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Johnson County 911 Report

01/31/2007 - Monday, Jan. 22

12:44 a.m.: Overdose: Advised his sister-in-law has possibly overdosed, Pine Street.

6:44: Juvenile complaint: Advised her 15-year-old son won't get up to go to school, request officer come out and speak with him, Little Mud Lick Road.

8:25: Advised of small mudslide approx. 1 1/2 miles up Island Creek Road.

9:54: Request officer in reference to fraudulent check on another company, $45,588.50, S. Mayo Trail.

12:41 p.m.: Extra patrol: Thelma.

1:14: Theft complaint: Reference to theft of gun, Van Lear.

1:52: Advised of possible intoxicated female driver in a maroon Pontiac, all over roadway, Rt. 23.

3:35: Fire: Vehicle on fire on the on ramp going onto U.S. 23 N.

4:09: Juvenile complaint: Advised her 11-year-old son was trying to destroy the house and trying to hurt his baby brother, Rt. 993.

4:33: Subject requests officer call: Reference to subject she evicted from her property, wants police escort, Puncheon Creek.

6:43: Theft complaint: Advised someone broke into their residence and stole a video camera, Rt. 40 E.

10:32: Suspicious person/ vehicle: Dark colored Dodge truck running up and down the road, Rt. 40 W.

Tuesday, Jan. 23

2:43 a.m.: Advised she has an EPO against a male subject and they go to court tomorrow, but he hasn't ben served and he just came to her door, requests officer, Fannins Apts.

6:16: Domestic complaint: Advised a female has been assaulted in Lawrence County.

9:24: Fight in progress: Main Street.

9:59: Request officer in reference to renters won't let them in to inspect her rental property, Puncheon Creek.

10:49: Accident, no injuries: Request officer in reference to she hit a deer and needs a report, Rt. 23.

11:36: Theft complaint: Request officer in reference to her purse was stolen last date from Wal-Mart, Inez.

2:14 p.m.: Request officer in reference to 13-year-old got into an altercation at school, is at the E.R. with his mother.

3:02: DUI complaint: Possible intoxicated subjects in red Grand Prix going toward Floyd Co., tag no. 833BNA, two male occupants, Rt. 321 S.

4:00: Hit and run: Advised someone had sideswiped her vehicle and took off, Rt. 1428.

4:23: Accident, no injuries: Mayo School.

4:49: Theft complaint: Advised they had some items stolen, Scott Perry Drive.

5:47: Advised there was a vehicle over the hill about a mile up Rt. 1624.

6:47: Drug complaint: Advised a male subject was selling crystal meth, Rt. 1750.

7:20: Reckless driving complaint: Blue Cavalier occupied by four males flipped her off, are driving all over the road, Burnt Cabin Road.

11:02: Request to speak with officer in reference to a theft last date.

Wednesday, Jan. 24

1:00 a.m.: Domestic complaint: Physical domestic in progress at this time, yelling and throwing things at each other, Pine Street.

6:11: DUI complaint: Advised he is behind a maroon S-10 going by Vanhoose Lumber, advised vehicle is all over roadway.

7:50: Advised of male subject in a tan Ford Explorer, license #116-47, out of state tags, driving reckless, Rt. 172.

8:36: Subject wanted to report his meds stolen from Pine Street last date.

9:55: Check on black Lincoln stopping in middle of roadway then taking off again, Rt. 321.

9:58: Request officer in reference to vehicle over the hill, nobody around vehicle, Laurel Creek.

12:30 p.m.: Theft complaint: Reference to reporting her purse stolen from Wal-Mart, needs report, Euclid Ave.

1:31: Theft complaint: Stolen ATV.

4:31: Animal complaint: Dead dog needs removed from road, park at Millers Creek.

4:57: Extra patrol request: Boons Camp.

8:47: Prowler complaint: Advised someone is outside her house with a spotlight, N. Clay Ave.

9:12: Reference to having a male subject there that has impersonated a KSP trooper and made several threats toward their driver, Giovanni's.

11:24: Extra patrol: W. Van Lear.

11:37: Suspicious person/ vehicle: Advised there were some subjects in the back lot that had jumped the fence and was around a truck that one of the guests parked there and it has tools in it, Ramada Inn.

11:48: Suspicious person/ vehicle: Advised someone was coming on her porch and ringing her doorbell and leaving, Rush Fork Lane.

Thursday, Jan. 25

6:17 a.m.: Theft complaint: Advised his truck was broken into last night, S. Mayo Trail.

