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Johnson County 911 Report

01/09/2008 - Monday, Dec. 31

12:54 a.m.: Burglary, unknown when: Advised someone had cut the screen on her window and taken several items from her home, U.S. Hwy. 23 S.

8:38: Subject requests officer call: Reference to a trailer being stolen off the property last date.

10:50: Reckless driving complaint: Vehicle all over the roadway, Toyota car headed toward Oil Springs.

10:54: Advised she had a counterfeit $20 that came in over the weekend, Hilltop Market.

1:20 p.m.: Animal complaint: Advised she was walking the dog and some other dogs attacked it and now it's at the vet, Ponderosa Drive.

2:21: Advised there's a big truck in the ditch in the first curve, Middle Fork.

2:50: Accident, no injuries: Advised a vehicle hit one of their poles, City National Bank.

4:44: Animal complaint: Request officer in reference to her granddaughter was bitten by her brother's dog, Coleman Branch.

5:38: Subject requests officer call: Reference to her son has her vehicle and won't return it, Lively Lane.

6:10: Advised of a male juvenile on a bike and had started a vehicle behind High Tech Auto; subject saw subject who took off on his bike with the keys with him, Broadway Street.

6:34: Burglary, unknown when: Request officer in reference to her mother broke into her residence while she was in the hospital, Hidden Valley Road.

8:36: Advised someone is banging on her door then running, Boyd Street.

9:04: Extra patrol: Sixth Street.

9:21: Accident with injuries: Single vehicle, small SUV rolled over the hill, Chestnut Road.

9:54: Extra patrol: Hidden Valley Road.

9:57: Request officer in reference to a shoplifter out in the parking lot, gray mini-van, N. Mayo Trail.

10:16: Advised a silver Ford Contour is all over the roadway, Rt. 321.

11:52: Animal complaint: Dead deer in roadway, Starfire Hill.

Tuesday, Jan. 1

12:02 a.m.: Extra patrol: Greentown, reference to fireworks.

12:11: Extra patrol: Reference to hearing someone outside, Combs Drive.

12:30: DUI complaint: Black S-10, left fork Hammond Creek.

1:13: Power outage: Rt. 580.

2:09: Power outage: Advised power lines were down at the mouth of old Schoolhouse Road just before Concord Church.

2:23: Road hazard: Advised there were trashcans in the roadway, Citgo/Mtn. Manor.

4:02: Suspicious individual on scene: Man on porch, Rt. 201.

4:54: Public drunk: Male subject was on her porch trying to get hr to give him gas, Rt. 201.

6:06: Drug complaint: Area of Butcher Hollow.

6:34: Advised someone broke the window out of her Trailblazer last night, request officer for report, Rt. 1092.

8:05: Criminal mischief: Request officer in reference to vandalism; a Johnson Co. school bus has had all the windows shot out, needs report, Rt. 689 E.

9:52: Animal complaint: Request officer in reference to some stray dogs running around, has tried calling the dog warden several times and he won't return their call, Combs Drive.

10:59: Request officer to City Bank in reference to a Snyder truck had it's back doors open and the dolly rolled out and hit his vehicle, Rt. 321.

3:17 p.m.: Criminal mischief: Advised the windshield has been broken out of her daughter's car, request officer, Rt. 689 E.

8:10: Accident, no injuries: Rt. 40, Marathon.

8:37: Road hazard: Rt. 3, Johnson/Martin Co. line.

8:42: Advised a vehicle had almost run through her house, Sky Harbor Road.

9:05: Extra patrol: Reference to heavy traffic and kids running everywhere, Daisy Street.

9:27: Trespassing complaint: Advised of subjects around her garage, car parked next to it, request officer assistance, Rt. 1750.

10:03: Extra patrol request: Williamsport/Boons Camp.

10:09: ATV complaint on highway: N. Buckingham Ave.

10:42: Extra patrol: Powell Addition.

11:01: Accident, no injuries: Advised a maroon Toyota pickup was in the ditch line, request officer, Rt. 201.

11:04: Accident, no injuries: Total Body Fitness.

Wednesday, Jan. 2

12:44 a.m.: Road hazard: Advised the hill at the RR tracks going to Thealka was too slick to get up and traffic was backing up.

12:52: ATV complaint on highway: Four-wheeler in the area, request officer, Ponderosa Drive.

10:34: Accident, no injuries: Rt. 302, West Van Lear.

11:15: Request next wrecker by rotation to the right fork of Williams Branch in reference to a vehicle in the ditch that has been there for three days.

12:19 p.m.: ATV complaint on highway: Rt. 825.

12:24: Advised the four-wheelers were going back toward Rt. 460.

1:26: Accident, no injuries: Just before Oil Springs School, Rt. 40 W.

3:09: Reckless driving complaint: Red Cougar flying in and out of hollow; kids are out playing in the snow, Ward Branch.

4:52: Fire: Railroad Street.

5:24: Road hazard: Vehicle in ditch at the foot of the hill on the curve, Lower Twin Branch.

5:47: Information call: Advised the road on Two-Mile Hill is slick.

