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01/10/2007 - by Dana Block


JR hired bodyguards to spy on Babe and Josh. Bianca found herself lacking compassion when Zarf showed up on their date dressed as a woman named Zoe. Zach remembered being accused of killing his mother, Amelia, when he was a child and felt that the current Fusion murders were payback. Jonathan attacked Zarf/Zoe after he was questioned about the murders. Wait to See: JR tries to uncover Krystal's secret. Someone else may be in danger at Fusion.


Craig had the charges dropped against Dusty because he knew it would please Meg. After his head injury, Paul continued to have visions and act erratically. Jade offered Lily diet pills as a solution to her weight problem. Jack arrested Carly for helping Simon escape. Gwen finally severed all ties with Iris after learning she lied about her aunt's death. Wait to See: Maddie discovers Casey's gambling problem. Adam puts a seed of doubt in Gwen.



Taylor told Stephanie that Nick planned to sell Forrester back to her, but wanted more time. An impatient Stephanie decided she couldn't wait and proceeded with her plan to expose Jackie's past as a prostitute. Nick told Jackie he forgave her, unaware that Stephanie had brought one of Jackie's former clients, Capt. Kramer, to the fashion show. Nick went ballistic when he saw Kramer on stage, and Stephanie announced to the audience that Jackie used to turn tricks. Wait to See: Jackie wants Nick to stop Taylor's marriage to Thorne. Alexandria learns who killed her mother.


Nick went to see Chelsea to tell her he was her secret admirer, but ended up getting seduced by a drunken Billie instead. The skeleton Mimi found in a Confederate uniform turned out to be an unidentified murder victim. Bonnie searched for her son Connor, but discovered he had been arrested. Belle was forced to turn over Claire to a woman posing as a social worker, but who was secretly working for Victor Kiriakis. Wait to See: Bonnie and Connor steal the skeleton. Philip appears at Claire's hearing.


Sam was ecstatic when Jason said he wanted to have a baby with her. Sonny was certain that Carly would realize they belong together. Elizabeth wondered if Maxie had ever really been pregnant. Lulu and Dillon's investigation into Rick Webber's death led to Alan. A shot rang out as Sonny and Alcazar faced off. Nikolas and Emily happened upon the daycare center that employed Colleen. Wait to See: Carly lies to Ric. Skye puts herself in danger to save Alcazar.


Josh called Cassie to bail him and Reva out of jail. Later, Josh was worried when Reva's phone went dead as Alan approached her, but sent Billy after her instead. Lizzie faked postpartum depression to win sympathy from Jonathan. Gus lost his temper in front of the judge at the custody hearing. Tammy walked in on a drugged Jonathan responding to Lizzie's advances. Wait to See: Dinah can't help but notice the easy chemistry between Mallet and Marina. Tammy finds a movie about postpartum depression in Lizzie's room.


Spencer told Natalie that John threatened to kill him. A heart infection nearly cost Blair her life, but she pulled through when Todd told her he loved her. Jessica and Nash were trapped in a cave together, and Nash told her he had feelings for her, not just Tess. Evangeline accepted Nora's offer to be assistant district attorney. Marty warned Spencer that she could tell the judge she made a mistake in assessing his mental status. Natalie was unaware that John wasn't taking his medication. Wait to See: Viki admits her feelings to Clint. Todd tells Rex he tortured Spencer.



Colleen was angry to learn that Amber spent the night at Korbel's. Katherine pieced together the mystery about the baby and believed she switched Jill's son Phillip with another infant, meaning the real Phillip was still alive. Colleen tried to break up with JT, but the two ended up making love. Amber was conducting a secret investigation using an adoption Web site. Wait to See: David Chow, a man from Carmen's past, arrives in Genoa City. Colleen comes clean with JT.


Fancy found herself alone with the Peeping Tom while Luis attended Kay and Fox's wedding. Theresa got her hopes up when Ethan and Gwen had a spat, but Ethan said he still wasn't leaving his wife. Chad had Jared hire a lie-detector technician to prove to Whitney he wasn't a cheat. Miguel announced to Kay's wedding guests that Fox isn't dying. Wait to See: Wedding fever continues as Kay marries one of her suitors, and Theresa accepts Jared's proposal. Chad drugs Whitney.

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