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Property Transfers

11/21/2007 - Floyd County

To Jody D. and Stacey L. Cornette from Greg and Judy Adams.

To Larry Allen from Alonzo and Sadie Allen, et al.

To Tommy Hall from George, Jr. and Mary L. Barnette, et al.

To Earnest and Jeannetta Bryant and Gary Hamilton from Eddie and Nevlene Blankenship, et al.

To Kenneth D Brown, II from Kathy and Kenneth D. Brown.

To John L. Hurd from Denvil and Janice Burchell.

To Leslie D. and Richard P. Bowman from Betty J. and Daniel V. Carver.

To Bridget G. Coleman from Bridget G. and Danny B. Coleman.

To Eula N. Conley from Dalton R. Conley.

To Billy and Della S. Crace from Virginia Derossett.

To Tommy Hall from Belinda and C. K. Dingus.

To Sande Moore from Bucky and Clara Ellis.

To Carolyn Moore from Bucky and Clara Ellis.

To Ronald M. Hayes from Master Commissioner for Charlotte Essix, et al.

To Jerry Fannin from Mikael Fannin.

To Linda C. and Ricky Frasure from Edwin K. and Lynn Fletcher.

To Carol and Dale Tomlinson from Master Commissioner for Helen Frazier, et al.

To Slade LNR, LLC from Allan D. Halbert, et al.

To Brian and Pamela Bevins from Emma E. S. Stiltner.

To Mary Ann W. Hall from Tammy L. Hall.

To Tommy Hall from Ted and Tena Hall.

To Stacie and Franklin Martin from Linda J. Howard.

To Robert M. Spradlin from Dorthy Howell, et al.

To Hyden Properties 561 LLC from James D, II and Suzanne K. Hyden.

To Larry Allen from Charlene and Doug Karfit.

To George E. Barnette, Jr. from Jack and Winnie M. Keathley.

To Faith Revelation Ministries, Inc. from Ky. Dist. Council Assemblies of God, Inc.

To Rachel and Shane O. Yates from Pamela and Roy L. Kinney.

To Madge H. May from Paul Lafferty.

To Larry Allen from Linda L. and Robert Larue.

To Jamie Blair and A.J. McCoy, Jr. from A.J. McCoy, Sr.

To James K. and Marsha Allen from Carrie L. and Dale E. McNutt.

To Carey, Harly and Stephanie Keens from Betty Sue H. Moore.

To Barry R. and Ramona K. Moore from Ramona K. Moore.

To Matthew B. Mosley from Bill M. and Shirley W. Mosley.

To Jack Kendrick, M.D. PLLC from P.I.C. Real Estate, LLC.

To Glenda and Jimmy D. Ray from Doug and Dylene Ray, et al.

To George E. Barnett, Jr. from Reed Engineering Co.

To Donnie and Joyce R. Jones from Connie and Edward Robertson.

To Gary and Yulanda Rose from Matthew and Tina Rose.

To Bonnie and John Owens from Lellie F. Slone.

To Gregory and Loweletta Gullett from Anthony C. and Kathy E. Stumbo.

To John E. Thompson from Donna and Paul H. Thompson.

To Clifton M. and Tonya L. Blackburn from Beverly and Danny Tuttle, et al.

To CMH of Ky. Inc. from Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc.

To Dorthy and Rudolph Pennington from Linda and William T. Wallen.

To Patricia and Rodney Ousley from Bertha F. and Herbert G. Wright.

To Tommy Hall from Ramona S. and Ronnie Wright.


Lawrence County

To David O'Bryan from Albert and Elizabeth Wilks.

To Kathy and James Murton from Betty Pavlovski.

To Randall and Heather Porter from Darwin Jr, and Sheri Blackburn.

To Daniel Kidd from Robert Kidd.

To James Boyd from Thomas and Ida Hazlett.

To Willliam and Trina Vanhoose from Bobby and Della Peck.


Martin County

To Priscilla Stepp, Ronald Butcher and William Kezee from Alvin Vanhoose and Joanne Vanhoose.

To Mary E. Horn from Fred Horn.

To Kimberly Ann Horn from Brian Keith Johnson.

To Diane Carby from Garfield Spence; Jamie Spence ;Joseph Spence; Melissa Horn and Jeremy Horn.

To Middlefork Land Company, Inc. from Eric Lyn Durst and Cathy Mae Durst.

To Jason Lee Maynard from Calloway Electric, Inc., by Gladys Calloway.

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