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Note: All inspections are regular unless otherwise noted.

Floyd County

Restaurant, school and mobile home park inspections are performed by Floyd County Health Department environmentalists Russell Wallace and Scott Young.

Jan. 12

Highlands Regional Medical Center — 95 (food)

Cardboard being used as a liner in reach-in coolers in deli area; microwave in deli area has food residue on inner surface; serving handle in some disrepair; and light shield missing from reach-in.

Jan. 14

John M. Stumbo Elementary — 92 (school inspection)

Ceiling tile displaced in boy’s restroom; several restroom stalls were without toilet tissue; window shade in disrepair in several classrooms; and floor tile in disrepair in several locations throughout the school.

John M. Stumbo Elementary — 95 (food)

Spray bottle in food prep are not properly labeled; some floor tiles in bad repair; walls in food prep area around three compartment sink in bad repair; and potentially hazardous food not properly thawed.

David School — 98 (school)

Floor in disrepair makes floor not easily cleanable.

David School — 97 (food)

Box of apples stored on floor of back storage area; and untreated wood used as non-food contact surface.

Jan. 15

Wheelwright Country Cafe — 96 (food)

Not all refrigeration and freezer units have conspicuous thermometers; wiping cloth not stored in a sanitary solutions when not in use; some floor tiles in disrepair; and cleaning utensils not properly stored (mop head stored on the floor).

Martin Senior Citizens Center — 98 (food)

Paper towels not located in proper dispenser.

Jan. 16

Prestonsburg Inn Inc. — 92 (motel)

Ceiling in guest room restroom in some disrepair; lights in some guest rooms found without working bulbs; and mop in service room found not stored properly.

Betsy Layne Senior Citizens Center — 95 (food)

Several containers in back storage area not properly labeled; potatoes observed stored on the floor in back storage area; wiping cloth not stored in a sanitary solution when not in use; and internal light in upright refrigeration unit not properly shielded.

Jan. 20

McDowell Elementary — 88 (school)

Water fountain in intermediate building stream too low; lavatory not operable in boys restroom and one not operable in girls restroom in intermediate building; floors in disrepair in several areas on campus; and boys restroom in intermediate building missing floor tile.

McDowell Elementary — 96 (food)

Canned food product observed in storage area without proper label; proper hair restraints not in use; ceiling tile in ware washing room in disrepair; and coat observed stored on cleaning products.

Jan. 21

Season’s Inn, Rt. 1428 — 93

Unable to locate thermometer in stand-up reach-in refrigerator; handle of ice machine touching ice; dumpster and area around dumpster in need of cleaning; and dumpster over filled and lids are not covering trash.

Allen Double Kwik — 96 (food) 96 (retail)

Food hot dog meat/sandwich meat on box on floor in walk-in; men’s restroom out of order; and mop heads stored on floor in back food prep area.

Jan. 22

Cardinal Mart, Wheelwright — 89 (food) 94 (retail)

Pizza by the slice observed stored at 120°F, should be no less than 140°F; walk-in refrigeration not working (all potentially hazardous foods transferred to other refrigeration units); refrigeration units in retail section have not thermometers; ceiling tile in disrepair in restroom and back section of store; and walk-in freezer light not properly shielded.

Jan. 23

Prestonsburg Rite-Aid, Glyn View Plaza — 98 (retail)

Door to employee restroom not self-closing.

Huddle House, Stanville — 100 (follow-up)

Critical item and non-critical items were corrected.

Hometown IGA, Stanville — 99 (follow-up)

All violations have been corrected except one.

Food City, Prestonsburg — 99 (follow-up)

All violations have been corrected except one.

Johnson County

Restaurant, school and mobile home park inspections are performed by Johnson County Health Department environmentalists Johnnie R. Roberts and Mitzi Johnson.

Jan. 14

Mayo St. Voc., Paintsville — 97 (food)

Soda pop dispensing nozzles need cleaning.

Jan. 15

W.R. Castle Elementary, Wittensville — 99 (food)

Low level light in storage area.

Poor Boys Pizza, Flat Gap — 98 (food)

Floor in disrepair, walls in disrepair, and windows not sealed properly.

Jan. 20

Porter Elementary, Hager Hill — 98 (food)

Storage room floor in disrepair; and low light levels in ware washing section and on serving line.

Jan. 21

Johnson Central High — 92 (school)

Water fountain downstairs out of adjustment; toilet tissue not provided in mens restroom downstairs; lights out of order in room 20 and girls restroom upstairs.

Owen’s Wholesale, Staffordsville — 99 (food)

Window needs weatherstripping.

Fyffe’s Market, Keaton — 99 (retail)

Reach-in freezer in need of defrosting.

Jan. 22

Paintsville Country Club — 98 (food)

Low level of light and lights not shielded in food prep area; and ventilation fan not working over cook stove.

Paintsville High School — 100 (school)

No problems found.

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