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Here's A Tip

01/10/2007 - by JoAnn Derson

If you get a scratch on a white enamel sink or other white enamel surface, try touching it up with white fingernail polish.

"My family collects coins for charities. At the beginning of the year, we pick a cause or charity and then start collecting pennies. We have a great big jar in the entryway, and whoever has pennies drops them into the jar on the way into the house. At the end of the year, we count and package them, take them to the bank and give the money to a charity. We are teaching our kids to give, and it's fun to watch the 'balance' grow!" — W.O. in Alabama

"If you still have one of those toilet-brush holders in your bathroom, try this: Splash a tiny bit of bleach in the holder to keep the brush free of germs between cleanings." — B.H. in Illinois

(Great tip, but make sure that you NEVER clean the toilet with any cleaner containing ammonia.)

"There are lots of ways to make room in kitchen cabinets. Try these tricks for pots and pans. Use wire bins that fit into a cabinet to store pot lids on their sides. You can also use a wire bin in the same manner to store cookie sheets." — A reader, via e-mail

"I love tea with a little honey in it, especially on a cold night. If you keep your honey near the stove, you can make sure it stays nice and gooey. If it gets too cold, it can crystallize." — D.D. in Michigan

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