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How To Cook A Turkey ...

11/21/2007 - Paintsville Elementary School

Mrs. Pugh's Kindergarten Class

We don't have any turkeys near our house to shoot, so we will have to buy one at the store. Bring it home and open it and stuff it with applesauce. Close it up with a zipper or a key. Bake it twenty five minutes in the oven on ten percent. Have apple juice with it.

Tommy Maynard

I'd go and ask Uncle Jayson to shot a turkey. Then you peel off the feathers and wash it with water. You bake it on the stove that has to be a little hot. You bake it until fifteen to seven. Then you take it out of the oven and let it cool and eat it.

Bryce Ward

Get a turkey from the grassland, of course! Shoot it and wipe that stuff off with a wet paper towel. Well, maybe put some spray butter on it and a little bit of tomato juice. Put it in a pa and put the pan into sixty degrees ten minutes. When it comes out, put cheese crackers and ham around it and that's it.

Kendall Brescoach

Get a turkey at the barnyard. I'd shoot it with an arrow. Then you chop its hands off with a Ninja knife and pull the feathers off real slow so the blood wont come out. Then put it in a pan and grill it in the microwave for fifteen hours. Then I'll get a spoon and knife and fork and eat it up. I'll have some sprinkles on its head.

David Hensley

Somebody has to kill the turkey for me. Get a wash rag and clean it. Then put salt and pepper on it and cook it two hours. I think the finger sets at three. That is all you have to do. I have steak with my turkey.

Hope Auxier

Buy a turkey at Wal-Mart for nine dollars. Cut it up for the other people. Cook it for eight minutes for each person on hot like seven or maybe six. You can eat whatever you like with it, like chicken salad and water.

Anna Bussey

Buy a turkey at Wal-Mart. They cost about fifty dollars and one cent. Wash it with soap and water. Then you put it on a big, big pan. Just put pepper on it and put it in the oven on forty ad leave it in there about two hours. Then you eat it.

Jaxson Ratliff

Buy a turkey at the flea market for eight hundred dollars. Take it home and pull the feathers off. Clean it with water and bath it. Put it in a pan and bake it for nine minutes. The oven has to be thirty degrees. When it is done you can eat it.

Chloe Lafferty

You get a turkey from your dad. He gets it at Wal-Mart. You have to put salt and pepper on it and cook it in the oven for about twenty minutes. The oven has to be really hot. I don't know the number hot. Then clean the house and all the guest will arrive.

Megan Reed

Me and daddy will go out in the woods and he will shoot a turkey. He shoots deer, too. He has to cut the head off and the feet and beak. Then he will wash it off with water. Then you bake it in a pot for about forty minutes on forty hundred degrees. After we eat we will play games.

Hannah Ousley

My dad will take me hunting. He has to shoot the turkey. Then you put it in the truck and take it home. You skin it and wash it in the sink. Cook it in a hot, hot oven for three minutes. Then you can eat it with mashed potatoes and buttered noodles.

Parker Hopson

Go to a farm and disguise yourself as a turkey and catch a turkey. Cut the beak off and take it home and cut the feathers off with scissors. Then you put it in a pan and put it in the oven for, I think, four hundred minutes. The oven has to be as hot as it can be. Then you put it on a plate and eat it.

Lucy Jones

Go to a Thanksgiving store to buy a turkey. I think they cost about two thousand dollars. You have to fix it with a turkey mix and put it in a pan. Boil it for two thousand days. Get it out and eat it.

Cordell Hamilton

A hunter gets a turkey in the woods. Clean it in the sink. Then you put oil on it and cook it for thirty hours on really, really, really hot. Then lay it on the table and let it cool. Put sugar, spaghetti and tomato sauce on it and it is ready to eat.

Brianna McFaddin

Buy a turkey at Wal-Mart. Pay just one dollar for it. Cut it in half and it will thaw out. Bake it at your house for three hours. Have some salt and pepper with your turkey. You might want to share it with your family. I'll give them half and I'll eat the other half. I might have some water with my turkey.

Grace McCormick

Get a turkey at the grocery store. Cut it up and cook it on the stove maybe one half hour. Then you get it out and eat it. I guess I'll have some chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes.

Jacob Spriggs

You have to shoot a turkey at the barn. Spray off the feathers and wash the insides out. Then you cook it for twenty minutes on hot, hot, like when you burn yourself. You have to have some bologna and water with it. I'm not allowed to have pop.

Kaitlyn Adams

Go to a farm and chop the turkey's head off. Wash the feathers off with just water. Put salt on it cause I don't like pepper. Fix it under the stove. It fixes for ten. It is really, really hot under there. I'll have some mashed potatoes and purple pop with my turkey.

