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Soaps Update

01/17/2007 - by Dana Block


A dying Linda asked Julia to be Kathy's mother. Danielle was poisoned and rushed into surgery; meanwhile, evidence was found in Zarf's hotel room, making him the prime suspect. JR prepared to seek custody of Little Adam after suspecting Babe and Josh were still involved. JR questioned Dixie about Krystal's secret. A magazine featuring Zach's mother, Amelia, turned up at Zarf's penthouse in London. Wait to See: Maggie hopes for another chance with Bianca. Zach fears for Kendall's safety.


Paul had a premonition that Meg was in danger and hurried over to the Snyder farm in time to save her. Later, Luke told Meg he saw Paul tampering with the well. Will decked Adam after he perceived that he intentionally shoved Gwen. Casey stole money from Margo to fund his gambling addiction. Simon and Henry teamed up to save Carly from being arrested. Emily suspected Daniel's disappearance was Craig's doing. Wait to See: Holden catches Lily taking diet pills. A stressed-out Tom has a heart attack.



Taylor was hurt by Thorne's role in exposing Jackie's past, but eventually forgave him. Nick was ousted as CEO of Marone Industries, but maintained sole control of Forrester. Alexandria ran away after learning that Taylor killed Darla. Stephanie asked Pam to keep Jackie away from Eric while she traveled with their mother. Taylor slammed on her brakes as Alexandria suddenly appeared before her on the highway just as Darla once had. Wait to See: Bridget admits her true feelings for Nick. Jackie urges Nick to stop Taylor's wedding.


Abby deduced that Nick was Billie's mystery lover. Bo was alarmed by Steve's behavior and urged him to seek psychiatric help. A bandaged Philip surprised everyone as he was wheeled into the courtroom for Claire's hearing. Bonnie and her son Connor stole evidence that could tie her to a murder. Tek prepared to identify EJ as the perpetrator in John's shooting. Willow, courtesy of Victor, made a court appearance to testify against Shawn. Wait to See: Steve attacks EJ in a bar. Shawn and Belle kidnap Claire.


Carly tried to convince Ric that Sonny shot Alcazar in self-defense. Someone tampered with Alcazar's IV drip in the hospital. Sam accepted a job as Edward's personal assistant and was praised for catching one of Tracy's mistakes. Carly agreed to marry Sonny so she wouldn't have to testify against him. Elizabeth discovered that Maxie faked her pregnancy and miscarriage. Wait to See: Lucky approaches Maxie about the truth. Ric gets the upper hand on Alexis.


A little jealousy helped, rather than hurt, Dinah and Mallet's relationship. Josh stopped Reva from making a big mistake when she pulled a gun on Alan. Jonathan ended his marriage to Lizzie after she led Tammy to believe he slept with Lizzie. Coop followed Ava and Alan-Michael to Paris, where Ava promptly told him to get lost. Billy broke up with Sheila after she was caught stealing from Josh. Wait to See: Harley has her hands full when daughter Susan/Daisy comes back to Springfield. Reva turns to Cal for support.


Todd told Starr he planned to propose to Blair once she awoke from her coma. Natalie admitted to John she was secretly medicating him since he refused to follow doctor's orders. Spencer promised to tell Todd where his son was if he agreed to stay away from Blair. RJ broke up with Lindsay after she became jealous of his friendship with Nora. A shot was fired when Todd tried to play hero after Spencer took Marty hostage. Wait to See: Rex fears Spencer knows the truth about Tommy. Blair replies to Todd's marriage proposal.


Fancy was hurt when Luis didn't believe she was attacked again. Sheridan denied hiding the button Fancy tore off the rapist's clothing. Kay married Fox after a (fake) medical specialist verified Fox's terminal condition. Jessica noticed a ski mask in Spike's pocket, raising suspicion that he was Fancy's attacker. Ethan fumed as Theresa accepted Jared's marriage proposal. Wait to See: Jared learns the identity of Chad's lover. Ethan and Theresa are caught in a clinch.



Katherine hired JT to search for the real Phillip, telling him he could be traced to a woman named Violet. David Chow came to town, claiming to be a friend of Carmen's, and publicly accused Dru of murder. Jack felt more alone than ever when Ashley moved away to Hong Kong. Brad and Victor set their plan in motion to find the Grugeon reliquary. Amber arranged to meet her contact from the adoption Web site. Wait to See: JT learns the truth about Colleen and Korbel. Gloria fears she's about to face the music.

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