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Tourism Tidbits ...

01/17/2007 - by Nancy Price

Paintsville/Johnson Co. Tourism Gen. Mgr.

January, where's January?

If you are like me you are wondering where is winter! I enjoy these warm days but I know it isn't natural and I worry about what spring and summer will bring with warmer temperatures and a decrease in precipitation. Dwayne says to just enjoy not having to bundle up and the lower electric bill!

Someone asked me last week if I had made any New Year's resolutions. This is something I don't do because I know I won't stick to it, and then I'll hate myself for not following through with my resolution. However, this year I have made two resolutions and I'm going to do my best to see both through. The first may seem simple to some but to me this resolution will take a daily reminder. It is to drink at least eight ounces of water each day. This is tough for me. I'll drink soda, tea, soda, and soda but seldom water. By sheer luck, I found these little packets at Wal-Mart that you can put in water and in an instant you have Kool-Aid. So I'm tweaking my resolution by adding flavor but at least it starts out as H2O.

My other resolution is one that I can't do myself, but I will contribute to it. That resolution is for continued success for Paintsville Tourism. The year 2006 was a good year for tourism. We were able to help facilitate or create activities virtually every week of each month of the year. This was a huge undertaking for our small staff. And, I must say a very committed staff and group of volunteers who are priceless. We hosted events at the Mountain HomePlace, Amphitheater and at the Country Music Museum. We also worked with the schools, Paintsville Main Street and the Van Lear Historical Society on events they hosted. Paintsville Tourism staff is eager and ready to continue last year's trend and are currently working on the schedules for spring and summer activities. We hope to see everyone who attended one or more of the events last year back again this year — plus we hope they bring a friend or two or three, etc. Our work is all about people and without people then our work is in vain, so we need everyone in Paintsville/Johnson County and the surrounding areas to visit with us and partake in the many events and activities that we do. We have already booked several tour buses for '07 and from what I have been told by tour bus operators, Paintsville is a destination that they intend to come to this year. Some repeats and some will be first-timers.

We are always looking for new activities and volunteers to help make events successful. If you would like to make a late resolution this year to volunteer or become more involved with the activities of Paintsville Tourism, then you are in luck, WE need and want you and will help you maintain that special and much needed resolution. If you are interested in general tourism opportunities or helping out at the Country Music Highway Museum then give us a call at 606-297-1469. If you enjoy the outdoors and are interested in volunteering at the Mountain HomePlace with their many activities, then call 606-297-1850. We look forward to seeing you in 2007.

Let's all work together to make Paintsville/Johnson County an Appalachian Oasis.

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