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Johnson County 911 Report

01/03/2007 - Monday, Dec. 18

2:34 a.m.: Suspicious person/vehicle: Action Storage.

8:48: Case follow-up: Wal-Mart.

2:43 p.m.: Accident, no injuries: FS Vanhoose & Co., Inc.

4:04: ATV complaint on highway: Advised there were dirtbikes and ATVs riding up and down her road and she's afraid to let her five-year-old child go out and play, Stafford Springs.

4:51: Fight in progress: People fighting at Pineview Lane.

4:58: Reckless driving complaint: Advised a green Toyota 4-Runner almost hit them and ran a red light, vehicle is at Mayo Plaza at this time.

5:07: Theft complaint: Advised that someone stole her checks, Riverview Drive.

5:25: DUI complaint: Vehicle leaving Airport Road occupied by three subjects and a seven-week-old, two of occupants are possibly intoxicated.

6:20: Unknown disturbance: Advised of three male juveniles sitting on the guardrail across from Wittensville Apts. shining something into people's faces when they drive by.

6:27: Domestic complaint: Advised a male subject was possibly intoxicated and he slashed her tire on her vehicle and spit on her, Mill Branch Road.

8:50: Fight in progress: Williams Branch.

10:03: Overdose: U.S. Hwy. 23 S.

10:31: Male subject sitting in the middle of the road, caller almost hit him, Rt. 581.

10:40: Information call: Calling in reference to the truck in the middle of the road at Thelma.

10:46: DUI complaint: Blue Chevy Lumina, just left Texaco at Turner Branch.

Tuesday, Dec. 19

5:36 a.m.: Accident with injuries: Single vehicle near the Wittensville P.O.

9:46: Burglary, unknown when: Request officer in reference to her residence has been broken into some time last date and there is a pistol and jewelry missing, Lively Lane.

1:13 p.m.: Animal complaint: Advised of dead Pit Bull laying beside the roadway for about a week, advised a subject also possibly has been fighting these dogs and is throwing them beside the road, Asa Creek.

1:50: Animal complaint: Advised judge has condemned a residence and people are living there with dogs and cats, request dog warden check it out, Rt. 581.

2:41: Request officer check on male subject behind buildings acting suspicious, Broadway Street.

3:26: Accident, no injuries: Caller advised there was a man walking toward Chevron and he was slouched over and caller stopped to check on him and was advised the man had been in a car wreck at the 460 and U.S. 23 on ramp.

4:04: Ecology complaint: Caller advised someone drove by and threw out some bags of trash in front of his house beside the road and he would like an officer to come and check it out, U.S. 460.

4:43: Accident, no injuries: Two-vehicle accident, S. Mayo Trail.

5:07: Request an officer come and remove a female from his residence, advised she is threatening him and won't leave.

5:24: Subject requests officer call: Reference to some animals in the Thealka area.

5:31: Reckless driving complaint: Red Grand Prix, Broadway Street.

5:40: Reckless driving complaint; Advised a purple car almost ran her off the road and she advised the car was passing other vehicles, Rt. 321 S.

5:44: Accident with injuries: Advised someone stopped and told him to call 911 in reference to a wreck on Puncheon.

6:07: Domestic complaint: Advised of possible domestic at her brother's residence between him and his girlfriend, Rt. 689.

6:12: Accident, no injuries: Mill Branch Road.

7:42: Subject requests officer call: Reference to an animal complaint on Rt. 581.

8:23: Accident, no injuries: Wal-Mart parking lot.

9:35: Public drunk: Advised her neighbor is intoxicated and came in her residence and busted things up, Court Street.

11:13: Advised someone had cut the tires on a vehicle, Community Drive.

11:14: Criminal mischief: Advised someone threw a bottle through their windows and hit one of the residents in the head, FM Stafford Ave.

11:43: DUI complaint: Vehicle at Community Drive occupied by two males who are possibly intoxicated, Rt. 581.

11:46: Assault: Female being assaulted just above Wilma's Restaurant.

