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News from Norris

11/28/2007 - Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, with plenty of food, and being with family and friends. Now everyone's thoughts and doings will be on Christmas. A lot of people have been decorating. The decorations are really pretty.

Mr. and Mrs. Randall Jude visited Mr. and Mrs. Henry Thompson and family, recently.

Sorry to hear of the death of Carmie Hayes. She was the widow of L.B. Hayes and mother to Truman Wray Hayes, and Frances (Sis). (Sorry, I don't know Sis' last name.) She was also the sister to Freddie Castle and Daisy Belle Castle. The family has our deepest sympathy.

Happy belated birthday to Ryan Cordial, 23rd; Brenda Swafford, 24th; Billy Ray Young, 24th; Thomas Vance, 23rd; Natisha Pigmon, 25th, seven years old; Jennifer (Smith) Moore, 26th; and Nellie Moore, 27th. Hope you all have many more.

Happy birthday to Frances Castle, 29th; Ian Cassell, 29th, six years old; L.C. Thompson, 29th; Tony Young, 29th. Hope you all have many more.

Happy belated anniversary to Granville and Kathy Senters, 22nd, 23 years; happy 35th to James and Eva Thompson, 24th; happy 13th to Mack and Cheryl Wilhite, 25th. Hope you all have many more happy years together.

Hope everyone has good and safe shopping days.

Thought of the Week: May you find the strength to face tomorrow in the love that surrounds you today.

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