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Clooney is 'Sexiest Man Alive'

01/12/2007 - HOLLYWOOD ... Dennis Quaid's next will be "The Express," a true story about football great Ernie Davis, who broke football barriers in the '60s as the first black player to win the Heisman Trophy. Dennis will play the coach who stands by Davis on every score. At this writing, the role of Davis has yet to be cast. As to Quaid's private life these days, it's pretty much just that — private. However, we do know that he has been in several relationships since his divorce from Meg Ryan, and has a son, Jack, born in 1992. Dennis also has a brother, the character actor Randy Quaid.

George Clooney is once again "The Sexiest Man Alive." Now the push is on for an Oscar nomination for his work in "The Good German." Clooney says his next movie is going to be a screwball comedy, and he plans to have lots of fun. He definitely doesn't want to stay in a serious, somber mode forever. Meanwhile, it's the same old same old, with everyone speculating about who will be the next lucky lady in Gorgeous George's private life. As I've said before, if I were 20 years younger, he would still be running!

Julie Andrews received the 13th annual Screen Actor's Guild Life Achievement Award, and indeed she deserves it. Singer, actress, songwriter, author, wife and all-around wonderful lady. ... And to Grace H. of Chicago: Yes, Julie has had several facial tucks. And why not? Everyone these days wants to look younger than springtime.

Hard to believe that it has been 30 years since Sylvester Stallone brought Rocky Balboa to the big screen. Now he's back with an aging Balboa, who decides to get in the ring one last time. Congrats, Sly! Keep those fists flying and the public will keep buying Rocky Balboa.

Julia Roberts, clad in black pants and black shirt and with her hair long and pulled back, looked simply stunning at the "Charlotte's Web" screening and party. Hugging young Dakota Fanning, the two posed for pictures and then enjoyed the barnyard-themed bash, complete with a petting zoo. As far as I could tell, Julia's twins, Hazel and Phinn, were not aboard. Next year, maybe? And to Rita G. of Tampa, Fla.: Yes, Julia and brother Eric have settled their differences, for now, anyway. And no, there is no rivalry between Dakota and young Emma Roberts, who plays Nancy Drew. (As far as I know, anyway.) P.S. I forgot to mention that Dakota was holding a teeny white piglet on a leash at the party.

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BITS 'N' PIECES: Icons Catherine Deneuve and Gena Rowlands, both still beautiful, will voice characters in the English-language version of the animated French film "Persepolis." ... Elijah Wood, with beard and mustache, at the party for the pic "Happy Feet." ... And at that same party, Robin Williams shooting pictures just like a member of the paparazzi ... From now until the big night at the end of February, it's all "push for Oscar." That news is taking precedent over most, unless it's Lindsay, Britney, Paris or one of those, and even they, at this writing, are relatively quiet. Of course, that could change tomorrow ... To Bertha B. of Houston: The Chateau Marmont you read about, where the stars hang out, is a motel on Sunset Boulevard. Been there for years. When I lived there, it was mostly inhabited by British actors and a more staid group. Today, Lindsay, Drew and etc. can usually be spotted somewhere on the grounds ... Oscar picks: Count on "The Queen" for Best Picture and Helen Mirren for Best Actress.

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