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Johnson County 911 report

Monday, Jan. 19

8:53 a.m.: Caller advised subject putting up 4x4 posts and blocks next to roadway causing traffic to come onto caller’s property, Blanton Drive.

10:08: Caller advised she needs report regarding a stolen ring, stolen from purse on New Years Eve.

11:37: Possible intoxicated driver, Ford Taurus, male driver, red toboggan, Rt. 23 S., Floyd Co.

12:20 p.m.: Caller advised they have a horse that fell over in a creek and has its leg hung under a tree root, and wants to know if they could get help, Slone Branch.

12:55: Car parked the wrong way, causing trouble with traffic, Ed Spencer Law Office.

2:12: Hit and run, male subject advised his maroon 1986 Cadillac was hit by a brownish or tan SUV 4x4, Thelma.

2:29: Ice on roadway, Rt. 1428.

4:35: Caller requested to speak with officer, reference to theft, Slate Branch.

5:46: Caller advised there is a horse in someone’s yard dying, Slone Branch.

5:58: Caller advised of ice on roadway, Rt. 1428.

6:47: Caller advised vehicle versus cliff, Rt. 1428.

7:13: Received several calls regarding vehicle versus power pole, Mandarin House.

7:19: Unit requested F.D. regarding the power pole is cut in half and AEP needs to be notified, Mandarin House.

7:30: Caller advised of ice on roadway, Island Creek.

7:35: Caller advised road is slick, spoke with officials who advised that salting the road won’t work when temperature is in the teens, going to salt and clean out ditch in the morning, Webb Hollow.

8:19: Received a couple of calls regarding what appeared to be fireworks or gunshots, Walnut/Washington.

10:38: Caller advised subject in an older black and red S-10 is driving reckless, Deboard Hollow.

11:54: 1990’s red Grand Prix and 1980’s silver Toyota passenger car revving engines and racing up road, Deboard Hollow.

Tuesday, Jan. 20

12:21 a.m.: Caller advised there is a large floor buffer in the middle of the road, Rt. 321.

12:29: En route to pick up buffer, B Clean Cleaning Service.

2:42: Vehicle parked at Super Lowe’s construction site.

8:34: Be on lookout for red Cavalier coming from Prestonsburg old road, female driving, going to Ponderosa Drive.

11:10: Reference to possible drug overdose, East Point.

12:16 p.m.: Animal cruelty complaint, Sitka.

1:27: Caller requested officer to Burchett Hollow, reference to her trailer has been broken into, Stambaugh.

2:57: Abco Security advised carbon monoxide alarm activated, Rt. 1107.

6:20: Caller advised she had some jewelry stolen, knows who took it, Slate Branch.

6:36: Caller advised her step-father assaulted her, Rt. 1409.

7:06: Caller advised of slick roads, Thelma.

7:34: Caller advised possible intoxicated driver in an older red S-10, Rt. 40 E passing city hall.

8:29: Caller advised her son took a knife and slit two tires on their S-10 truck, Rt. 40 E.

9:18: Caller advised she hasn’t been able to get in touch with her sister since Saturday, wants someone to check on her. Also advised she has an EPO on her ex-husband and he was seen in the area recently.

9:19: Caller requested unit contact, reference to stolen jewelry.

10:26: Caller requested a unit, reference to male subject from earlier domestic making threats.

10:41: Caller requested a unit contact, reference to harassing phone calls.

11:09: Caller requested a unit make contact in reference to having problems with her ex-boyfriend.

Wednesday, Jan. 21

12:32 a.m.: Reference to harassing phone calls, Rt. 825.

12:35: Caller advised loud music coming from residence across from hers, Oil Springs.

1:42: Caller advised possible breaking and entering in progress, advised he heard a noise, went outside and saw a male subject run behind a trailer with a white bag in hand, ran behind WKLW, Pointview Court.

2:00: Reference to prowlers, West Van Lear.

3:36: Be on lookout for vehicle, playing loud music, driving down Main and Court the wrong way.

7:08: Reckless driver, silver passenger car, just passed Ramco at time of call, Rt. 23 N.

7:49: Possible intoxicated driver, white Pontiac Grand Prix, Rt. 201.

9:38: APPCO 81, hold up alarm, Rt. 40.