Wednesday, Dec. 20

2:23 a.m.: Suspicious person/vehicle: Advised someone is around his barn, Eudell Branch.

2:43: Advised someone was banging on the doors and windows, Jones-Preston.

10:29: Fire: Advised accidentally set tank on fire, East Dorton Blvd.

11:34: Reckless driving complaint: Maroon Jeep, #813-APW, Rt. 321 around American Standard coming toward Paintsville.

12:42 p.m.: Accident, no injuries: In front of Hager Hill P.O., Rt. 1428.

1:24: Accident, no injuries: Between P.O. and Rt. 302, roadway blocked.

4:13: Harassment complaint: Request to speak with an officer in reference to female calling and harassing her, Rt. 201.

5:36: Advised a male subject took his clothes off in front of his girlfriend and she's been a nervous wreck ever since, FM Stafford Ave.

6:33: Advised that someone was under his house, they took off running and got into a green S10, Blanton Drive.

8:00: Drug complaint: Advised subject stole his medication, 120 Lorcet and a large quantity of Xanax, Mill Branch Road.

9:18: Harassment complaint: Advised male subject was parking outside of residence harassing them, Rt. 201.

9:38: Accident, no injuries: Advised she hit a curb and needed and officer to come and fill out a report, Church and Main Street.

10:53: Advised her husband ate a peanut that her children were given from the Headstart office and it burnt a blister on him, Rt. 580.

11:30: Advised a subject had busted his mouth and was walking toward town, Rt. 40 E.

11:34: Advised there was an employee that quit tonight and is sitting in the parking lot and caller wants a unit to drive through the parking lot to make sure he doesn't start any trouble.

Thursday, Dec. 21

12:06 a.m.: Advised a male subject is outside her window banging on it, advised he is drunk, Hidden Valley Road.

12:18: Fight in progress: Advised there is a female in the residence intoxicated and fighting with her 16-year-old sister, Sixth Street.

12:17: Advised she wasn't sure what was going on but it sounded like people arguing and fighting between two apartments, Sixth Street.

12:30: Domestic complaint: Advised she and her husband had been arguing and she is afraid of him, advised she is outside and he is inside the residence, Rt. 302.

1:19: Domestic complaint: Female advised of possible domestic and a knife to her throat, advised she has bruises on her, Burton Lane.

7:56: Accident, no injuries: Single vehicle in the ditch, just past Oil Springs Superette, Rt. 40 W.

12:06 p.m.: Advised male subject at Speedway hollering foul language at a female across the road, S. Mayo Trail.

1:33: Request officer in reference to a female, possibly intoxicated, and also has possibly shoplifted, got into a black car, #450-BCX.

1:48: Tractor-trailer stuck in ditch, has roadway partially blocked, 10th & Jefferson Ave.

2:13: Request officer in reference to they have some guests there and they won't leave and did not pay for the room, S. Mayo Trail.

3:01: Accident, no injuries: N. Mayo Trail.

4:24: Caller requests officer come there in reference to firing an employee who might not take it too well, N. Mayo Trail.

4:43: Gas drive-off: U.S. 23 N.

6:16: Caller advised there was two or three vehicles going up and down the road at high rate of speed, N. Travis Drive.

6:26: Unknown disturbance: Caller advised there were two male subjects on her back porch and they took off when she turned on the light, N. Travis Drive.

6:47: Caller advised two female subjects came into the store and tried to use a stolen credit card, clerk advised they still have the card there, N. Mayo Trail.

6:53: Reckless driving complaint: Advised there was a maroon Intrepid on U.S. 23 N. going around 80 mph and swerving all over the road.

9:31: Reckless driving complaint: Advised there was a dark green truck all over the road on U.S. 23 S.

11:04: Loud music/noise complaint: Advised the neighbors have been playing loud music all week, Combs Airport.

11:20: Loud music/noise complaint: Advised someone is playing loud music, Airport Road.

11:43: Accident, no injuries: Rt. 321 N. around American Standard.

