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HRMC's Whitehead receives certification in emergency nursing

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01/31/2007 - PRESTONSBURG — Hollis Whitehead, RN, clinical manager of Highlands Regional Medical Center's emergency department, has received certification in emergency nursing.

Certification is a mechanism in which the public and employers are able to identify practitioners who have met certain standards in their particular nursing specialty.

The CEN certification is the certification specific to emergency nursing and measures the attainment of a defined body of nursing knowledge pertinent to that particular specialty. The CEN exam is based on emergency nursing practice in the United States and the examination evaluates knowledge of current emergency nursing practice.

Whitehead has been employed at Highlands for approximately two years; first as a staff nurse in the ED, then as manager. He has experience in medical surgical intensive care units, pediatrics, telemetry, and has worked as a flight nurse.

When asked about obtaining his CEN, Hollis said, "I feel fortunate and excited to obtain the certification for my professional growth and for my organization. I think a basic element to all personalities is the need to feel good about one's self and their professional efficiency. Having a national board certification in emergency nursing helps that person to achieve this need. For me having the certification means that I have been fortunate enough to learn nursing skills related to obstetrics, oncology, pediatrics, geriatrics, general medicine, and trauma care. It ensures that I can manage patients that are non-emergent, and emergent with confidence in the skills that I have learned."

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