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Brad Pitt set to star in Paramount's 'The Fighter'

11/02/2007 - HOLLYWOOD ... Brad Pitt is more than busy. Along with his life with Angelina and all those kids and their animals, and upcoming films ready to show onscreen, he's signed to star in "The Fighter" for Paramount. This based on the life of boxer Mickey Ward, played by Mark Wahlberg, and his trainer, brother Dick Eklund (Pitt). It tells of their early days on the streets of Lowell, Mass., through Edlund's battle with drugs, and Ward's eventual World Championship win in London. Shooting is a bit far away, set for the fall of 2008. Mr. Pitt should be shooting other projects in the interim. Probably one of the top stars in the world today, who would have thought it would happen to the unknown young actor who stuck his head in the car window in "Thelma and Louise"? I did! I felt it the minute I saw him.

I've been "dissing" Paris for quite some time. This time I rise to her defense. Recently she appeared on "The Late Show." Perhaps you saw it. Looking business-like and understated. Short blond hair, nice little black dress. I'm sure she "thought" she was there to talk about her future, her new businesses, and her new line of perfume. But no, Dave wouldn't have it so. He kept pounding about prison. "What did you have for breakfast?" "Who came to see you?" "Did you make any new friends?" And on and on. Paris answered most politely, but you could tell she was aggravated, and wanted to push her perfume. Finally, Dave asked about the bottle she was holding. Opened it, discussed it for a second ... and then DRANK it. I KID YOU NOT! Then he thanked Paris for coming, shook her hand and off she went. I must repeat: She really handled herself with dignity and aplomb. And now let's hope she keeps it that way!

Interesting real estate goings on: British rock star Ozzy Osbourne sold his Beverly Hills home to Christina Aguilera for $11.9 million, and then bought another in an area called Hidden Valley for $12.5 million. And is it a biggie? Six bedrooms and 10 bathrooms on two-plus acres with all the other amenities: Pool, tennis court, etc., etc. AND etc.

Gwyneth Paltrow has been low-key for a while as wife and mother; now she has a work project scheduled. She and TV chef Mario Batali, New York Times travel columnist Mark Bittman and Spanish TV actress Claudia Bassols will take a road trip around Spain for a TV show titled "Spain on the Road Again." Traveling in cars, they will explore the food, wine, fashions, hotels, nightclubs, spas, music, art and more. Gwyneth will focus on the fashion, spas and shopping, which should be "mucho" fun. No word as to whether Baby Apple will go along, but I think not.


BITS 'N' PIECES: Did you know it takes more than a BILLION bucks to earn a spot on Forbes magazine's list of the 400 richest Americans? That's one thing I won't have to worry about. ... Hats off to Kirk Douglas, who despite a debilitating stroke keeps right on going. Even though it's hard for him to talk, he still makes speeches and goes to galas. ... If you missed 6-year-old Emily Bear's appearance on the "Ellen Show," you missed a thrill. Adorable, sweet, pretty and intelligent, she answered Ellen's questions and then played the piano like a genius. Bach, Beethoven and a special tune she had composed for DeGeneres. Young Miss Bear hails from Rockford, Ill. That town should be proud of its prodigy. ... And we won't muddy the waters this week with Britney, O.J., Nicole or Lindsay.

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