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Operating vehicles off road prohibited at Dewey Lake

11/02/2007 - The United States Army Corps of Engineers, Dewey Lake, has a set policy regarding the use of vehicles off designated roadways on Dewey Lake project.

Title 36, Section (327.2) Code of Federal Regulations limits the use of motor vehicles (cars and trucks) to designated roadways. Motor vehicles must comply with all federal, state and local laws while being operated on Corps of Engineers property. Off-road use of motor vehicles is prohibited at Dewey Lake.

Four-wheelers, three-wheelers, motorized mountain bikes, dune buggies, and other "recreational vehicles" are not permitted on Corps of Engineers property at Dewey Lake.

Convicted violators of this policy face penalties of up to $5,000 in fines, be compelled to make restitution for damaged property and forfeiture of their vehicles.

Permits are not available for the operation of vehicles off road at Dewey Lake (except for official business).

Kentucky Fish and Game Regulations also call for enforcement of the motorized vehicle prohibition on the Dewey Lake State Wildlife Management Area.

Violators can face separate federal and state charges for the same incident.

For additional information, contact the ranger staff at Dewey Lake at 606-886-6709 or visit its Web site at mil/project/lakes/DEW.

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