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Suits Filed

01/24/2007 - Lawrence County

Capital One Bank vs. Sturgill Market; alleged debt of $2651.31.

Hospital of Louisa vs. George Henson; alleged debt of $702.01.

Hospital of Louisa vs. Jason Holt; alleged debt of $2046.81.

Capital One Bank vs. Delmar Parsley; alleged debt of $1105.65.

Fan Distributing L.L.C. vs. Lacy Hall; alleged debt of $1274.74.

Black Acre Enterprises L.L.C. vs. Maxine Salyer; alleged debt of $5703.37.

Billie Joyce Butcher vs. Joey Butcher; dissolution of marriage.

Jessica Ryan vs. Richard Ryan; dissolution of marriage.

Vanderbilt Mortgage vs. Kenneth Marcum; alleged debt of $35,225.29.

Stacy Cyrus vs. Russell Cyrus; dissolution of marriage.

Christy Young vs. Michael Young; child and medical support.

Evelyn Triplett vs. Oscar Triplett; dissolution of marriage.

Woodrow Acorn vs. Judy Acorn; dissolution of marriage.

Scott Harris vs. Desiree Harris; dissolution of marriage.

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