11:56: Shots fired: Blair Road.

Friday, Dec. 22

12:28 a.m.: Subject requests officer call: Reference to assault, Wittensville.

3:35: Assault: Reference to being assaulted tonight, James S. Trimble Blvd.

5:58: Suspicious person/ vehicle: Male subject walking out of Rockhouse.

6:30: Accident with injuries: Rt. 1428.

6:30: Accident with injuries: Three or four vehicle accident south of Surplus Products.

Monday, Dec. 25

12:40 a.m.: Hit and run: Advised a male subject hit his mother's vehicle, advised he is in a white Chevy pickup, stepside, Combs Drive.

2:38: Road hazard: Advised there is a big metal cage in the middle of the road just before the West Van Lear turn off, Rt. 1428.

3:16 p.m.: Caller advised there was a tree across the road, Franks Creek.

6:22: Accident, no injuries: Advised there was a wreck at Railroad Street and Burglar Hollow.

7:38: Advised her daughter and her daughter's son were intoxicated at her house and she wants them removed, Rt. 40 W.

8:37: Theft complaint: Advised two women took his billfold and it had $1,300 in it that belonged to his mother, requests officers observe for a four-door Oldsmobile with one headlight, Greentown Loop.

10:59: Domestic complaint: Advised her husband hit her while she was driving, she got away and he took off with the children, Euclid Ave.

Tuesday, Dec. 26

1:08 a.m.: Accident, no injuries: Advised she had received a call that her daughter was in a wreck, didn't know if it was a prank or for real, Tutor Key area.

5:27: Road hazard: Advised there is a tree across the road blocking one lane on Davis Branch.

9:56: Theft complaint: Euclid Ave.

10:19: Reckless driving complaint: Older model red truck, 018CJA, U.S. 23 S, county line.

12:38 p.m.: Accident, no injuries: Southside Lane.

4:33: Advised a black Ford SUV just left from HRMC and there was a child standing up in the front seat.

4:50: Burglary, unknown when: Advised her car was broken into and some of her things had been stolen, N. Mayo Trail.

5:55: Advised he thought he heard someone screaming, Airport Road.

6:30: Information call: Advised a female that was in a vehicle accident came to her house and advised there were injuries, Rt. 581.

9:04: Hit and run: Advised a car just drove into her house then took off, Rt. 40 W.

9:08: Information call: Advised he had located the car that hit his house at BJ's Liquor on Rt. 40.

10:08: Child abuse complaint: Advised she got a call from her seven-year-old step-daughter saying her mother was chasing her and beating her, Martin Childers Drive.

10:29: Information call: Advised the mother was listening on the other phone when the seven-year-old called and she is afraid the mother will abuse the child severely, Rt. 1596.

Wednesday, Dec. 27

7:41 a.m.: Theft complaint: Middle Fork, 1.5 miles on the right C&S Operating.

7:56: Accident, no injuries: Vehicle turned over in the creek, nobody in or around vehicle, .5 mile from Rt. 460.

9:25: Truck having trouble going under overpass, Rt. 40 E.

9:45: Theft complaint: Buell Williams Drive.

11:11: Ecology complaint: Dicey Fork.

1:49 p.m.: Fight in progress: PBH parking lot.

2:02: Fire: Carwash by Rite Aid.

2:45: Loud music/noise complaint: House playing very loud music from vehicle, Silk Stocking Road.

4:15: Reckless driving complaint: Mitsubishi Galant, champagne color, just passed Marathon, vehicle all over the road, U.S. 23 S.

4:41: Theft complaint: Caller requested an officer call her in reference to someone calling and harassing her and had stolen something of her husband's.

5:27: Fight in progress: Male and female fighting in store, S. Mayo Trail.

6:25: Welfare check: Request check on her mother, advised her step-father had been abusing her and has several times, Pigeon Creel.

7:07: Reckless driving complaint: Reckless driving on Rt. 302 then vehicle turned onto Webb Hollow.

