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Wednesday, March 8, 2017 issue
This n' That
Living in the Twilight Zone
by Tony Fyffe

I knew I shouldnít have watched a Twilight Zone marathon on New Yearís Day because people say what you do on the first day of a new year will set the course for the year.

In this case, the weather weíve been having lately makes me think weíre living in the Twilight Zone.

Think about it.

On Sunday, there was a major ice storm, and the day after there was spring-like weather. Iím afraid to think what itís going to be like the rest of the week. Itís no wonder people have been getting sick ó they have no idea how to dress for a particular day.

Winter always reminds me of when I was in high school and made a habit of falling as I walked up the sidewalk to the school building. I have always been a little unsteady on my feet (clumsy is a better word), but itís worse walking on snow or ice. I guess itís difficult for everyone, but the chances of disaster for me are extremely high during the season.

So if you see someone walking in downtown Paintsville this winter and he suddenly falls, you can bet your bottom dollar (or my bottom) itís yours truly.

You can laugh at me if you want; Iíve been laughing at myself for years.

* * *

Iíve been covering news in Johnson County for the last couple of months, and Iím convinced that there are more government meetings in Paintsville than anywhere in the Big Sandy area.

Not a week has gone by, it seems, that there is not some kind of meeting to plan for. The Paintsville City Council and Paintsville Utilities Commission appear to be in a contest to see who can meet the most, and I think theyíre in a virtual tie.

Their recent meeting schedules mean one of two things. Theyíre either doing their jobs by having a lot of irons in the fire, or theyíre not doing their jobs and have to continually meet to get something off the ground. Iím pretty sure itís the first reason and not the second one, especially considering that both bodies seem to have a lot of plans in the offing, but sometimes I wonder if these constant meetings are not just a repeat of things that have been said and done before.

Weíre always looking for news to put in the paper, but this is getting ridiculous.

* * *

After 25 years of hosting TVís 20/20, Barbara Walters is calling it quits.

The news anchoróbest known for a small speech impediment that is not as noticeable as it once wasówill continue doing specials for ABC but will exit the weekly news magazine.

At one point, 20/20 struggled to stay on the air, but professionals like Walters and Hugh Downs made it one of the top-rated programs on the tube. Their persistence paid off, and they and their program are examples of how to succeed in something if you stick with it.

Iíve been sticking with the newspaper business for going on 15 years, and hope to stick around for many more.

That is, if I donít end up in the nut house first. No, wait a minute ó the newspaper business IS the nut house.

Never mind.

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