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Property Transfers

01/17/2007 - Johnson County

To James W. and Gloria K. Litteral from Gloria K. Litteral.

To Cynthia Sue H. McKenzie from Terry L. McKenzie.

To H. Martin Brady and Melinda J. Hill from Jerry A. and Rilla R. Parker.

To Christy M. Spears from Joey and Johnna E. Ratliff.

To Beth A. and Jason Butcher from Karen and Michael Robinson.

To Keith Hill from Billie and Joe Short.

To Larry C. Stambaugh from Joann Stambaugh.

To Jeremy Music from Douglas and Kristy L. Wireman.


Martin County

To Brandon Joe Wells from Burl Penix and Nila Penix; Richard Wells and Renee Wells; Andrew Wells; Jason Vanover and Tracey Vanover; Nileford Wells and Teresa Wells.

To James Bradford Preece and Linda R. Preece from Jacob Cline and Edna Cline.

To Carolea Mills and Ronald E. Mills from Carolea Mills and Ronald E. Mills.

To Curtis Grace from Lowell Blair and Kay Blair.

To Rick Ball and Wilma Ball from Sherry Maynard AKA Sherry Obermeyer and Mark Obermeyer.

To Norma Birchfield from Henry Birchfield.

To James Wellman and Mary Wellman from James David Wellman.

To Nathan Fletcher and Laura Fletcher from Nellie Scarberry and Michael Scarberry; Kizzie Whitt and George Whitt; Floyd Fletcher and Lora Fletcher; Hayes Fletcher and Patricia Fletcher; Elizabeth Parsons and Wandell Parsons; Richard Fletcher; Marie Lowe; Margie Lowe and Oscar Lowe; Jesse Fletcher; Ruby Pauley and Hayes Pauley.

To Walter and Loretta Harless from Timothy Mollette.

To Sherry Sammons from Walker Preece and Olive Preece.

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