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01/17/2007 - by JoAnn Derson

• "Try soaking an ink stain in rubbing alcohol for a few minutes before putting the garment in the wash." (Test first on a scrap.) — B.D. in Virginia

• "Now is a great time to check your cell-phone plan: Most people don't use even half of the available minutes of their current plan. You might be able to downsize your plan and save $10 or more per month. I did." — S.L. in New York

• Use wallpaper to cover assorted storage boxes to create a cohesive storage look for less. You can recycle shoeboxes, and even leftover gift boxes from the holidays. If you don't have any boxes, corrugated cardboard boxes of all sizes are inexpensive when compared with the specialty storage boxes some stores sell.

• Don't just move dust around with that feather duster. Reserve it for dusting delicate items in a designated space (outdoors, preferably). Get a microfiber cleaning cloth instead. It catches dust and holds it.

• "If you bathe in a tub, try rubbing on bath oil before getting in the tub. You will get greater coverage and more moisturizing power from your bath oil. And at this time of year, who doesn't need that?" — M.E. in Washington

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