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Johnson County 911 Report

01/10/2007 - Monday, Jan. 1

12:00 a.m.: Accident, no injuries: Advised male subject came in and advised he had hit a deer on 201.

1:00: Harassment complaint: Wal-Mart.

1:43: Information call: Advised she has been sitting in traffic for an hour and wants to know why its taking so long.

1:59: Harassment complaint: Advised her sister's ex-boyfriend and family are blocking their driveway and screaming, Little Lick Fork.

3:11: Assault: Advised they have a female in the E.R. that advised she was assaulted with a phone around 9:00 last date.

5:10: Advised he could hear a male and female screaming like they're fighting around the area of the cable office at Van Lear.

11:43: Request officer in reference to a subject in a green Grand Prix trying to get into a residence, Ceramic Drive.

12:01 p.m.: Request officer to go to Rt. 1409 in reference to male subject who took over $200 from him, Reed Branch.

2:09: Request officer in reference to female stole male subject's meds from him, needs a report, James S. Trimble Blvd.

4:29: Fire: Unit called and advised of a structure fire on Little Mud Lick.

4:39: DUI complaint: Rt. 172, turquoise Probe, #351CVD.

7:25: Subject requests officer call: Reference to a child was supposed to be returned at 7 p.m. and the ex-husband's attorney advised he would bring the child back on the next date, but she advised the papers say tonight.

8:50: Burglary, unknown when: Advised someone had broken into the house but didn't steal anything, Bridge Street.

10:38: Suspicious person/ vehicle: Advised there was a vehicle driving around in the area of the tennis courts with no headlights on, FM Stafford Ave.

Tuesday, Jan. 2

7:12 a.m.: Caller was wanting someone to come and unlock his car, he was advised an officer didn't do that and to contact a locksmith.

8:52: Accident, no injuries: Third/College Streets.

10:01: Extra patrol: Ceramic Drive.

1:27 p.m.: Reckless driving complaint: Rt. 172.

1:55: Theft complaint: James S. Trimble Blvd.

2:49: Fight in progress: Two trucks, black and silver.

3:23: Public drunk: Advised there is a female driving a Mercury Topaz and she is possibly intoxicated, Entrepreneur Center.

4:06: Accident, no injuries: Advised she and another female were backing out of their parking spots and bumped each other, needs an officer for a report, N. Mayo Trail.

4:57: Theft complaint: Needs officer, Rt. 172.

6:32: Juvenile complaint: Advised her 14-year-old son was out of control, Carnation Road.

6:57: Needs to speak with officer in reference to an EPO violation, Williams Branch.

7:28: DUI complaint: Newer Impala, vehicle all over the road, Depot Road.

8:04: Subject requests officer call: Advised a male subject had made threatening phone calls to their residence, Margaret Heights.

8:03: Extra patrol: Advised she had hired two people to do some work for her and they had raised some of her windows and some of her things have been moved, she thinks they may have come back, Woodland Court.

9:05: Theft complaint: Advised a male subject had stolen money from her and he is possibly still on Rt. 1750.

9:43: Reckless driving complaint: Advised he was behind a purple Grand Am with no visible license plate and vehicle is swerving badly, Rt. 460 toward Salyersville, Magoffin Co. notified.

9:49: Subject requests officer call: Reference to being assaulted by her father earlier on Rt. 201.

9:53: Theft complaint: Advised he was on delivery for Porky's Pizza and was making a delivery to Paul B. Hall RMC and someone stole something from his car while he was inside the hospital.

11:51: Warrant service: Advised of female in lobby that is possibly doctor shopping, checked for warrants on female and found she has one active.

Wednesday, Jan. 3

12:36 a.m.: Burglary in progress: Advised a red car with two males drove off, Caudill Fork.

12:57: Advised they are getting ready to discharge a male subject with an active warrant, S.O. requests the P.D. pick him up.

5:10: Road hazard: Advised there is a big deer in the middle of the roadway, Rt. 40 W.

11:00: Request officer in reference to subjects on another's property cutting down his trees, and was just in court this date for the same thing, Ross Branch.

12:10 p.m.: Accident, no injuries: In front of Chevron, roadway blocked.

2:06: Reference to she has title to vehicle and subjects won't let her have it, Rt. 1750.

3:29: Subject requests officer call: Reference to stolen items, U.S. Hwy. 23 S.

3:50: Male subject assaulted his 65-year-old mother, request to speak with officer, Main Camp Branch.

4:18: Domestic complaint: Advised her husband was at her house arguing with her and she's afraid he will hit her, she has an EPO against him, Buffalo/Pigeon Roost.

