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Wednesday, March 8, 2017 issue
Meade School receives TIP grant

WILLIAMSPORT - Meade Memorial recently received the TIP (Teacher Initiated Program Artist in Residency) Grant funded in part from the Kentucky Arts Council.

The grant, written by Title I/resource teacher Sandy Music, is a five-day workshop project for third- through fifth-grade students.

“The TIP grant is part of the overall Comprehensive Im-provement Plan to improve arts and humanities at the school level,” Music said.

The artist in residency scheduled to instruct the dance grant is Yolantha Pace, an African and modern-jazz dance instructor. The grant project includes teaching a choreographed, combination modern-jazz sequence of movements to third-grade students. The students will be taught the beginning and middle of the dance, with the ending being left to the creative movements of the students. The fourth- and fifth-grade students will learn an African village sequence of dance movements. The students will learn to move in African style clothing and play the Djembe drum and rain stick instruments.

As part of the proposed residency, students will learn, hands-on, the elements of dance and the use of locomotor and non-locomotor movements to choreograph a dance. A culminating performance that incudes the students sharing their learned modern-jazz and African village dance is planned for the staff and parents.

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