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New year ushers in Oscar

01/05/2007 - HOLLYWOOD ... Here's hoping you wound up 2006 happily and are now feeling the same into 2007. And, incidentally, isn't that number 2007 a great ad for all the Bond films? Also, the new year ushers in Oscar, the Golden Globes and umpteen million other award shows of lesser magnitude. Award show-goers like the Globes better than the Oscars because at the former they sit at tables enjoying liquid libations and food. At the Oscars they just sit and sit AND sit in seats in a theater. Also, at the Globes anything can happen for fun on stage, while Oscar is more proper and sedate — except for the time the nude flasher ran across stage in front of presenter David Niven. ... And on another note: Interesting that Ellen DeGeneres, who will emcee this year, has done few feature films, and is actually a TV star. And speaking of Ellen. That lady has done so much for New Orleans, she could go back home and be elected mayor.

A bunch of us "show biz" writers sitting around discussing the "biz" on the subject of twosomes that never tied the knot — e.g., Kiefer Sutherland and Julia Roberts; Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow; Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn; Joan Crawford and Clark Gable; Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder; Frank Sinatra and Lauren Bacall; Burt Reynolds and Sally Field; Burt Reynolds and Dinah Shore; Victor Mature and Rita Hayworth; Warren Beatty and Joan Collins. AND, there are more, but lunch was over and so was that discussion.

George Clooney (and hey, I just noticed his new shorter hairdo) is more than busy in the new year, what with acting, producing, writing and directing. First he will star in a film titled "White Jazz," an adaptation of James Elroy's novel about a corrupt police lieutenant assigned to an explosive case. The rest of his calendar is too long to list here, but let's just say it's filled to 2008. That's his WORK calendar; you can bet your last peso that Gorgeous George will still find time for the femmes. And on a sadder note: George's potbellied pig, Max, died peacefully at the age of 19. George owned Max for 18 years.

* * *

BITS 'N' PIECES: Like him or not, you'll have Letterman for a while longer. He's signed with CBS until 2010. ... To Benita Z. of Jacksonville, Fla.: Of course, Meg Ryan is still around. She's set to star in "The Best Awful" for HBO, an adaptation of a Carrie Fisher novel. As to her private life, I don't know where that is at the moment. ... You can bet Drew Barrymore will be front and center when the AFI honors Steven Spielberg. He's been her mentor ever since he bonded with her when she was 6 and he cast her in "E.T." ... Britney Spears wants to flee her Malibu manse for one in Beverly Hills. She's looking, and when she finds it we'll keep you posted. I'm told the one she sold went for $3 million, and she's now looking for one in the $7 million range. A far cry from the little birthplace in Kentwood, La. ... No doubt about Jack Nicholson being one of our finest actors, but word is he's becoming more and more difficult to deal with while filming. ... Word also that Madonna and mate might be seeking a bit of marriage counseling. ... Finally, word also round that the feud between Lindsay and Paris is becoming more and more heated. Don't ask me why. And surely I wouldn't ask them. I get out of the way when I see those two coming.

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