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Fallsburg Elementary announces honor roll

01/31/2007 - FALLSBURG — Fallsburg Elementary School has announced its honor roll for the second nine weeks.

Named to the roll were:

First Grade, All As: Karlie Beck, Shanetta Bevins, Tori Boggs, Ethan Campbell, Caleb Curry, Kenna Daniels, Johnnie DeBoard, Kaylee Derefield, Zachary Fissler, and Bailey Thompson.

As and Bs: Keyarah Bowen, Blake Huff, Haley Lowe, Ethan Music, Calvin Perry, Jessica Ramey, Shelby Stubbins, Bowen Tackett, and Kara Williamson.

Second Grade, All As - Emily Adams, Austin Fissler, Chelsea Gauze, and Adriana McCoy.

As and Bs: Zachary Cordle, Aubranna Fissler, Chase Hughes, Allyson Mollett, Andrea Salyer, Joshua Thornsberry, Shelby Thornsberry, Brayden West, and Megan Young.

Third Grade, All As: Skylar Chapman, and Shelby Fairchild.

As and Bs: Alayna Gauze, Shawn Moore, and Luke Thompson.

Fourth Grade, As and Bs: Wesley Barnett, Dustin Fairchild, Ethan Tackett, and Chelsea Thompson.

Fifth Grade, All As: Brooke Spillman.

As and Bs: Brent Burchett, Melissa Burchett, Zachary Curry, Derek Ferguson, Breanna Howell, Austin Hughes, Dalton Spillman, Ally Thornsberry, Tiffany Triplett, and Alyssa Woods.

Sixth Grade, All As: Elise Kinser and Kara Kirk.

As and Bs: Joseph Cooper, Amanda Haynes, Lauren Loughery, Abby Parks, Jacob Peterman, Kaitlin Skeens, and Bethany Taylor.

Seventh Grade, As and Bs: Phillip Barnett, Stephen Burke, Landon Copley, Logan Finley, Brandon Gauze, Sarah Hay, and Joshua Marcum.

Eight Grade, All As: Blake Bradley, Larisa Gauze, Jessica Thornsberry, Kayla Young, and Lindsey Jones.

As and Bs: Sydney Evans, Jessica Fannin, Jacob Holbrook, Katie Lester, Taylor McCreary, Zachary Priddy, Derek Spillman, Krystal Vance, and Andrea Wiles.

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