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Johnson County 911 Report

01/24/2007 - Monday, Jan. 15

8:59 a.m.: Burglary, un-known when: Fourth Street.

11:23: Child abuse complaint: James S. Trimble Blvd.

12:19 p.m.: Accident, no injuries: Broadway Street.

12:40: Harassment complaint: River Road.

12:42: Theft complaint: Purse stolen at Wal-Mart.

4:47: Fire: Advised she needed someone to come over to her apartment in reference to smoke, possibly from the oven, West Street.

5:12: DUI complaint: Subject in a black Lincoln Continental is possibly intoxicated, vehicle ran another subject off the road, Murray Drive.

5:45: DUI complaint: Red tractor with a Dollar General trailer almost hit three or four vehicles, driving all over the road and ran off the road, U.S. 23 N.

7:33: Shots fired: Advised he heard possible gunshots from outside an apartment, Sixth Street.

8:38: Reckless driving complaint: Orange S-10 coming toward Paintsville, Rt. 825.

9:29: Advised subjects in another vehicle egged her car as they passed, requests officer contact, S. Mayo Trail.

10:59: Extra patrol request: Fourth and Fifth Street.

11:25: Advised the neighbors are being very loud, coming outside screaming and arguing, Rt. 1750.

Tuesday, Jan. 16

12:00 a.m.: Road hazard: Advised there was a tree across the road just before the Riceville Church, advised it is covering over half of the roadway and in a curve, Rt. 825.

1:01: Advised there were several people outside the store that appear to be intoxicated, advised they have tried to get into the store, S. Mayo Trail.

5:36: Prowler complaint: Advised someone is around her residence, advised they go to the back of the residence and peck then come up on the porch, Millers Creek.

5:55: Public drunk: Male subject at store, N. Mayo Trail.

5:58: Theft complaint: Advised her meds were gone, Hidden Valley Road.

7:32: Reckless driving complaint: Gold Buick, 869EJD, U.S. 23 off ramp to town.

7:38: Request officer in reference to possible drugs at the Paintsville Chevron.

10:53: Fire: S. Buckingham Ave.

3:02 p.m.: Advised they have a white Tahoe in front of the store parked illegally, N. Mayo Trail.

6:29: Drug complaint: Advised there was a strange smell, may be subjects making meth, Mill Branch Road.

7:13: Extra patrol: Reference to people around the house late at night, Webb Hollow.

7:48: Male subject in a 1998 dark green Jeep Cherokee did damage to her residence, Lindy Branch.

7:54: DUI complaint: Subject in a gray Jeep Cherokee left Thealka headed toward East Point.

10:49: Loud music/noise complaint: Little Mud Lick.

Wednesday, Jan. 17

3:29 a.m.: Shots fired: Advised she has heard about nine shots possibly from the area below Daniels Grocery, Rt. 581.

9:54: Advised of silver Mustang, license 606-OJB, driving all over roadway, turned into McDonalds.

12:34 p.m.: Accident, no injuries: Main Street.

1:40: Fire: Request Oil Springs F.D. to respond tanker in reference to Salyersville F.D. on structure fire, Rt. 1415.

4:00: Accident, no injuries: Court Street.

4:14: Armed/strongarm robbery: Male subject in a black pickup truck stole female's purse and made her strip down, male subject lives at S. Burglar Hollow.

4:47: Reckless driving complaint: Red Mazda passing Texaco, Turner Branch Hill, no visible tag, subject pulled out in front of several vehicles.

8:14: Extra patrol, West Van Lear.

8:41: Theft complaint: Advised car has been broken into, a white Ford Taurus, Third Street.

9:21: Indecent exposure: Advised a male subject is exposing himself as he passes vehicles, gray car going by Highland Elementary.

10:13: Subject in 06 Chevy driving all over the roadway approx. 80-90 mph, possibly intoxicated, Rts. 1107/302.

11:16: Subject requests officer call: Advised someone had called him about a vehicle that is in his name being pulled over, advised the people haven't gotten vehicle out of his name yet.

11:34: Suspicious person/vehicle: Advised there were some people in a bottom next to her residence shining flashlights around like they were looking for something, Rt. 993.

Thursday, Jan. 18

12:05 a.m.: Suspicious person/vehicle: Advised there was a cruiser about four or five miles on U.S. 23, he saw a guy in blue jeans but no uniformed officer.

12:25: Accident, no injuries: Rt. 1750, about three miles off 23.

1:47: Unknown disturbance: Residence has several people outside being loud and doing something making a cracking noise, possibly shooting a .22, Rt. 2039.

4:07: Loud music/noise complaint: Request S.O. unit meet trooper in reference to a loud party, unknown number of people, Puncheon Branch.

6:07: Fire: Fire at residence at the end of the West Van Lear bridge.

7:02: Accident, no injuries: Two-car accident, Rt. 1428/U.S. 23.

9:50: Request Water Dept. in reference to someone hit the fire hydrant and tore it down, N. Mayo Trail.

1:23 p.m.: Request number to Magoffin County in reference to subjects stealing from vehicle.