4:50: Subject requests officer call: Advised she had some rings stolen and she went to the pawn shop and found one of them, she thinks she knows who stole them.

5:52: Gas leak/strong smell: Caller requested the F.D. come out and check if there is carbon monoxide in the house, advised she is light-headed and can smell some kind of fumes, Sixth Street.

6:16: ATV complaint on highway: Male subject in an ATV accident, is over the hill on rocks, Star Hollow.

9:05: Caller requests officer come over in reference to a set of keys she lost in the parking lot, she thinks that someone picked them up, Woodland Court.

10:04: Domestic complaint: Male and female in a gray Buick Regal, subjects have been involved in a physical domestic, female is seven weeks pregnant and male has hit female several times, Rt. 172.

10:41: Theft complaint: Advised he had several knives stolen, Boyd Branch.

10:52: Loud music/noise complaint: Ponderosa Drive.

11:37: Fight in progress: El Rancho Apts.

11:55: DUI complaint: Advised a subject in a 90s model gold Lumina coming out of Rt. 172 is possibly intoxicated.

Thursday, Jan. 4

12:23 a.m.: Domestic complaint: Advised her husband has been drinking and he broke into her bedroom and they have been physically fighting, Rt. 1750.

12:47: DUI complaint: Advised there was a 90s model black Dodge Ram Sport, driver possibly intoxicated, N. Mayo Trail.

1:11: Information call: Advised location of female with a warrant.

1:48: Loud music/noise complaint: Advised of arguing, screaming and cussing at location, advised this goes on almost every night, Wittensville Housing Project.

2:09: Theft complaint: Advised she had some stuff stolen, and has an idea who took it, Williams Branch.

3:00: Advised a male subject came to his house and wanted to come inside in reference to him being beat up and his wallet stolen, advised the male is passed out on his couch and he wants him removed, Pine Street.

8:59: Request a vehicle be moved from in front of a business, Main Street.

11:33: Request an officer in reference to someone went across the property and stole his car, he located the vehicle down the road, Millers Creek.

11:45: Subject advised he was robbed back in March and the person who robbed him is on the lot at B-Mart and has an outstanding warrant on him through the S.O.

12:43 p.m.: Theft complaint: Request to speak with an officer in reference to a male subject who stole a welder and air compressor from him.

12:48: Accident, no injuries: In front of Wendy's, roadway blocked.

1:32: Advised of black extended cab Ford truck, license #7967NW, traveling toward Oil Springs, possibly has contraband in it, Rt. 40 W.

2:23: Accident, no injuries: Single vehicle on its side, Lower Twin Branch.

3:47: Reckless driving complaint: Advised there was a Ford Ranger driving reckless in the parking lot, N. Mayo Trail.

5:21: Advised someone keeps coming to her door knocking, Millers Creek.

6:12: Criminal mischief: Unit advised a male subject was involved in criminal mischief by taking his skateboard and striking a residence.

8:09: Suspicious person/ vehicle: Advised there was a red mustang sitting in front of her apartment, Highland Apartments.

9:18: Fight in progress: Southside Lane.

10:05: Suspicious person/ vehicle: Advised someone was around his house, Mill Branch Road.

Friday, Jan. 5

12:23 a.m.: Loud music/noise complaint: Loud music coming from apartment, Southside Lane.

1:50: Extra patrol request: Rt. 825.

5:28: Advised there was a four-door car flashing lights and trying to pull over a silver full-size Chevy truck and they pulled over at the 14 mm before Lomansville.

10:37: Hit and run: Request the P.D. respond to the Oddfellows Lodge.

11:56: Advised of a male and female making frequent trips in and out of store, car license #920-EZV, K-mart.

12:14 p.m.: Advised her brother has possibly overdosed, called this in to her mother who advised of this traffic.

12:58: Reckless driving complaint: Left Fork of Two-Mile, also request extra patrol in this area.

1:10: DUI complaint: Red Monte Carlo, 802EYY.

3:02: Accident, no injuries: Shoney's.

3:35: Hit and run: Shoney's.

5:00: Advised there was a white Jeep in front of the picnic tables, four subjects around the Jeep arguing with the driver, Broadway Street.

5:43: Request a unit contact in reference to a subject being removed from the business, Tropical Isle.

6:11: Road hazard: Deer in road, old Oil Springs school.

6:41: Fire: Trash can fire, Rec. Center.

8:41: Custody dispute: Advised Floyd Co. S.O. faxed some court orders to the S.O. in reference to custody orders for her children in this county, wants an officer to meet her at the S.O.