11:25: Advised a male subject would be at the Detention Center getting his girlfriend out of jail, is driving on a suspended license.

12:14 p.m.: Accident, no injuries: Premiere Auto.

1:26: Burglary, unknown when: Request officer in reference to someone has broken into his residence and stole his refrigerator and stove, Stambaugh Branch.

1:58: Extra patrol: River.

3:13: DUI complaint: White Subaru, Scurlock Drive.

5:02: Extra patrol request: West Van Lear.

6:44: DUI complaint: Advised green/silver van was all over the roadway on Rt. 460 coming into town, 0165ML.

8:08: Suspicious person/ vehicle: Male subject at Kmart walking up to other people's vehicles.

8:40: Accident, no injuries: Rt. 321 in front of McDonalds at the lights.

11:17: Prowler complaint: Shady Lane.

Friday, Jan. 26

7:38 a.m.: Request officer in reference to an early 90s model black truck possibly stealing pump jacks back on Little Mine Fork, has one headlight out, Rt. 1409.

11:42: Advised male subject in full-size Chevy truck, Ohio tags, pulled out in front of her, Rt. 321.

12:05 p.m.: Accident, no injuries: Request officer in reference to they have cut a tree down and it has hit their truck, need a report filled out, Carter Lane.

2:11: Drug complaint: Advised of red car, license #663-ARK, parked in front of the garden center, possibly has drugs in vehicle, N. Mayo Trail.

3:39: Hit and run: Movie Gallery.

4:59: Theft complaint: Sparetime Lanes.

5:28: Abandoned vehicle: Mill Branch Road.

9:32: Fire: Reference to an engine on fire, Rt. 302 & Stafford Street.

Saturday, Jan. 27

1:18 a.m.: Advised there was a vehicle parked off the shoulder of the road in front of the Detention Center, has been there for a couple of days.

1:53: Fight in progress: Several people in the road fighting at this time, Sixth Street.

1:56: Loud music/noise complaint: Advised there was a lot of screaming noises, Sixth Street.

2:40: DUI complaint: Red S-10 all over the road, S. Mayo Trail.

3:14: Advised someone banging on the door, possibly trying to make entry, request patrol, Euclid Ave.

1:52 p.m.: Brush fire: Rt. 302.

2:41: Accident, no injuries: S. Mayo Trail.

5:27: Road hazard: Mattress in the middle of the road in southbound lane, U.S. 23.

6:09: DUI complaint: Vehicle driving reckless, Tennessee tag 068MNJ, Rt. 1428.

7:15: Accident, no injuries: Two-vehicle in parking lot, Mandarin House.

7:31: Burglary in progress: Advised someone is trying to get into the back door, Buell Williams Drive.

8:06: Hit and run: Female hit a vehicle and took off, Broadway Street.

10:51: Domestic complaint: Advised there was a lot of noise coming from apartment, possibly a domestic, Perry Vanhoose.

11:06: Extra patrol: Strange vehicle pulled out of her daughter's driveway and nobody is supposed to be there, requests extra patrol, Millers Creek.

11:21: Fire: Appalachian Oil Company.

Sunday, Jan. 28

1:19 a.m.: Gas leak/strong smell: Advised they can smell gas outside the residence and can hear what sounds like a leak, Rt. 302.

1:45: Public drunk: Female with child is intoxicated, Sixth Street.

11:01: Dispatcher advised there is a pelican in the area of Main Camp Branch Road, Rt. 581.

8:29 p.m.: Road hazard: Power line down behind PBH on the curve of old Rt. 40.

9:58: Theft complaint: Advised that a female stole her boyfriend's billfold with $200-$300 in it, Pine Street.

9:54: Kidnapping: Advised they had an abduction from Meade's BP in Floyd Co., advised the vehicle was a white Chevy truck, female was taken headed toward Johnson Co.

10:11: Extra patrol: Area of Clay Ave. in reference to dogs barking.

10:59: Wanted a trooper to come back to their residence in reference to a male subject they're looking for, Rt. 1750.

11:17: Attempt to locate: Received teletype from Prestonsburg advising of hit and run, vehicle versus house, advised vehicle is a 2005 or 2006, severe front end damage, Prestonsburg.

11:28: Pursuit in progress: Unit in pursuit of the white step-side on Lower Twin headed toward Floyd Co. then advised on 825.

11:35: Advised subject was going toward Rt. 825 to Rt. 23.

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