12:47 p.m.: Caller advised of verbal domestic, Greentown Loop.

2:07: Intoxicated subject, brown and purple van, B-Mart.

2:17: Caller requested officer to Airport Trailer Court, reference to white Crown Victoria hit her vehicle and left scene, Hager Hill.

2:20: Intoxicated subject, white Ford LTD, Hager Hill, wanted person, Rt. 321 N.

3:32: Caller advised subject in an older red Camaro is driving reckless and trying to cause an accident. Caller also advised subject is giving them the finger, Brown’s Happy Mart.

4:07: Caller requested to speak with KSP, reference to theft, Church Drive.

4:46: Caller advised his mother and step-father were intoxicated and his step-father had assaulted him.

5:45: Caller advised of possible intoxicated subjects in a maroon Explorer, Martin Co. tags, three or four subjects in the vehicle, Broadway.

5:52: Caller advised two suspicious vehicles sitting on lot, red S-10 and blue Ford, AMG Dialysis.

6:57: Caller requested a unit in reference to breaking and entering not in progress, Rt. 321.

7:10: Caller requested a unit contact regarding not being able to get anything done through the CDW office on juveniles stealing money from his daughter.

7:19: Caller advised there is a house on fire, smoke and flames visible at rear of residence, Swamp Branch.

7:42: O.S.F.D. requests R.H.F.D. be on standby, mutual aid, Swamp Branch.

7:43: Request AEP be en route, Swamp Branch.

7:51: F.D. requested traffic control, reference to structure fire, Rt. 825.

8:44: Possible intoxicated driver, black Chevy passenger car, caller advised vehicle is speeding up and slowing down, turned into El Rancho Apts.

9:58: Caller advised there is a male subject with a .22 and flashlight advising someone is trying to steal something off one of his vehicles, Rt. 460.

11:19: Caller advised subject has been blowing his horn for several minutes, request officer, Sixth Street.

Thursday, Jan. 22

2:47 a.m.: Reference to barking dogs, Robin Hill Road.

5:38: Caller advised of vehicle accident, Rt. 201/23.

5:38: Call from Rt. 23 Discount Tobacco (Citgo), possible injury, male advised subject had overturned vehicle, no entrapment, Healthnet on stand by. Caller advised her husband had called her and advised he had wrecked and then stated that the vehicle was stolen and then wrecked, Rt. 201/23.

9:18: Observe for black, two-door 1987 Plymouth, Jefferson Ave.

11:38: Caller advised that they have an altered prescription and female subject is en route to pick it up, Medicine Cabinet.

12:17 p.m.: Caller advised her breaker box is about to catch fire, Little Mud Lick.

12:18: White Olds, tinted windows, subjects on drugs and have several in vehicle, Rt. 40.

2:24: PBH E.R. advised Paintsville High School student assaulted by another student around 1:00 p.m., stating she was pushed down stairs.

2:50: Caller requested officer, reference to vandalism to apartment, Verne Horne.

3:21: Two-vehicle accident, Euclid Ave.

3:26: Caller advised a green coal truck, Rt. 23 N., was losing coal, throwing coal all over cars.

3:39: Caller advised a student was out of control, needs officer, Main St.

3:44: Caller advised power pole fire, Rt. 1750.

5:00: Caller advised there was a male subject causing problems outside the residence, Robin Hill Road.

7:03: Caller advised ice on road, Hitchcock Loop.

11:26: Caller advised vehicle hit cliff, advised nobody around vehicle, Rt. 40, old Lowe’s.

11:28: Caller advised male subject called her and told her he was watching her, told her what she was doing while she was on the phone with him, Arlen Heights.

Friday, Jan. 23

7:53 a.m.: Caller advised juvenile got off bus crying, stated he went to Meade School, released to staff at Central Elementary.

8:20: Reference to stolen vehicle.

10:16: Game room beside Burke’s Grocery broken into, Rt. 302.

10:30: Caller advised male subject was at front door hitting it with a pipe, Euclid Ave.

10:32: Caller advised subject they were looking for pulled behind house across from Citgo, when police went by he pulled out heading back to turn on Rt. 40.

11:06: Two males put pup in garbage can, Mini Park.

11:56: Took pup to residence so dog wouldn’t get run over, Sixth St.

2:15 p.m.: Vehicle versus ice machine, Speedway.

