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Johnson County 911 Report

01/17/2007 - Monday, Jan. 8

12:21 a.m.: Road hazard: Tree across the road at the mouth of Thelma, Rt. 1107.

1:19: Prowler complaint: Advised there was a prowler around her house, the dogs are barking and she heard a noise on her back porch, Hitchcock Loop.

3:38: Prowler complaint: Advised she heard someone around her residence, advised they tried to rip the handle off the screen door, Court Street.

7:41: Accident with injuries: Whippoorwill Road.

10:52: Theft complaint: Sixth Street.

10:57: Road hazard: Rock slide, Rt. 321.

11:59: Theft complaint: Request officer in reference to her pocketbook was stolen out of their vehicle, N. Mayo Trail.

1:58 p.m.: Request officer in reference to removing male subject from her residence, Fannins Apts.

3:32: Accident with injuries: Advised of two-vehicle wreck on Rt. 40 around Rt. 1107.

3:34: Advised his wife had threatened to kill him if he pulled into the driveway, Rt. 40 W.

3:51: Accident, no injuries: Advised of wreck on Rt. 201 just before Caudill Branch.

9:21: Reckless driving complaint: Advised of reckless driver in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

11:42: Theft complaint: Advised in row 11 there has been about three vehicles broken into, N. Mayo Trail.

11:43: Subject requests officer call: Reference to male subject owes him some money for a trampoline, advised male subject threatened to cut him and burn his house down when he asked for the money, Hager Hill area.

Tuesday, Jan. 9

7:17 a.m.: Theft of vehicle: Request officer in reference to her vehicle has been stolen from Days Inn, license #104-FGM.

10:41: Animal complaint: Reference to animal cruelty, Sparks Branch.

11:23: Theft complaint: Advised someone had stolen his insulin while he was pumping gas, Rt. 321.

11:48: Accident, no injuries: Rt. 201 above Bmart.

11:59: Accident, no injuries: Main Street.

1:04 p.m.: Theft complaint: TLC Child Development Center.

1:35: Accident with injuries: At the 9 mm, Rt. 201.

2:47: Fire: Advised of mobile home fire before Danco Fuel at 16 mm.

6:39: Suspicious person/ vehicle: Advised there were two male subjects in the parking lot, one sitting in a dark-colored Mercury in row 8 and the other was going around the parking lot trying to get into vehicles, N. Mayo Trail.

7:53: Gas drive-off: White Chevy S-10 Blazer going toward Citizens on Broadway.

8:18: DUI complaint: APPCO parking lot, subject in old Ford truck, tag 1774KB, Rt. 40 W.

9:33: Drug complaint: Shady Lane.

10:51: Suspicious person/ vehicle: Person outside the store, S. Mayo Trail.

11:56: Accident with injuries: Ford Explorer hit guardrail, male subject possibly entrapped, unconscious at this time, Rt. 3.

Wednesday, Jan. 10

12:30 a.m.: Prowler complaint: Advised of prowlers around his residence and they had set his porch on fire, advised he put the fire out, Rt. 2040.

11:38: Accident, no injuries: Collins Auto Sales, U.S. 23.

3:13 p.m.: Advised there was a red Dodge pickup truck losing trash out of the bed of the truck, U.S. 23.

4:56: Accident with injuries: Two-vehicle in front of Mt. Manor, Rt. 40 E.

6:48: Fire: Said a crew called in a fire on the hill, Lyons Drive.

6:55: Hit and run: Advised a Fed Ex truck side-swiped her van and took off, requests officer for a report, N. Mayo Trail.

7:10: Drug complaint: Advised male subject is selling drugs at Airport Road.

7:43: Brush fire: Brush fire on Ky. Rt. 3 just before the federal prison.

7:58: Advised his breaker box was hot and he could smell something like burning wires, Turner Street.

10:57: En route to U.S. 460 in reference to KSP at Maple Tree Drive, has a male subject that hit the hillside.

11:24: Road hazard: Bad ice spot on Millers Creek.

Thursday, Jan. 11

12:34 a.m.: DUI complaint: Green Chevy pickup, #8701MF, subject possibly intoxicated, leaving Ponderosa Drive apartments.

12:44: Advised female subject was knocking on her door trying to get in and advised there was an EPO/DVO restraining order and she isn't supposed to be at this residence, Short Street.

2:17: Prowler complaint: Advised male subject was outside their residence snooping, Hyden Branch.

2:28: Suspicious person/ vehicle: Advised there are a couple of guys that have been there for a while acting strange, S. Mayo Trail.

5:39: Suspicious person/ vehicle: Advised there was someone on a bike that was messing around a parked coal truck between Mandota Village, Rt. 321 N.

1:43 p.m.: Accident, no injuries: Caller requests officer in reference to subject hit her vehicle, needs a report, other party is on scene, S. Mayo Trail.

2:29: Elderly female flagging down traffic on Rt. 460.

9:52: Juvenile complaint: Male subject, 13 years old, is out of control, request officer contact, Horseshoe Street.

Friday, Jan. 12

12:33 a.m.: Request officer in reference to an intoxicated subject being at his residence at Webb Branch.