Dessie Coffey

Get a turkey in the garden. Tear the stuff and blood out of the body. Then do it on the other side and keep turning it around till you get to the other side. Put your hands inside and pull that stuff out. Bake it in your microwave for ten minutes. Put mayonnaise and cheese on it and it is ready to eat.

Ashton Adams

Mrs. Spencer's Kindergarten Class

My daddy gets my turkey in the woods. He ties a rope around it and brings it home. Then, he gives it to my mom and she cooks it for eight minutes. After its done we eat it. We have mashed potatoes and you know turkey and that's all. I throw the turkey in the garbage after I get done.

Kyle Blanton

Papaw goes to Wal-Mart and gets the turkey. He goes home and cooks it in the oven. I mean, he bakes it. I don't know how long he bakes it. Oh, 30 minutes. Yes, 30 minutes. He takes it out and eats it. Then he walks down the road and talks to my mommy. Then, mommy cooks pizza in the oven and we eat with her.

Hope Blevins

Me and mommy go hunt'n for the turkey. Once we do that, we tie it up and shoot it. Then, we go home with the turkey and cook it. Then, we eat mashed potatoes, corn and green beans. Then, we go to bed.

Grant Castle

My daddy goes turkey hunting at Thanksgiving and kills us a turkey. He brings it to his mom and lets his mom cook it. Then we eat. We eat turkey, corn, mashed potatoes and rolls. Then we play at my Mamaw's. We go home.

Shelby Castle

My mom goes to Wal-Mart and gets a turkey. Then, she puts it in the stove for two minutes. Then, she takes it out and cut it. Then, we eat it.

Trey Childers

Mom gets my turkey in the woods. She jabs it with a stick and drags it home. Then, she takes the feathers off. Then she, uh, I believe she cooks it for five minutes. Then we all eat.

Jessie Coffey

Nana and papaw kills it with the car. We bring it home and shave the feathers off. Then, we fry it for 20 minutes. Then, we eat it.

The End.

Peyton Deaton

My mom went to Food City and buys my turkey. Then, she goes home and cooks it. She cooks it for 35 minutes. Then we eat it. We eat peas, macaroni and cheese. Me, mom, dad and Mason eat together. Then, we play. I think that's all.

Ethan Holbrook

My uncle Ron gets it in the woods. He kills it with a gun. Then he pulls the feathers off. Then, he takes it home. My mommy cooks it in the oven 12 minutes. Then, we eat turkey, peas and mashed potatoes. We play outside and then we go home.

Kaleigh Moore

My mom goes to the forest and gets my turkey. Then, she brings it home and pulls the feathers off and washes it. After she washes it she cooks it on the stove for 10 minutes. When its done she calls for me and my brother to come and eat. We eat macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and cornbread. Then we go outside and play, and then we go to sleep.

Hannah O'Bryan

My daddy, he goes in the woods and get it. When he gets home with it, uh, he tears the wings off. When he gets home with it they put it in a bowl of water and let it cook. It cooks eight minutes. When it gets done we get our plates and we eat. When we get done eat'n, I go outside and play.

Megan Risner

My dad goes to the Wal-Mart and gets a turkey. He brings it back home and lets my mom cook it. After she cooks it she pulls the feathers off of it. Then we eat mashed potatoes, green beans, macaroni and turkey. Then, I go outside and play.

Kendra Slone

My dad goes kills it in the woods. He brings it to my mom. My mom cleans it and cooks the turkey for 17 minutes. She cooks mashed potatoes and peas. I play while she is cooking. When it gets done we eat and we watch a little bit of T.V.

Toby Spriggs

My mom gets the turkey from Wal-Marts and then she comes back. She fixes it in the stove and then she gets chocolate milk. That's all.

Lisa Tackett

My mommy and daddy shoots a turkey. Then, they take the feathers off. Then, they put it in the stove. We have mashed potatoes and green beans. My cousin, Hannah, Nonnie, Suzie and Dark and one more person it is Mamaw Rena and that's all that eats with me.

Abby Weddington

My papaw hunts the turkey. Then, he takes it home. Then, he gives it to everybody. First, he prays to God. He prays for my aunts and everybody. Then we start to eat. We have turkey, green beans, cake and mashed potatoes. Then, I go in the living room and watched T.V. after I finished eating dinner.

Jasmine Wells

Mrs. Matijasic's Kindergarten Class

My mommy will cook. I think she gets it from a restaurant. Pick out the feathers then bake it. Bake it in the oven for 10 hours.

Cody Wheeler

At my house Mommy will cook dinner. She gets it from my Uncle Paul. He kills a lot of turkeys because we have a feast at my Auntie's. My family brings the turkey and my aunt's family sets the table. My Uncle Paul lives alone and he brings the cake. My other family that lives in New York brings the corn. They ride the train here. Then we eat dressing, corn, and I carry in the noodles. Then we play some turkey games and invite my friends over. We also play Scooby-Doo. We have 106 people over.