2:23: Road hazard: Big roll of wire in the road, Riceville exit.

3:15: Accident, no injuries: Male subject ran a car into her trailer, Meadow View Drive.

3:49: Reckless driving complaint: Dark maroon Ford Taurus, Left Fork Daniels Creek.

9:58: Prowler complaint: Reference to people shining lights into residence, Webb Hollow.

11:18: Theft complaint: Reference to someone stealing a money bag, Giovanni's Pizza.

11:21: ATV complaint on highway: People riding four-wheelers in the grass around apartments, Riverview Drive.

11:22: Shots fired: Advised he heard approx. three-four shots fired approx. five minutes ago, Webb Hollow.

11:26: Reckless driving complaint: White pickup, no headlights, U.S. 23 N.

Friday, Jan. 19

1:25 a.m.: DUI complaint: Observe for a red Dodge Trans Am heading from Flat Gap area toward Paintsville, caller advised male ran over her but she was OK, Moore Branch.

9:21: Advised a male subject in a black jersey was trying to break into a trailer, the people that live there are not home, Lee's Trailer Court.

11:27: Reckless driving complaint: Three 18-wheelers are driving fast and reckless in the Wittensville area.

12:54 p.m.: Request officer to check on subject possibly passed out in vehicle, Hager Hill Double Kwik.

1:23: Request officer in reference to substance in a mobile home splattered on the wall and a pool of it in the floor, Rt. 321 S.

2:34: Theft complaint: Request officer in reference to $159 missing out of the register, N. Mayo Trail.

2:39: Burglary, unknown when: Request officer in reference to his aunt's residence has been broken into, Castle Fork.

4:35: Accident, no injuries: Euclid Ave.

4:51: Theft complaint: Advised he had some money and jewelry stolen, request officer contact, S. Mayo Trail.

6:20: Accident, no injuries: Advised he had hit a deer in front of WR Castle school.

8:14: Accident, no injuries: Rt. 321, Wendy's.

8:36: Fire: Third Street.

10:56: Ecology complaint: Subjects burning garbage, Riverdale Drive.

11:33: Reckless driving complaint: A gray Nissan pulled out from 993 and stopped in front of a First Response ambulance causing the ambulance to strike the vehicle, last known location was Williams Branch.

Saturday, Jan. 20

12:19 a.m.: Overdose: Advised subject is trying to take a large quantity of pills and drinking a large quantity of vodka, Brown Street.

12:42: Drug complaint: Advised male subject was giving narcotics to another subject who is 17-years-old.

1:09: Prowler complaint: Advised someone is looking in her windows, Millers Creek.

7:51: Computer monitors on the side of the road, Rt. 40, Melody Music.

9:04: Reckless driving complaint: White car parked in the middle of the road two miles up Rt. 1750.

9:21: Burglary, unknown when: Pineview lane.

10:42: Barricaded person: Third Street.

11:59: Theft complaint: Jefferson Ave.

12:41 p.m.: Harassment complaint: Williams Floral.

3:28: Fight in progress: Male subject, 17-years-old, and his mother fighting at this time, firearm involved, Rt. 302.

5:29: DUI complaint: Subjects in red Blazer leaving Rt. 689 E.

6:18: Fire: Rt. 201.

6:56: Reckless driving complaint: Black Dodge Ram running stop signs, Third Street.

7:22: DUI complaint: Red Ford Ranger, temp tag on vehicle, American flag on back, U.S. 460.

7:25: Hit and run: Two-vehicle accident, maroon vehicle fled traveling Rt. 172.

7:44: Domestic complaint: Male and female subjects fighting, male subject is intoxicated, Possum Hollow.

9:03: DUI complaint: Reckless driver in a Buick is all over the road, Rt. 689.

9:05: Criminal mischief: Advised someone stole their door mat and let the air out of their tires, request officer contact, Church Street.

9:18: 2003 Chevrolet S-10 ZR2 stolen approx five minutes ago, Millers Creek.

10:36: Fight in progress: Advised a female came after another female with a tire iron, Pineview Lane.

11:07: Suspicious person/vehicle: Advised of an early 90s model pickup driving in and out of the area behind Kelly's Chevrolet.

Sunday, Jan. 21

12:23 a.m.: Advised male subject was back and starting again, Pineview Lane.

1:22: Missing person: Advised her 15-year-old sister had not returned home yet and was supposed to be home at 11:00, Sixth Street.

7:56: Accident, no injuries: Family Mart.

7:59: Accident, no injuries: Rt. 40, new bridge.

1:32 p.m.: Road hazard: Tree over road, Rt. 3214.

4:00: Theft complaint: Advised a male subject just robbed the arcade machines and took off out the back door, James S. Trimble Blvd.

6:22: ATV complaint on highway: Subject on four-wheeler possibly intoxicated, Boons Camp/Greasy area.

9:54: Extra patrol: Thealka Park, Tutor Key, and Rt. 993 area.

10:59: Extra patrol: Sixth Street bay area.

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