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Be American

01/09/2008 - Recent presidential debates supposedly centered on things which the candidates are passionate about. Reading interviews with people regarding the candidates they are backing and why, and hearing discussions on talk radio about the politicians who support the death tax all force me to ask what has happened to our country. All the talk from these politicians and their followers seems like nothing more to me than talk.

Some of the interviews with the various individuals have truly frightened me. It is not that I think their choice of candidates is wrong but rather that I completely disagree with their reasons and methods for choosing a candidate - not that I agree with their choice by any means. One individual stated in The News Herald that he had been on the fence regarding the election. However, he made his decision to support Barack Obama after he saw that Obama won the Iowa caucus, which made him think that Obama could win the presidential race. His comment stated that he wanted to make sure that Obama had the support of the African American community before backing him.

The individual who made the prior comments is African American, and yes, it does matter. The reason it matters is that we, Americans, regardless of color, sex, nationality, weight, or height all must take the time during the election year to get to know the candidates. We need to look at them all as colorless, genderless, and simply candidates who want to lead the country in some direction. We need to simply ask what they stand for not if their skin color is the same as our own or if they are the same sex. It is a ridiculous notion to believe that just because someone is similar to our self in some way that they will also share our values and beliefs. It is also true that talk is cheap and that actions speak louder than words.

Which brings me to the Clinton, ladies, please; PLEASE do not vote for her just because she is a woman. While I would be pleased to see a woman in the White House who didn't get there through marriage or a cleaning service, I want it to be one that I believe in, admire, and feel in my heart can lead this country. If you feel this way about Hillary, vote for her. But if you do not, please don't vote for her simply based on her gender.

I really believe that we in America have lost sight of the reason America exists. Why do so many individuals feel that they have been slighted because something happened to their heirs hundreds of years ago? I have often thought that I needed to do a family tree to find out where my decendents originated. However, the more I think about, the more I feel that it is better that I not know. And no, not because I think that my husband and I might be related if I dig back far enough for all you whose mind went there. Rather, it is good not to know because I am an American. I am an American regardless of which country or nationality that my great, great ancestors called home. I am an American regardless of my ancestors' skin colors and I am proud of it.

I do not feel that anyone owes me anything for the way people treated each other many years before I existed. Rather, I feel we should all give up the gender and race bias that leads us each to think that we might owe one another for history's tales of ignorance.

Let us all use our brains, make decisions based on facts, and let each of us be happy to stand up next to our neighbor regardless of color, gender, or nationality and just be Americans. Americans who are standing together to make the United States a better place to live now, and in the future.

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