2:50: Ecology complaint, Airport Road.

3:23: Caller advised male subjects standing on cars threatening another subject and cursing, McDonalds.

3:50: Reference to stolen purse, Conley’s Auto.

4:58: Caller advised a male subject came in and wrote a bad check for $3,000 and they caught him up in it and he took off with the merchandise, Lowe’s.

6:02: Magoffin County S.O. requests assistance, reference to kidnapping at the high school. He has been in the area of Morgan/Johnson attempting to locate them, the juveniles have run from him on foot.

6:35: White GMC Z-71, Mayo Plaza, possible intoxicated driver.

7:35: Caller advised they smelled smoke coming from trailer next door, advised the windows were blacked, Airport Road.

7:42: Caller advised his house was broken into, guns stolen, DVD player and game cube stolen, tried to give call to S.O., they were all on a call, tried KSP, nobody available, Asa Creek.

10:46: Reference to runaways from Magoffin, caller advised they are possibly inside store, request unit contact to assist, Wal-Mart.

11:51: Reference on attempt to recover missing juvenile, Rt. 172.

11:55: Loud music complaint, El Rancho Apts.

Saturday, Jan. 24

12:05 a.m.: Possible intoxicated driver, just passing City Hall going toward Speedway.

2:03: Reference to stolen vehicle from traffic stop.

7:00: Caller advised of domestic in a red Olds Allero, also advised possible meth in vehicle.

9:10: Caller advised male subject stole $246 from his apartment last date, West Van Lear.

9:37: Unit advised victim from above traffic is requesting him to follow him to the residence of the perp to question him about the stolen money. Unit advised the male subject said he didn’t take the money and that they all were intoxicated, victim said he would wait until noon and would then obtain a warrant if money wasn’t returned.

11:38: Caller requested officer to apartment above tattoo shop, reference to missing money, College Street.

12:17 p.m.: Check out red Ford Taurus, driving reckless, Rt. 321.

12:31: Caller advised his son has a drinking problem, when he was at the residence he broke holes in the walls and tore up the bed sheets, Williamsport.

3:00: Caller advised her husband’s uncle hit her and is causing trouble.

3:26: Caller requested unit contact, reference to her sister using her name to get a phone and ran up the bill.

6:48: Caller advised that a house was on fire, S. Burglar Hollow.

7:49: Reference to smell of smoke from breaker box, Ponderosa Apts.

11:28: Caller advised she was talking to her sister and she was afraid of being in danger, her boyfriend is locked in the bathroom with an infant, male subject is intoxicated and arguing, advised there are six to seven people in residence, unknown on weapons. Caller advised possibly arguing over prescription from last date. Boyd Branch.

Sunday, Jan. 25

12:54 a.m.: Single vehicle in ditch, Rt. 172.

2:29: Possible vehicle accident past stockyard, Rt. 172.

3:06: Advised vehicle has been parked in front of entrance door approx. three hours, has tinted windows, can’t see inside vehicle, subject possibly intoxicated, Speedway, Rt. 321.

6:25: Caller advised several items stolen from residence, Seventh Street.

6:52: Breaking and entering on vehicle, Rt. 40.

10:19: Caller requested officer in reference to obtaining an EPO on her soon to be ex-husband, Staffordsville.

11:05: Check on subject doing donuts in parking lot, almost hit 2-3 vehicles, Mayo Plaza.

2:34 p.m.: Caller needs to be contacted regarding her soon to be ex-husband has her vehicle that is in her name, won’t return it to her, also driving on suspended license, no insurance, possibly at Van Lear.

4:53: Caller advised of two vehicle accidents, one in the guardrail, and one in his yard that went through the fence, Rt. 201/1559.

5:05: Request Highway Dept. be notified regarding slick roads.

6:45: Caller requested unit contact, her vehicle is stuck and she is stranded, Oil Springs.

7:15: Caller advised there is a truck caught between the tracks, crossing Thelma lake.

7:46: Caller advised there are several vehicles sideways on Rt. 1750 blocking the roadway.

8:44: Caller advised of vehicle in ditch, Whippoorwill.

10:47: Caller advised his sister wanted him to call in reference to domestic in progress.

11:45: Manager at Wendy’s called and advised of hearing noise around back, wanted it checked out.

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