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Ahmed receives subspecialty certification

Dr. Naveed Ahmed (click for larger version)
01/17/2007 - PAINTSVILLE — Dr. Naveed Ahmed, M. D., neurologist on the medical staff of Paul B. Hall Regional Medical Center, was recently notified on his award of subspecialty certification in headache medicine by the United Council for Neurologic Subspecialties (UCNS). This notification identifies Ahmed as the only physician in Kentucky to hold this Subspecialty Certification.

Ahmed practices at the Neurology, Spine and Headache Center, PLLC. He is a clinical professor and chairman of the neurology program at Pikeville College, School of Osteopathic Medicine. Ahmed served as a Clinical Fellow in spinal cord injury medicine at Harvard Medical School, West Roxbury Va. Hospital, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. He has also served residencies in neurology and internal medicine. He was a Fellow in neuro-rehabilitation at Stony Brook University Hospital in New York.

The UCNS is an independent, non-profit, professional medical organization designed to recognize added competence and enhancing the quality of training for physicians in neurological subspecialties and the quality of patient care.

Headache medicine is a subspecialty concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of head and facial pain. Its scope includes the diseases or categories of disease causing central and peripheral disturbance of structures or functions causing head and face pain and includes both primary and secondary disturbances of these structures or functions.

As one who suffers from migraine headaches himself, Ahmed's interest in headache medicine and in advancing this neurological subspecialty is not wholly professional.

"This has been a passion for me," he acknowledges. "I have suffered from migraines myself and realize they should be treated with respect."

Preparing for the four-hour exam, a prerequisite for certification, including six months of study, all the while continuing his private practice and teaching as chair of the Department of Neurology at Pikeville College, was a challenging but gratifying experience for Ahmed.

As his thriving practice confirms, headache medicine (and its recognition as a neurological subspecialty) "has been a passion for me," Dr. Ahmed admits.

His enthusiasm echoes that of Alan G. Finkel, MD, a neurologist active in promoting headache medicine as a subspecialty within UCNS.

"The experience of taking the headache medicine examination in this new specialty was thrilling (something most of us don't feel when sitting for yet another test)." Finkel said. "The general neurologist would not be able to pass this examination without significant exposure and experience. This is the true mark of subspecialty certification."

Ahmed received his medical training in Mysore, India, at the Mysore Medical College where he was awarded his doctor of mdicine degree. He is a member of the American Academy of Neurology, American Society of Neuro-Rehabilitation, American Society of Internal Medicine, Kentucky Medical Association and the National Headache Foundation. He is a widely published author of scholarly medical studies, including the Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine and the Journal of Neuro-Chemistry.

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