7:10: Request officer to contact in reference to a male subject that had been hit by a vehicle somewhere at Van Lear.

7:12: Reckless driving complaint: Tan coal truck with Night Hawk on the side driving all over the road, tag #T74315, U.S. 23 S.

8:29: Advised that three different cars almost ran her off the road, Main Street.

9:00: Advised that three male subjects followed her home threatening her and told her he would kill her, has been calling and making the same threats, Rt. 581.

9:11: Reckless driving complaint: Van that says Lab Corp on it driving extremely reckless, one time it hits the flashers on then turns them off, U.S. 460.

Thursday, Dec. 28

2:09 a.m.: Overdose: Approx. 48-year-old has taken too many Soma, Hammond Road.

2:51: Prowler complaint: Advised there are prowlers on both sides of his residence, advised they are up on the hill, request someone come to residence and check, Rt. 1596.

4:05: Advised his wife was in an apartment and the people at the apartment won't let her come out, Jefferson Ave.

4:12: Advised there is a blue Ford Firebird in the parking lot and there are subjects there breaking bottles and have been for the last 20 minutes, Paintsville High School.

4:24: Loud music/noise complaint: Advised there was a bunch of boys in the alley around Paintsville High School making a lot of noise.

7:24: Fire: Wal-Mart Supercenter.

10:32: Animal complaint: U.S. 23, 13 mm, C&C Tax.

2:17 p.m.: Accident, no injuries: Rt. 1409.

4:18: Advised someone was shooting up in the air with a gun beside her house, Sloane Branch.

5:16: Hit and run: Advised he was getting on to 1428 from the West Van Lear turnoff and a maroon Toyota pickup hit his mirror, requests officer for report, Hager Hill Loop.

5:32: Gas leak/strong smell: Advised of possible gas leak, Mendota Village.

5:47: Animal complaint: Canine, Conley Drive.

7:20: Harassment complaint: Advised her grandmother's son has been calling and threatening her and her family, requests officer, Hammond Road.

9:32: Unknown disturbance: Advised there was a male subject in the store that is possibly intoxicated and he has slapped one of the employees, N. Mayo Trail.

10:39: Hit and run: PHS, Elm Street.

11:39: Road hazard: Advised there was a deer that had been hit and is in the road, may possibly cause an accident, Rt. 172.

Friday, Dec. 29

1:59 a.m.: Indecent exposure: Advised of male subject standing nude in the middle of the road around Big Sandy Cable, Rt. 302.

10:26: Harassment complaint: Hilltop Market.

10:30: Advised someone is burning very close to a trailer at Greentown Loop.

11:48: Fire: Behind RC Plant.

1:17 p.m.: Domestic complaint: Housing office advised of possible domestic at a unit, Sixth Street.

2:25: Rape: Rt. 201.

2:43: Harassment complaint: Male subject is in a white Grand Prix pulled off to side of road harassing caller's husband, U.S. 23.

3:20: Theft complaint: Advised there was a man that had a vehicle stolen, James S. Trimble Blvd.

3:25: Accident, no injuries: Third Street and College.

3:31: Accident, no injuries: Red Jeep Liberty, red Grand Prix, row 8, Wal-Mart parking lot.

5:25: DUI complaint: Four-door gray car, possibly a Toyota, north past Hilltop Market.

5:28: Fire: Advised her house was full of smoke, William Henry Dixon Blvd.

5:39: Hit and run: Maroon Chevy extended cab, full-size truck, N. Mayo Trail.

6:13: Reckless driving complaint: Red, full-size Dodge truck driving reckless on S. Buckingham.

7:51: Public drunk: Advised her son-in-law was at her residence intoxicated and she wants him removed from the residence, Apple Jack Branch.

10:43: Advised there was a car going southbound in the northbound lane, last seen around Rts. 1428 and 23.

11:28: Public drunk: Advised there were two guys sitting in a gray Buick on top of the hill by the dumpsters, possibly intoxicated, Hidden Valley Road.

