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Roberts to produce and star in new film

01/19/2007 - HOLLYWOOD ... Again a bunch of us showbiz writers shooting the bull about the "biz." This time who acts with what — Tom Cruise acts with his teeth, Julia Roberts acts with her upper lip, etc. And speaking of the lovely Julia, she's taking time out from "momming" twins Phinn and Hazel and going before the cameras in "Happiness Sold Separately." She also will produce the story, based on a novel by Lolly Winston about a woman who withdraws from her husband into another world after she discovers he's had an affair with the nutritionist at their gym. Julia says it's the story of when people meet the wrong person at the wrong time and set out to make it right. Meanwhile, her marriage to Danny Moder seems to be going right. Let's hope it stays that way ... maybe more twins in the future?

Our writers' group also agreeing that "The DaVinci Code" was the biggest disappointment of the films of 2006. The book was on the best-seller list possibly longer than any other except the Bible. The pic came to the box office — and "went." No one can really put a finger, or whatever, on why. Also in discussion, all were trying to figure out why Paris Hilton manages to get so much press. There's not that much there to warrant it. We came to no conclusion.

And while we're on the subject of "acting with." If you watch David Letterman on "The Late Show" and Jay Leno on NBC, take a notice of their "props." Leno works with his hands in his pants pocket, and Letterman makes his entrance either buttoning or unbuttoning his suit jacket. AND did you ever see longer fingertips in your life? His middle- and forefingers look like giant sausages. And when he points them it looks like a gun coming at you.

Town's still rockin' after the big after-preem party for "Rocky Balboa." Guv and Mrs. Schwarzenegger came down from Sacramento to join Sylvester Stallone and Co. in the festivities. Arnie jumping into a fight ring with Sly, Bruce Willis and Patrick Swayze. They hammed it up with fake punches, knockouts, etc., while the film's other cast members watched and rooted for their favorites. It was a hoot, because if he had wanted to, the Guv could have wiped them all out with one fell punch. He's that huge! Watching the fun from ringside was cast member Milo Ventimiglia. (Try that spelling in one of your contests.)

Who is the best femme actress on the screen today? That question from Bertha G. of Tampa, Fla. Well now, that depends on comedienne, mature star, young star or whatever category you are considering. I would list several: Meryl Streep, Annette Bening, Vanessa Redgrave and Helen Mirren. How about you out there. What do you think?

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BITS 'N' PIECES: Ever notice that most of the award-show trophies are nude? Oscar is unclad. So is Emmy. ... Tori Spelling doesn't live in the multi-million-dollar manse her dad, Aaron, built in L.A. She has a pad somewhere in the San Fernando Valley or thereabouts, and recently threw open the doors for a "garage" sale. Myriads of shoes, clothes, etc. and etc. ... Did you know Sharon Stone hits a wicked golf ball? Had she pursued the game she might have been one of the top femme pros. ... Haven't heard from nor seen Lindsay or Paris this week, BUT wasn't that Gorgeous George driving west on Sunset Boulevard right NEXT to me at a stoplight? ... Hello, Oscar! We'll be dealing with you next week.

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