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Baby faces

11/23/2007 - Although this has been coming on for a long time, I didn't think much about the consequences of it until I opened my e-mail this past weekend and read about all the babies that were being born to my family and friends. In other words, I now know what they were doing last Valentine's Day when I called and got their answering machines.

The first of these "Hearts and Flowers" bouquets was born to Bryant and Shelley Lemaster. He arrived last week and was given the name Link Barrett. Even though I haven't seen him yet, I know without looking that he is as handsome and as winsome as his grandfathers. Knowing both sets of grandparents, he couldn't be anything but adorable.

Then, Baby Hennessee from Tennessee, appeared over the weekend a bit prematurely, but healthy. He wasn't supposed to make an appearance until after the Wheeler Christmas, but you can't keep a good man down, or in as the case may be. He was given the moniker Jake Wilson after our great-uncle Jake Stapleton; Wilson being her maiden name. He is my first boy second cousin and his grandfather is my only boy cousin, so he's really special.

Next up was our friend, Susan Stauter's daughter (that's a tongue twister) Jeanine Payer who delivered an eight pound, four ounce male child promptly named William Luke. Jeanine, a high profile jewelry designer to the stars, is 40 and lives in San Francisco. Admittedly, Susan says the baby is perfect in every way and we tend to believe her because we always believe Susan, who's the smartest person we've ever met. Now that she's a grandmother, that might all change if she gets as goofy as the rest of us grandparents always do.

I thought that I would be hearing about my friend, Kathy Barker Branson's new grandchild by now, but Baby Yung has decided to postpone his arrival as long as possible. He, too, will be handsome and smart since both of his grandparents have roots in Johnson County. (That is a perquisite for everything, you know.) His paternal grandmother, Betty Rice, is originally from Oil Springs and graduated from Paintsville High School. We anxiously await his birth as well.

The last of the births, of which I have been highly anticipating, will be to Hunt and Jessica Cooper, also my cousins. They are preparing for the birth of twin sons. I can't wait! Hunt's mother is a twin and these little boys will also be the great-grandsons of Ruth and Gene Deskins who are already "oohing" and "aahing" over the birth of their grandson Link Barrett Lemaster who was already mentioned.

If you've been keeping count, you will note that these six births have all been (or will be) male in gender. I know that there is something scientific about having boy babies that has to do with acidity or something like that, but that is all too unromantic to me. I like to think that these couples simply exchanged boxes of candy nine months ago and Cupid took it from there.

What made me think about all this blooming baby business is that these babies being born are grandbabies of the baby boomers; That illustrious generation of children who were born after World War II and became known as the "Make Love Not War, Love and Peace Generation."

It's nice to know that all of that generation passed the "Make Love" gene on to their off-spring.

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