8:46: Trespassing complaint: Needs an officer in reference to two male subjects, possibly juveniles, trespassing in a trailer. Advised the subjects took off running, U.S. 23 N.

9:09: Prowler complaint: Sixth Street.

9:48: Accident, no injuries: Rt. 321/23 intersection.

10:44: En route with female to Mountain Spring Road in reference to her obtaining custody of children per Floyd County Family Court Order.

Saturday, Jan. 6

12:35 a.m.: Reckless driving complaint: Silver Dodge Stratus, tag 154DMH, traveling toward Paintsville, Williams Branch.

1:54: Female subject is trying to break out the windows of her house, advised she is intoxicated at this time, S. Burglar Hollow.

1:58: Public drunk: Advised they're getting ready to release a male subject and he is possibly intoxicated and has no driver to take him home and drove himself to the E.R.

2:34: Loud music/noise complaint: Loud party, Ponderosa Drive.

2:37: Suspicious person/ vehicle: Advised a white Ford Explorer has been following her and her daughter, request extra patrol, Combs Drive.

2:52: Advised she heard something under her house hitting the floor, request S.O. unit, Rush Fork Lane.

2:58: Loud music/noise complaint: Advised there is a party with several vehicles and people out in the road, Woodland Estate.

2:58: Suspicious person/ vehicle: Request units be en route to his residence in reference to three male subjects putting things on vehicle, Preston Street.

3:41: Advised there are two or three people on the RR bridge behind their house cutting something with a chainsaw, Rt. 825.

8:17: Accident, no injuries: Two miles out on Rt. 460.

9:23: Theft of vehicle: Paintsville Lake.

10:49: Male subject needs to be removed from residence, Depot Road.

2:11 p.m.: Public drunk: Wallpaper Plus, Broadway Street.

2:26: Extra patrol request: West Van Lear.

2:36: Extra patrol request: Van Lear.

3:16: Abandoned vehicle: Unit out on vehicle, tag #773EYZ, top of Richmond Hill, all of the windows are broken out of vehicle.

3:20: Reckless driving complaint: Advised silver Camry all over the road, just crossed the Riceville bridge.

3:48: Road hazard: Mattress in the road just past F.S. Vanhoose in the southbound lane.

3:56: Animal complaint: Advised a horse was in her yard and she wants it removed, Rockhouse Road.

5:36: Unit out with two female juveniles who are tying things across the road, Southside Lane.

6:43: Request to speak with an officer in reference to someone calling his phone and cussing him out, Wal-Mart.

11:28: Burglary, unknown when: Advised she just got home from work and found her front door open, is afraid someone may still be in her residence, Lindy Branch.

Sunday, Jan. 7

2:15 a.m.: Reckless driving complaint: Advised an older model pickup was going north in the southbound lane going by the Riceville exit.

6:06: Information call: Advised on Main and Second Streets someone has been throwing eggs.

1:31 p.m.: Advised she found some needles in her son's room, Rt. 1596.

2:58: Advised there was an accident on Rt. 825 around Jenny's Creek Church.

3:48: Reckless driving complaint: On Rt. 581.

4:07: Advised a possibly intoxicated male subject just left the store, Third Street.

4:26: Accident, no injuries: Advised someone backed into his car, needs an officer for a report, Euclid Ave.

4:56: Advised there was a tree in the edge of the road, Ponderosa Drive.

5:13: Reckless driving complaint: Advised a brown and gold Blazer just about ran her over, U.S. 23 S.

5:50: Accident, no injuries: Advised a tree slid off the hill into her son's vehicle, wants an officer for a report, Lower Twin Branch.

6:38: Tree in the road about 2 1/2 miles off 201 on 1092, one lane blocked.

6:53: Road hazard: Advised water across the road near the golf course, advised culvert was stopped up, water approx. 6-10 inches high, Rt. 1107.

7:06: Suspicious person/ vehicle: Black truck with silver tool box parked at the entrance to Thelma Lake, has been there about an hour.

8:01: ATV complaint on highway: Advised there was a go-cart doing donuts in the middle of Rt. 581.

8:15: Fight in progress: Advised a male slashed tires on a red Grand Am at pump #2 and they pulled the vehicle away from the pump and started fighting, Rt. 1428.

8:33: Extra patrol request: Unit advised he was patrolling this area on foot, Flat Gap Drive.

10:19: Suspicious person/ vehicle: Bee Branch.

11:31: Domestic complaint: Advised her daughter was in a domestic earlier today and had a black eye and choke marks on her neck, Rt. 40 E.

11:47: Suspicious person/ vehicle: Advised a Chevy S-10, license #8701MF, stopped and two people got out and were looking in windows, Mayfair Apts.

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