strips to monitor solution in compartment sink, three-compartment sink has no drain boards, and ceiling not constructed of easily cleanable and easily sanitized material.

Johnson County

Restaurant, school and mobile home park inspections are performed by Johnson County Health Department Environmentalists Johnnie R. Roberts and Mitzi Johnson.

Jan. 9

Dairy Queen, Paintsville — 98

Food being stored in open container.

Java House Café, Paintsville — 96

Clean utensils not covered or inverted, soap and paper towels not provided at handwash sink, and low level of light in restroom.

Jan. 12

Wildcat Grocery, Flat Gap — 99 (food) 99 (retail)

Back door needs weatherstripping.

Jan. 13

Bargain Store, Van Lear — 100

Carl D. Perkins Rehab, Thelma — 98

Food stored uncovered in open rack shelf.

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