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What's beating you?

01/17/2007 - This year, we bought a dirt bike as one of the gifts that for the boys for Christmas. Those of you who know the boys know that Tyler, the oldest, who is eleven today (Happy Birthday Tyler!), is a dare-devil of sorts. However, when he gets a slight bump he is down for the count. Collin, who is nine, on the other hand, will not ride anything that even looks like it might move. He is always thinking of the potential dangers before doing anything. Which brings me back to the dirt bike and Christmas ...

On Christmas morning, the boys came in to open up their gifts and low-and-behold, there was the dirt bike, wrapped up just so, bearing a big gift tag that had our dogs, Sam and Gracie's, names on it to ensure the disguise was successful. Didn't work, our boys were smart enough to know it was a dirt bike from the looks of the paper ... and they didn't even notice the dogs' names on the darn thing! Once they unwrapped it, Collin began telling me that he just decided that he couldn't ride it. He said, "Mom, when I asked for a dirt bike, I had not questioned myself. Now, I am questioning myself and I don't want to ride it." A nine-year-old boy 'questioning' himself ... do many children do this? I am just curious.

Anyway, Tyler, of course, was ready right then to ride it. He couldn't wait. Off he runs to get ready. About ten minutes later, he is outside on the bike and Joe is teaching him all about it. Once the lesson was over, safety gear was on, and Joe had walked a lap with him, he was off by himself. First lap, he got scared, panicked, forgot to use his brakes, didn't release the gas, put his legs down to try to stop the bike, and wrecked into the side of our pool. Due to his legs being down he wound up with a couple of small scratches on his leg from the plastic on the bike. He yelled as though his leg was severed....he is fine, a bandage for two days did the trick. However, he has yet to get back on the bike. I have tried relentlessly to get him to go again for the simple fact that I look at this as him letting the bike beat him. I have hounded him about it. The whole incident bothered me horribly because Tyler is not the type to be afraid of riding anything and yet he has let this bike beat him. It irritates me to see it.

On Friday, my family attended a weekly dinner at our church that we have been talking about going to for nearly a year. However, every week we have let something stop us. However, on Friday, we pushed ourselves to go, even though I dreaded it. After going, and enjoying ourselves and the dinner, I realized that my irritation in Tyler letting the bike beat him was also directed at myself because I have continuously done just that by not following through with things like the Church dinner or attending events with friends, etc.

There is always going to be something trying to stop us from accomplishing our goals or from riding that bike, but it is up to us as to whether or not we let it beat us. That Church dinner is not beating me anymore. Hopefully, Tyler will not let the bike beat him for much longer. Collin has even rode it multiple times!

Go out and live life ... I ask you, what's beating you?

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