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Paul B. Hall OB nurses receive certification

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01/11/2008 - PAINTSVILLE — Three nurses on the OB staff at Paul B. Hall Regional Medical Center recently received certification in in-patient obstetrics and newborn nursing (OB/NBN), according to an announcement from PBH Chief Nursing Officer Venice Branham.

Debby Fitch, RNC, Tammy Meek, RNC, and Rita Montgomery, RNC, join Brenda Branscome, RNC, and Leatrice Branham, RNC, among the elite ranks of those on the PBH staff who have achieved this notable career advancement.

In addition to the prestige and professional acknowledgement that comes with their certification, Fitch, Meek and Montgomery, along with all Paul B. Hall's RNs who obtain or maintain their certification, receive a certification bonus of $1,000 each December.

"We are proud of the skill and professionalism of all our nursing staff," said Branham, "but we are especially proud of those who put forth the extra effort to expand their knowledge and credentials as those in our OB Department have done."

Certification is achieved through the National Certification Corporation, a non-profit organization providing a national credentialing program for nurses, physicians and other licensed health care personnel.

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