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Rouse named as member of Outstanding American Teachers

01/03/2007 - The National Honor Roll has announced that Annette Mullins Rouse of Hager Hill has been accepted as a member of NHR's Outstanding American Teachers for 2005/2006.

NHR's Outstanding American Teachers program recognizes educators who have made a difference in their communities. Mrs. Rouse, who teaches Language Arts at Central Elementary in Johnson County, will appear in the NHR Outstanding American Teachers 2005/2006 Commemorative Edition.

"The service teachers provide to society cannot be underestimated," said publisher Lynn Romeo. "Our goal is to recognize outstanding teachers for their contribution to the positive development of America's youth. We cannot thank them enough for all that they do."

The National Honor Roll congratulates Annette Mullins Rouse on being chosen for this special honor.

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