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Dr. Murray is newest addition to TRMC staff

Dr. Michelle Murray (click for larger version)
01/24/2007 - LOUISA — Dr. Michelle Murray, formerly of Man, W.Va., has come to Louisa and the Lawrence County area to practice medicine and brings a wealth of expertise and skills in her specialty of podiatry.

Murray, whose office is at Three Rivers Medical Center, said she always knew she wanted to become a physician, but the podiatric aspect came after her exposure to the profession in New York. She was unaware of the capabilities of a podiatrist until spending time in a preliminary program at New York College of Podiatric Medicine and the Foot Clinics, where she saw and experienced many ways in which a podiatrist could help people in different ways.

Murray describes herself as a "very hard-working, determined individual who cares a lot about the needs of others" and is "willing to take the extra step or time" to take care of her patients.

She said that she chose Louisa and the Lawrence County area because it is "a small community that has the rural appeal where everyone knows everyone and people are willing to help one another."

"It is a special place with strong, caring values," she said. "It is great to know that the doctors and staff know one another and the TRMC staff is like a large medical family with a hometown appeal."

Murray's resume includes New York College of Podiatric Medicine, internships and residencies at St. John's Episcopal Hospital in Far Rockaway, N.Y.. She has made noteworthy contributions to her profession with a 2001 Winter Edition of Podiatric Medical Review, "Case Presentation: Patient with Charcot Marie Tooth Disease and Manifestation of the lower Extremity."

Before leaving residency at St. John's Episcopal Hospital, she began case studies on wound care as they were leading into a Wound Care Fellowship. These studies were also including the use of hyperbaric oxygen as a modality.

Murray came to Louisa in late December after some vigorous and demanding residency programs. She said that she completed a rotating podiatric residency and primary podiatric medical residency in rotating through podiatry and multi-specialty medicine with focus on podiatric pathology. She served as chief resident for 12 months through a podiatric surgical residency that focused on foot pathology and surgical management.

Her desired goal is to establish "a growing and successful podiatric program as well as to be able to accommodate the need of all my patients."

"I really want to make a difference in making my patients feel better in a sensitive area of their feet and ankles," she said. "Three Rivers Medical Center has an outstanding medical staff with caring and compassionate employees who go the extra mile in delivering quality healthcare."

Murray has achieved numerous honors and awards through her education and profession. She received recognition as an outstanding student, recipient of West Virginia University Leadership Scholarship and Drs. Jennings, Kosinski, Alferi Research Award.

Murray said that she has already performed more than 1,600 surgeries in her short career as a foot and ankle specialist.

"That's significant," Murray said.

Her specialties as a foot and ankle specialist in treating patients of all ages include wound care; diabetic foot care and wound care; surgery; fracture care; sports injuries; generalized podiatry interest, including common management of warts, ingrown nails, athlete's foot, and corns/calluses; foot pathogies requiring treatment via orthotics; surgeries of the foot, including bunions, hammertoes, soft tissue tumors, neuromas and more.

Louisa isn't a big city, but it appealed to Murray as a place where she could practice a more personal and innovative approach to medicine in helping people she has become fond of after joining Three Rivers Medical Center and residing in the Louisa community.

She is currently accepting new patients and available for podiatric consults immediately. Her office is located at the Three Rivers Medical Plaza, Suite 204 next to the hospital with office hours Monday–Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Appointments can be made by calling (606) 638-7427.

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