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Property Transfers

01/16/2008 - Floyd County

To Jerry R. and Martha A. Trimble, et al from Master commissioner for Alex Ahll, Janelle and Steve Caudill, et al.

To Debbie and Stevie C. Blackburn from David M. Allen.

To Geneva L. and Jeremy L. Ward from Mike and Vickie Boyd, et al.

To Adam and Sally Adkins from Charles E. Centers, Jr.

To Brandon Mullins, et al from Margie and Richard Chaffins.

To Amco Timber, Inc. from Dixie Land Company.

To Willie W. Hall from Elk Horn Coal Co., LLC.

To Jerry Fannin from George D. Ford, et al.

To Dennis R. and Ronaka L. Goble from Burns and Lou E. Goble.

To George D. Ford from Doris S. Goodman, et al.

To Gwendolyn H. Frazier from Bobby J. H. Hale.

To Amco Timber, Inc. from Roy and Sandy Hamilton.

To Consolidated Health Systems, Inc. from Hometown Family Care PLLC.

To Everett and Imogene Nickell from Housing Oriented Ministries Est. for Service, Inc.

To Johnny W. Burke, Sr. from Larry N. and Vicki L. Hughes.

To Interstate Natural Gas Co. from Billy and Terry L. Innis, et al.

To Amanda and Benjamin Manhan from Clyde and Reba F. McKinney.

To Annie Collins, et al from Michael Newsome.

To Linda P. Whitten from Alta and Taylor Price, Jr.

To Linda P. Whitten from Alta Price and est. of Taylor Price, Jr.

To Miller Brothers Coal LLC from Bethel Shepherd, et al.

To Terry D. Shepherd from Wanda B. Shepherd.

To Jeanie Mullins and Sherree M. Wright from Gregory and Lisa Slone.

To Demetra S. and Matthew R. Francis from Mary J. Slone.

To Billy R. and Demetra S. Francis from Mary J. Slone.

To Prestonsburg City Utilities Comm. from Anthony O. and Yvette L. Stephens.

To Michelle Tackett from Barry Tackett.

To Eula Tackett from Dennis Tackett, et al.

To Deborah A. W. Henderson from Louise and Alvin Webb.

To Doug and Pamela Frazier from Audrey P. and Joe T. Yates.


Lawrence County

To Neil Franklin Fairchild from Deborah Pack and Rickey Pack.

To William and Deborah Pauley from David and Lisa Roberts, William and Dinah Waller, and Robert and Cornelia Kise.


Martin County

To Gary Daniel Preston from Dennis Preston.

To Johnny Whitt and Wanda Whitt from Loretta Smith.

To William H. Blackburn from Harvey Blackburn.

To Benjamin Preece from Doris Ripley.

To Rodney D. Stepp and Sadie M. Stepp from Charles Gregory Scott and Linda Carroll Scott.

To R&J Development Company, LLC from Gus Goldsmith.

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