Ann Baldwin

Granny gets the turkey at Wal-Mart. She puts it in water for three hours. That washes it off. She puts pineapple on it and cooks it in the oven. I think she turns the oven on four degrees. It takes four hours. Then we eat mashed potatoes, dressing, corn, macaroni. Our papaw fixes beef roast. My favorite is turkey. After we eat, we play.

Callie Blackburn

My Mamaw goes to get the turkey at the store. She has to wash it with water. I like salt on mine, and Mamaw likes pepper. I think it takes nine minutes to cook. We eat it with chicken and drink pop and then go outside and play.

Josalynn McKenzie

Mommy goes to Wal-Mart and gets a turkey. She brings it home ad cooks it. She runs water over it to clean it. She puts ketchup on it and sauce. She cooks it in the oven, and it gets really hot. It takes eight hours. We eat corn, mashed potatoes, chicken nuggets, dressing, rolls and green beans. And chocolate pudding. We just lay around after.

Tanner Hayden

My mom fixes a turkey from Wal-Mart. She cleans it and cooks it. She doesn't do anything to it. She gets a real big pan to put it in and probably makes the oven warm. It takes about three minutes. We eat macaroni, steak, dressing, green beans and cookies and we drink different things, but I drink orange juice. We play after.

Hannah Varney

Mommy and me get a turkey at Save-A-Lot. When home me, my brother and my Poppy help get it out of the bag. Me and my mommy get a knife and put it in a half bowl and then we cook it. We cook it in the oven on a little bit hot. We open the oven door to see if it's done. My mommy can't bend over cause of her belly with the baby, so I get it for her. We have apples, dressing, turkey, pop, juice and mashed potatoes. Then we just go play.

Chyann Lusk

My Granny gets the turkey and we eat it at her house with all our family. Everybody comes except for the people she doesn't know but we know. She washes it, cooks it, puts it in for 48 hours. She knows it's done when her oven beeps. The oven is 48 degrees. She gets it out then we all eat it. We have dressing, tomatoes, corn, mashed potatoes, green beans and fruit and sometimes we have pineapple cake. Everybody is full and goes in her living room and lays down and watches T.V.

Julia Lemaster

Mom goes to Wal-Mart and gets a turkey. She puts the turkey in the water and washes it. She puts vegetables like carrots, onions, green beans inside the turkey. She puts it in a little pot that doesn't go in the stove. She carries it to another little pot and puts in oven. The oven gets really hot. It takes three hours to cook. Then she takes it out and on Thanksgiving we visit our cousin's house. I think we take it to our cousin's house and eat it. We have ice cream with caramel, then we play.

Hannah Echols

Get the turkey at the farm. You catch it with a net and rope. Take it home and bake it on the stove. First you put sauce on it. It takes seven minutes. Eat green beans, cheese, fruit and drink Kool-Aide. Then watch T.V. and lay down and take a nap.

Ethan Martin

Mom goes to the Save-A-Lot store and gets a turkey. She cleans it with wash rags and then she puts stuff on it. She puts it in a pan and cooks it on the stove or a little big long. We eat dressing, chili and vegetables and drink pop with it. After that we play.

Charity Miller

My mom goes to Wal-Mart to get the turkey. She brings it home. She cleans it with water. Put salt and pepper on it. Then put it in the oven for five hours. Then the oven gets hot, hot. We all eat then.

Trey Reed

My daddy goes to get the turkey at Wal-Mart. He brings it home and cooks it. He makes sure it's clean before we eat it. He puts salt on it. He puts it in a pan and in the oven. It only takes 10 minutes. We eat it with mashed potatoes, green beans and dressing and drink Mountain Dew.

Tanika Grass

My mommy gets the turkey at Wal-Mart and then takes it home. She cleans it with towels and then puts it in a pan. She makes it taste good after she cleans it. She puts stuff in it like turkey legs. She only puts it in a pan and cooks it in the oven. It cooks five seconds. We eat brown stuff with it, baked beans, bread, ketchup and pudding. Then we go to bed and brush our teeth.

Megan Perkins

Mommy and Daddy and Papaw go to Wal-Mart and get a big turkey. It comes in a bag. They do wash it and put it in a big pan. They put stuff on it that makes it red. Make the stove hot, make it real hot. It takes two minutes. We have potatoes, green beans and dessert. And drink pop.

Angel Whitt

Mama goes to store to get a turkey. She gets a big turkey. She gets home and cooks it. She washes it at the sink. She puts it in a pan and then the stove. It gets hot and it takes five seconds. We have potatoes, turkey, cookies, bananas. We put plates in the sink and that's it. Me, papa, mama and my Bubby eat.

Brianna Glasbergen

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