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Wednesday, March 8, 2017 issue
Fallsburg names honor students

Fallsburg Elementary School has announced its honor roll for the second nine-week period.

The roll includes:

All As

Copley - 2nd Grade: Zach Curry and Breanna Howell.

Marcum - 2nd Grade: Tiffany Triplett.

Moran - 4th Grade: Phillip Barnett.

P. Chapman - 6th Grade: Emily Mills and Tanner Stevens.

Hayes - 7th Grade: Alicia Bentley.

Case - 6th Grade: Morgan Cox.

Butcher - 7th Grade: Kayla Watson.

All As and Bs

Copley - 2nd Grade: Melissa Burchett, Austin Hughes, Dylan Burkett, Marcella Lowe, Allyson Thornsberry, and Trey Wilks.

Marcum 2nd Grade: Derek Ferguson, C.J. Hensley, Brooke Spillman, and Alyssa Woods.

Delong - 3rd Grade: Will Cordle and Kaitlin Skeens.

Moran - 4th Grade: J. D. Maynard.

Waggoner - 4th Grade: Stephen Burke, Brandon Gauze and Blayne Savage.

T. Chapman - 5th Grade: Larisa Gauze, Mark McClanahan, Zachary Priddy, Krystal Vance, Kayla Young, and Katie Lester.

Triplett - 5th Grade: Roy Spillman ad Jessica Thornsberry.

Case - 6th Grade: Sarah Workman.

P. Chapman - 6th Grade: Nikki McCoy and Josh Mills.

Butcher - 7th Grade: Rainey Mosley.

Hewlett - 8th Grade: Sarah Setser and Juliana Thornbury.

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