6:24: Reckless driving complaint: Advised ATVs and a car were doing donuts in the parking lot of school, advised they almost ran him off the road, request officer, Flat Gap School.

6:35: Domestic complaint: Advised of domestic in progress, child being abused by parents, Sixth Street.

7:45: Drug complaint: Advised a subject saw a maroon Jeep at the Church of Christ at East Point, request officer check them out.

9:55: Reckless driving complaint: Advised several subjects in the parking lot doing donuts, also advised if PPD wants to see it they have the video of it on security, N. Mayo Trail.

10:26: Accident, no injuries: Two-vehicle at Wal-Mart parking lot, N. Mayo Trail.

Thursday, Jan. 3

1:57 a.m.: Advised people were playing music too loud, Browns Fork Road.

3:01: Information call: Advised subjects in the E.R. were in an auto accident that happened around 12:00 a.m., didn't report it to officers.

10:39: Accident, no injuries: Reference to a two-vehicle accident in Paintsville Utilities parking lot, Main Street.

1:12 p.m.: Accident, no injuries: Request officer in reference to a state highway truck has done damage to her vehicle while scraping the roadway, Lively Lane.

1:22: Burglary, unknown when: Community Drive.

1:51: Accident, no injuries: Rt. 1092 just past Frank's Creek.

3:03: Road hazard: Some lines are on the ground in front of Wilma's Restaurant.

3:20: DUI complaint: Advised two men in a red Ford pickup are intoxicated and also have a pistol in the vehicle, Sorghum Hollow.

3:47: Advised her 18-year-old son is out of control and threatening to do harm to her and her husband, advised he has torn their house up, they took a knife away from him, and he has a claw hammer, Rt. 1596.

4:39: Theft complaint: Advised her purse has been stolen, N. Mayo Trail.

6:40: Advised two boys dressed in black were throwing objects at cars, request officer, Highlands Electric.

6:43: Advised some boys threw a snowball with a rock in it and it broke the windshield, Depot Road.

6:44: Criminal mischief: Advised a male subject was en route to the IGA store to confront another male subject with a gun, request officers go to store, S. Burglar Hollow.

7:01: EPO violation: Advised a female subject was calling him when she wasn't supposed to; there is a DVO in effect, Martin Co.

7:08: Request unit come to his location in reference to a breaking and entering that happened at Upper Street.

7:20: Extra patrol: Thealka Park.

10:22: Reckless driving complaint: Advised a red Cavalier was driving on the wrong side of the road, Rt. 1092.

10:52: Domestic complaint: Advised someone shot through her dad's front window on his house, also shot the windows out of the vehicles, Rt. 172.

Friday, Jan. 4

12:01 a.m.: Advised subjects in a black Pontiac with the back break light out and tinted windows hit his vehicle with rocks or a pellet gun, TNT.

1:33: ATV complaint on highway: Advised of kids out on four-wheelers, Mason Street.

6:21: Advised someone had shot the windows out of her Jeep, Rt. 1559.

6:22: Advised someone is hacking their phone, Rt. 689.

6:28: Advised they heard noises last night but didn't know what it was; when they went out both of their vehicles have the windows broken out and there's a bullet hole in the side of their house, Puncheon Creek.

9:01: Gas leak/strong smell: Advised of bad smell of gas in the building, request someone check it out, Main Street.

10:14: Criminal mischief: Request officer in reference to the back glass of their Jimmy has been shot out, Rt. 1092.

11:34: Advised of abandoned vehicle in the ditch in a bad curve, bus can't get by it, Lower Twin Branch.

11:42: Criminal mischief: Request officer in reference to her windows have been shot out of her vehicle, Rt. 1092.

12:55 p.m.: Advised for city units to observe for a blue van with several juveniles in the vehicle hollering obscenities, Main Street.

1:41: Accident with injuries: Burnt Cabin Road.

2:47: Accident, no injuries: Request officer in reference to a minor accident with a CSX vehicle, Concord Road.

3:25: Advised they have a male subject blocked in that has been watching their house and stalking them, advised he has gotten out headed to Dicey Fork in a silver Kia.

4:12: Theft complaint: Advised he has a crew working up a hollow off Rt. 1559 and someone broke the windows in their vehicle and stole some wallets.

4:25: Accident with injuries: Two-vehicle accident, Rt. 321.

4:56: Hit and run: Advised a teal green S-10 backed into a pump then left, BP by Shoney's.

5:47: Extra patrol: Thealka Park.

6:38: Information call: Lawrence Co. 911 advised a dark blue Chevy Lumina, possible intoxicated subjects, coming down U.S. 23.

6:52: Shooting: Advised a male subject had been shot at his residence behind Thealka F.D., Main Camp Branch.

7:46: Reckless driving complaint: Advised of a green Mustang on U.S. 23 northbound going past the skating rink, possibly intoxicated.

8:18: Drug complaint: Advised as he was coming out of the theater he eye-witnessed a female in a gray Oldsmobile selling drugs to a male subject.

9:05: Advised of a report of a male subject attempting to get a female in a vehicle by force, Euclid Ave.

9:16: Request unit contact him in reference to a broken window in his vehicle, Paintsville.