2:24: Suspicious person/ vehicle: Advised a dark-colored full size truck has made approx. seven trips around the RC Plant, request extra patrol.

10:18: Accident, no injuries: Floyd County.

12:42 p.m.: Advised subject threatened him with a baseball bat, Castle Fork.

6:17: Advised he went to pick up his children and someone threatened him, Grim Hollow.

8:03: Animal complaint: Advised her dog was attacked by another dog, requests officer call, College Street.

9:31: Advised male subject is at his house with a baseball bat because his soon-to-be ex-wife is at this residence, Rt. 1750.

9:43: Advised her ex-boyfriend was trying to fight her new boyfriend and her ex-boyfriend's sister was trying to fight her, Bmart.

Saturday, Jan. 13

12:25 a.m.: Drug complaint: In reference to another call, unit found a quantity of pills in the pickup, Rt. 201.

1:52: Out at Southside Church in reference to someone throwing something at his car, Rt. 321 N.

2:04: Officer making a traffic stop involved in altercation with a subject just off Rt. 321.

3:07: Reckless driving complaint: Car about hit a pole going around a curve at the hospital.

3:15: Fight in progress: People in apartment fighting, Eighth Street.

4:05: Domestic complaint: Advised someone was at his gate and his motion lights are on and the dogs are barking, U.S. 460.

4:17: Suspicious person/ vehicle: Vehicle in back corner of Millennium parking lot.

6:28: Domestic complaint: Advised her grandson was beating up on his girlfriend, Main Camp Branch.

9:34: Request city officer in reference to identity theft, Third Street.

10:34: Burglary in progress: Advised a male subject broke into a house that was for sale, East Dorton Blvd.

12:04 p.m.: Advised of smelling an ether like substance very strong around mailboxes, Well Hollow.

2:57: Accident, no injuries: Truck over the bank about 200 yards up Tick Vanhoose Branch.

3:08: ATV complaint on highway: Rt. 689 E.

4:51: Drug complaint: Black Jeep traveling north, Rt. 321, just left Sav-A-Lot.

5:33: Elderly man brought in has several bruises on him, PBH requests unit contact.

6:10: Intoxicated male subject, approx. 18-years-old, has hit himself in the head with a beer bottle, Short Branch.

6:23: Accident, no injuries: Two-vehicle at the stop sign at the top of the hill, Wal-Mart.

7:06: Public drunk: Advised a male subject was firing some type of weapon, second caller advised they had the weapon away from him, advised he is threatening them, N. Burglar Hollow.

7:37: Fire: Vehicle on fire against residence, Lucy Castle Hollow.

8:19: Shoplifting: Movie Gallery.

9:52: Suspicious person/ vehicle: A maroon vehicle has been in the area coming and going from a residence in the trailer park, request extra patrol, Greentown Lane.

10:32: Reckless driving complaint: Black Chevy all over the roadway traveling toward Blaine, Rt. 201.

11:06: Road hazard: Advised at Rt. 321/Federal Drive, there was something like glass in the roadway, had another report of it being plastic.

11:05: Advised a vehicle was sitting beside the road and the back driver's window was broken out and it was covered in mud, mouth of Williams Branch.

11:31: Accident, no injuries: White pickup in the ditch occupied by two males who appeared to be intoxicated, N. Burglar Hollow.

Sunday, Jan. 14

1:05 a.m.: Domestic complaint: Advised his ex-wife is staying with him because he had surgery and she has been hitting on him, he wants her removed, Cannell Lane.

2:13: Extra patrol: Van Lear/West Van Lear.

12:49 p.m.: Trespassing complaint: Male subject on his property cutting down trees, Rt. 581.

3:22: ATV complaint on highway: Two juveniles on four-wheelers driving reckless on Little Lick Fork.

4:25: Reckless driving complaint: Advised there was a small white passenger car driving reckless up and down the road, Rt. 689.

4:45: Reference to a call in Magoffin County, ATV accident at the rock quarry off of Flat Fork in Jelico, Magoffin notified, units en route to scene.

4:46: Advised his 15-year-old daughter had been beaten up by her 18-year-old boyfriend, Dad's Pay Lake.

6:14: Burglary in progress: Advised there was someone pushing buttons on the phone in her house, requests officer check it out, Second Street.

7:44: Advised there were two vehicles sitting in the middle of the road on McCloud Drive, approx. 4-5 subjects arguing, possibly getting ready to fight.

8:12: Advised there was a car in the area driving slow up and down the road shining a spotlight at house, request officer check the area, Stone Coal Road.

8:25: Extra patrol request: Van Lear/West Van Lear.

8:24: DUI complaint: Vehicle is all over roadway, license #108ANW, Third Street.

8:28: Extra patrol: Thelma area.

8:43: Accident, no injuries: Vehicle in ditch nose down, Middle Fork before strip job in curve.

9:47: Suspicious person/ vehicle: Advised a male subject is trying to get into her car, Speedway.

10:05: Extra patrol: Middle Fork, Jennys Creek.

10:08: Loud music/noise complaint: Red S-10 in driveway, Sky Harbor Road.

11:03: Suspicious person/ vehicle: Advised there were two Blazers outside with people in them, Little Lick Fork.

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