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Wednesday, March 8, 2017 issue
Property transfers

Floyd County

To Jerry Fannin from Sammy Lafferty and Edith Lafferty.

To Rosemary Hopkins and Jimmie Hopkins from Gloria Jean Webb, Hobert Webb Jr., Janice Faye Layne, Bert Layne, Rosemary Hopkins and Jimmie Hopkins.

To Michelle Kidd from Linda Woods.


Lawrence County

To John and Alice Joyce from Marie Sartin.

To Bonnie Varney and Phyllis Varney from Argue Preston.

To Mike McKinney from Sandra Jobe.

To John and Violet Cable from William and Palma Roberts.

To Carl and Sally Warf from Kenneth Carl Daniels Jr.

To Michael Pigg from Charles and Rosalie Paige.

To Wilson Lee Prince Jr. and Tammy Prince from Phillip and Ardy’s Burchett.

To Garry and Mary Hylton from Fred and Ollie Roberts.


Martin County

To Floyd Noe and Tammy Ann Dotson from Jimmie Maynard and Leisha Maynard.

To Fast Change Lube and Oil, Inc. from Robert W. James and Bridget James.

To Melissa L. Stacy from Lowell D. Muncy; Virgie Muncy; Lorene Jude; Homer Muncy Jr.; Betty F. Muncy; Curtis H. Lowe and Irene Lowe; Walker Fields and Rebecca A. Fields; Phillip Muncy and Linda Muncy and Raymond Muncy.

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