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Flat Gap Homemakers meet, discuss upcoming events

01/24/2007 - FLAT GAP — The January meeting of the Flat Gap Homemakers was held Jan.16 with 15 members and two guests in attendance. President Esta Johnson presided.

Guest Janet Smith helped members complete their individual "Making Homemakers Count" incentive activities reports for the past year. Smith explained which items would be acceptable for the different activities.  Committee chairpersons then computed the club's activities for submitting to JCEHA.

Ratchel Vaughn led the lesson, "Investing on a Shoestring."

International Day, Feb. 27, was discussed, and Augustine Castle and Nellie Caldwell were announced as hostesses for the event to be held at the Paintsville Recreation Center. The country emphasis is to be Iraq. Details are to be completed at the next meeting. Members were encouraged to collect small stuffed toys to be provided at the International Day and shipped to the children of Iraq.

Leadership training for next month's lesson, "Women and Heart Disease," will be at the Extension Office on Jan. 24 at 10 a.m. Two members volunteered to receive the training, but all members who wish to attend the session are welcome.

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