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Property Transfers

01/09/2008 - Floyd County

To Citimortgage, Inc. from Master Commissioner for Carolyn S. Allen.

To Jackie Collins from Bank of N.Y.

To Jennita H. Stanley from Bonnitta H. Bentley.

To David S. and Patricia N. Bentley from John P. Bentley, Jr.

To Harold W. Dixon from Janet L. and Jeff Bingham.

To Jeana McKenzie from Jamie and William Blair.

To Darrell and Tim Blankenship from Wanda Blankenship.

To Bonnie S. Boyd from Luther Boyd.

To Movina and Phillip Blackburn from Lillie J. Cantrell.

To Denny Justice from Garrie and Janet Caudill.

To Cindy Vanderpool from Citimortgage, Inc.

To Steven and Alicia Dawson Family Foundation, Inc. from Steven G. and Alicia G. Dawson.

To Harold W. Dixon from Gregory K. Dixon, et al.

To Anna S. Stumbo from Billy D. Evans, et al.

To Rising Son Ministries from Jerry Fannin.

To Paul R. Fraley from Tonya Foley.

To Deborah and Roy D. Frazier from Deborah Frazier and Roy D. Frazier.

To Ricky Gillespie from Freda D. Goble.

To Rudolph Ousley from Joanne and Norman Goble.

To Edward and Wanda Webb from Martha and Raymond Hall.

To Stevie Hall from Roy Hall.

To Stevie Williams from Tammy W. Hall.

To Bobby D. Hamilton from Charlene Hamilton.

To Caitlyn J. Howell from Claudette Henderson, et al.

To Irma D. Newsome from Claudette Henderson, et al.

To Matthew D. Short from Carlos W. and Darlene B. Huff.

To Janet Salisbury from Clarence D. and Deborah A. Johnson.

To Bridgette Marcum from Bridgette Kalaski.

To Lisa Kidd from Julie and Roy Kidd.

To Jerry D. Kinzer from Kinhag Dev. Co. LLC.

To James W. Kinzer from Kinhag Dev. Co. LLC.

To Kinzer Investment Realty Ltd. from James W. Kinzer.

To J. Brandon Kinzer from Jerry D. Kinzer.

To Marjorie C. Lovely from Anna B. and Gary E. Lovely.

To Marjorie C. Lovely from David C. and Latesha Lovely.

To Clyde and Reba McKinney from Amanda and Benjamin Mahan, et al.

To Jamie Blair from A.J. McCoy, Jr.

To Rhonda Meade from Gary Meade.

To Bernadine Stacy from David and Shonna Moore.

To Randy Mullins from Evelyn H. Mullins.

To Mara L. and Rex R. Music from Mara L. Music and Rex R. Music.

To Jeffory L. Aldrich from Geneva S. Newman.

To Edward Kendrick from Melodie R. Newsome.

To Annie Collins and Annie M. Newsome from Michael Newsome.

To Marjorie Lovely from Shirley Parsons.

To Floyd Co. Fiscal Court from Geneivene and John D. Perry, Jr.

To Michelle D. Ramey from Charles Ramey.

To Charles Ramey from Michelle D. Ramey.

To Sabrina and William K. Rose from Charles R. Salyers, II and Elizabeth Salyers.

To Meade Investments, Inc. from Christina V. and Philip R. Simpson.

To James Porter from Leo and Ywan Skaggs.

To Karen and Kermit Rowe from Elizabeth and Steve Spears.

To Edward Kendrick from Claudette Stumbo.

To Brenda K. Smith from Wanda Stump.

To Eula Tackett from Dennis Tackett, et al.

To Susan and Walter Holderby from Helen Wells.

To Maxie Crawford from Doug and Judy F. Wiley.

To Mitchell Williams from Emitt and Juanita Williams.

To Tammy W. Hall from Stevie Williams.


Lawrence County

To Richard Rittinger Jr. from CIT Group/Consumer Finance.

To Stephen and Jerressa Montgomery from Paul and Virginia Williams.

To Stephen and Jerressa Montgomery from William and Larlene Lemaster.

To Brenda Legg from Martha Jordan.

To Carl and Danielle Boggs from Carl and Gail Boggs.

To Richard Fletcher from Timothy and Sabrina Young.

To Paul and Sherrie Bowen from James Bevins.

To James and Danielle Stepp from Joseph Skaggs.


Martin County

To James L. Preece and Lora Preece from Etta Faye Rarick and Frederick Rarick and Nellie Gay Bondie and Phillip Bondie.

To Gary Lyn Williamson from Carla Jean Williamson.

To Wallace Bobby Chapman from Frankie Lola Spaulding.

To Wallace Bobby Chapman from John Charles Chapman and JoAnn Chapman.

To Wallace Bobby Chapman from George Lewis Sartin and Wanda Jean Sartin.

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