Saturday, Jan. 5

12:06 a.m.: Loud music/noise complaint: Loud party going on, this happens every weekend, Wallen Drive.

3:35: Suspicious person/vehicle: Advised there was a vehicle in her driveway and she has no idea who it is, River Road.

5:15: Criminal mischief: Advised he was flagged down by someone who advised there are some juveniles throwing snowballs at vehicles on Frank Street.

5:58: Criminal mischief: Advised someone had thrown rocks and hit his vehicle and scratched it, advised there were several subjects, Stafford Street.

6:04: Accident, no injuries: Advised of vehicle in the ditch, Rt. 1092 toward Flat Gap.

6:20: Suspicious person/vehicle: White van going back and forth from Food City to Kmart.

8:40: Criminal mischief: Upper Street.

12:00 p.m.: Advised someone had shot the windows out of his car, Pine Street.

12:33: Drug complaint: Advised he saw someone sell drugs out of an older model black Jeep Cherokee at Speedway.

12:42: Advised a female burnt her hand with a cup of coffee, requests officer to do a report, Budget Inn.

3:43: Hit and run: Advised a vehicle hit her at the intersection, 11th & Jefferson.

4:09: EPO violation: Advised her daughter has an EPO on a male subject and he is at her residence, Hammond Road.

4:50: Subject requests officer call: Reference to two pit bulls that attacked her child, Thelma Lake Drive.

6:05: Advised they had just found that their vehicle's window had been shot out or broken, Puncheon Creek.

6:14: Extra patrol: Reference to windows being shot out of vehicle, Upper Street.

6:21: Information call: Lawrence Co. 911 advised a black Saturn was involved in a drive-off.

6:29: Subject requests officer call: Advised there was a black van that followed her mother all the way from town to Texaco on U.S. 23 and bright-lighted her and pulled behind her in the drive-thru and said he was going to kill her, Williams Branch.

7:17: Advised there was a white Ford Taurus sitting in the parking lot of the Mandarin House and there were two people inside it messed up.

7:46: Extra patrol: Rt. 581.

7:48: Theft complaint: Request officer's assistance at residence of a possible theft, advised $500 may have been stolen out of their mailbox, Peach Street.

8:03: Extra patrol: Gerald Carr Rod.

8:42: Accident, no injuries: Caldwell Branch Road.

10:36: Reckless driving complaint: Advised a Chrysler Grand Caravan crossing the Floyd Co. line is swerving all over the road, request officer observe for it, Johnson/Floyd line.

11:14: Suspicious individual on scene: Advised someone tried to get in her back door, also she could see two males outside down from her residence, N. Clay Ave.

11:23: Fight in progress: Advised three male subjects were beating up on one male subject, Hyden Branch.

11:52: Drug complaint: Advised a white Blazer had made two trips into Magoffin County this date, advised it's sitting at Oil Springs School at this time, Rt. 40 W.

Sunday, Jan. 6

12:35 a.m.: Suspicious person/vehicle: Advised two male subjects are back at the residence, N. Clay Ave.

12:55: Advised she was walking her dog when she observed the lights at Liberty Baptist Church come on, she advised there were no vehicles in the parking lot, request officer check it out, Rt. 825.

1:34: Domestic complaint: Advised a male subject was throwing things and breaking them, also stated he had thrown her, request officer assistance, Rt. 689 E.

2:00: Loud music/noise complaint: Advised of loud music, screaming and partying at a residence at Ross Branch.

2:15: Reckless driving complaint: Advised a black Camaro came out of Ross Branch and almost ran him off the road, Flat Gap Drive.

4:15: Fire: Advised house was full of smoke, no fire visible, Rt. 40 E.

9:16: Theft complaint: Advised someone had stolen stuff from her yard, Frank Street.

10:40: Juvenile complaint: Advised he had brought in a warrant on a male subject who they think they have located, request unit go with them to get him, Rockhouse Apts.

12:37 p.m.: Advised someone was banging on her door trying to get in, Little Lick Fork.

2:02: Extra patrol: Euclid Ave.

2:37: Advised she found two places on her vehicle that looked like it had been shot by a BB gun from last night, Puncheon Creek.

3:13: Extra patrol: Advised people have been in her house and she still has some items in it, Hanner's Branch.

3:15: Shoplifting: Male subject possibly stole some items from their store, N. Mayo Trail.

3:27: Window broken, Superior Floor Covering.

3:53: Theft complaint: Reference to buying some items from someone in the Paintsville area and not getting the item.

4:40: Accident with injuries: Two-Mile Hill.

5:40: Theft complaint: Reference to stolen utility trailer, Lowmansville cell.

6:09: Male subject lying on shoulder of the road by Kirk Law Office, U.S. 23 S.

6:17: Subject requests officer call: Advised their vehicle was hit with BBs, Puncheon Creek.

6:34: Extra patrol: Advised there was a wooden Santa stolen out of her yard, requests extra patrol, Frank Street.

7:44: Gas drive-off: Rt. 201, $59.03.

8:21: Road hazard: Reference to a rockslide, transferred to Floyd Co. S.O., Rt. 321.

10:19: Advised he just came home and his windows were shot out of his residence, Rt. 172.

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