11:55: Advised a female had came home and her door was open, Pointview.

Saturday, Dec. 30

1:37 a.m.: Public drunk: Advised a female is intoxicated and is fighting with a male subject, Sixth Street.

2:15: Fight in progress: Advised while on the phone with last caller he was advised that there were two subjects fighting out in the yard, Sixth Street.

2:26: Mental complaint: Advised that her sister's husband was threatening to kill himself and does have guns in the house, advised his brother was at the residence trying to talk to him, Brown Branch.

7:25: Suspicious person/ vehicle: Two males in a black S-10 came in and went into the bathroom and stayed awhile and are now out sitting in the parking lot, U.S. 23.

10:47: Theft complaint: Stolen gun, Star Hollow.

3:26 p.m.: Theft complaint: Advised she has had a digital camera and MP3 players stolen, Mill Street.

6:07: Fire: Advised a trash can is on fire on top of one of the dugouts at the baseball field, Community Center.

6:19: Theft complaint: Advised while her grandson was at the Ramada for the tournament his cell was stolen and she needs a report.

6:43: Burglary, unknown when: Advised her apartment was robbed, several electronic items and jewelry stolen, Paradise Apts.

6:58: DUI complaint: KSP is behind a blue 2003 Ford Taurus just got on 1428 from 23.

9:04: Reckless driving complaint: Black Ford F-150, temp tag 4391477 driving reckless, vehicle is going by Kmart entrance at this time.

10:38: DUI complaint: Possible DUI coming into Johnson Co. at this time, tag B5515, silver Grand Am, Rt. 302.

11:09: Reckless driving complaint: Advised TN tag 476GLZ driving all over the roadway, stationary at Pizza Hut at this time, Rt. 321 N.

11:59: DUI complaint: Advised an older model silver Ford Escort left Oil Springs area headed toward Rt. 460, occupied by two females, one juvenile.

Sunday, Dec. 31

12:17 a.m.: DUI complaint: Advised they are behind a gray Lumina all over the road, #615EBM, Depot Road.

1:08: Public drunk: Male subject is intoxicated knocking on doors, Eighth Street.

1:23: Loud music/noise complaint: Advised a gray house near the church is playing loud music, Boyd Branch.

1:45: Advised his month-old child is in an apartment along with 3-4 other children and the adults there are drinking, also possibly drugs in residence, Hidden Valley Road.

3:30: Maroon four-door Blazer with people hanging out the doors while the vehicle is moving, last seen going off the hill at Wal-Mart.

8:46: Unit found a wallet on Ky. Rt. 40 E., turned the wallet over to S.O. unit at BP on Rt. 40, unit is going to contact owner.

10:08: Female running up the ramp northbound, seems as if she was trying to get away from someone, U.S. 23 on ramp.

12:00 p.m.: Caller advised there was a car on his land for the past four days and he was wanting to get it moved, Rt. 3224.

12:54: Caller advised the gears had went out of his truck at Wal-Mart and he needed someone to come and help with traffic so he can get the truck out of the way.

2:26: Accident, no injuries: Advised that someone had called him and told him to call 911 in reference to a wreck on Ky. Rt. 1092 around Town Church.

2:46: Accident, no injuries: Advised there was a wreck on the Skaggstown Hill, advised vehicle had hit a tree.

5:28: Theft complaint: Reed Branch.

6:09: Theft complaint: Reference to her neighbors stealing things from her, requests to speak with officer, Tutor Key.

7:15: DUI complaint: Caller advised of White Dodge Neon, advised he could smell a strong odor of drugs on the subjects, a female driver, two other occupants, N. Mayo Trail.

8:23: Advised she heard some sort of shot echoing, not sure where it came from, Saltwell Street.

8:45: Extra patrol: Reference to vehicles driving reckless up and down the road and trying to start trouble with them, Rt. 825.

9:55: Advised location of subject with warrants on him, Wal-Mart.

10:43: Information call: Advised a transformer blew and there is no electric in the area, Little Mud Lick.

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